Safiyyahmorning all I am still battling with my mouse, I found a recent shell script on github.https://github.com/ArtiomSu/kensington-expert-trackball-linux-config/blob/master/README.md09:08
SafiyyahI have saved the file but it doesn't let me run the shell script I don't understand why. I ran one yesterday for another package with no issues09:09
Safiyyahso is poppy no longer on here?09:52
Safiyyahpopey, are you about?09:52
SafiyyahI don't understand how to do the doing...09:55
zxmpihave you marke the file as executable?10:04
zxmpiand do you trust the file?10:04
daftykinsgood afty11:11
daftykinsit's a pretty challenging time right now as my sickly cat just came home from the vet and was busy decorating my house last night11:11
daftykinsSafiyyah: not sure i'm going to have much patience for anything but my own problems i'm afraid11:12
Safiyyahdaftykins, okay11:13
daftykinsheh nothing but business that one11:14
zxmpino time to stop and smell the weetabix :-P11:27
daftykinsgood afty penguin42 \o11:37
penguin42hey daftykins11:37
daftykinshow've the LibreOffice compilations been going?11:38
penguin42I've got distracted by at least 2 other projects 11:38
daftykinshehe good ones i hope11:39
penguin42Neither have got too far yet; one is a Pico I've bought, the other is some Rust11:39
daftykinsi have a mission in mind to tidy up my home office today, losing a fair bit too much floor space to recent arrivals and systems11:45
* penguin42 does need to find a way to do that11:45
daftykinsthen you can get your new air con in :D11:46
Safiyyahanyone here with experience with a mouse with a scrollwheel14:38
zxmpidon't most mice now have scroll wheels?14:41
Safiyyahmy kensington expert mouse scroll wheel isn't being picked up14:50
Safiyyaheven when I run xinput test14:51
Safiyyahzxmpi, 14:51
daftykinshuh so the collar around the ball is the scroll wheel?14:57
zxmpiseems to be a lot of 'comments' on the scroll wheel14:57
zxmpibut most seem to be about the noise or non smoothness of it in use. not seeing any lack of detection of it14:59
daftykinsi'm boxing up the Psion but the hinges have totally gone now, the lid and screen are basically flapping around in the breeze15:00
zxmpihope it can be repaired15:01
daftykinshandling the unit is marking my fingers in grey too, so i'm going to write a warning for RMC15:01
daftykinsyeah i don't know if he'd bother to invest in it to be honest15:01
penguin42I wonder if you can 3d print replacement hinges15:01
daftykinspretty weird that it thinks the backup battery is toast already15:01
zxmpii remember the rubberised coating, the 3mx i got doesn't have it. a sleek matt dark grey15:01
daftykinsah that explains why it lasted15:01
daftykinswell i copied my WinImage'd PsiWin floppies and popped them onto a CD-R so he has options to fall back on to play with it, if he deems it worthy of a video15:02
zxmpiwell psionex are still selling them, so either they remove it or have some way to 'refresh' it15:02
daftykinsbit tough to say it'd be deserving given it's in a pretty rough state15:02
zxmpii think psionex will buy them in any state for spare parts15:04
daftykinswell, i have no interest in that approach tbh... i will just let RMC Neil do whatever he wants with it15:05
daftykinsit's at least functional - given i have the AC adapter, plus all the boxes have the original manuals inside 15:05
daftykinseven original Psion product listings :D15:05
zxmpii should go fish out my psion 3a out of storage if it's still there. has a 256k ssd card with files on it from 25 years ago :-)15:07
zxmpiof course i'd have to travel across the plague ridden wasteland that is dublin to get it15:07
zxmpion public transport15:08
daftykinsthere's a Hollywood adaptation in that15:08
zxmpiescape INTO dublin city... 15:08
zxmpiand BACK out again the sequel15:08
daftykinscan't recall if the little leather case came with the unit now or whether it was an extra purchase15:10
zxmpicases were extra15:10
zxmpiused to have a lovely leather hip holster for the psion. super high geek cred15:10
* penguin42 used a camera case15:11
Safiyyahzxmpi, it's lack of smoothness never bothered me much. it was useful that is all I cared about. 15:11
zxmpihave a hard plastic clam shell case for the 3mx. super tough case15:11
Safiyyahdaftykins, yes the collar15:12
SafiyyahI got my husband to plug it into the windows desktop and the same issue... I think it has broken15:12
Safiyyahzxmpi, i store it in a hard case15:12
zxmpii understand Safiyyah, i just have no idea what to try than the usual options, 1) try it on windows; 2) try it on ubuntu live cd; that would eliminate if it was mouse or your install of linux15:12
daftykinshmm, i doubt it - what release did you have on the last machine? if it worked out of the box, confirm in a live session15:12
zxmpithen if it's not happy on windows then i would suspect something has happened the mouse15:13
Safiyyahthis is the second broken thing this week!15:13
Safiyyahit worked out of the box, has decided not to this week15:14
daftykinsso prepare a USB flash drive with the release you used last, boot it up and try it out15:16
zxmpithat does happen, can drive you bonkers. i think that's why most geeks end up with an entire 2nd system just to test hardware, peripherals to prove to themselves they're not going bonkers15:16
daftykinsalthough i suppose just plugging into your old machine would confirm15:16
daftykinshehe sure do15:16
* daftykins looks at his test bench fleet15:16
daftykinsi have an OptiPlex zeroing an HDD behind me right now15:16
zxmpii think my favourite was a pc that wouldn't work in one location, tested fine everytime, just wouldn't work on site at one desk. took 3 trips to the office to sort that one15:17
daftykinswhat was the trick? :D15:17
Safiyyahdaftykins, plugged it into the calculator, not working there either15:18
zxmpii told my boss to switch the pc with another desk and huzzah the problem went away15:18
Safiyyahzxmpi, i think that is the strangest problem I have heard of15:18
zxmpiast pc's were legendary with having vastly underpower powersupplies. so barely worked if you added too much hardware to base model. was all we could think off15:19
daftykinsoops repeated myself15:20
Safiyyahwell let's see if their five year warranty is worth anything15:26
daftykinswhere'd you buy it from?15:26
daftykinscould be an easy fix if you get lucky15:28
daftykinsalso - https://gearspace.com/board/showpost.php?p=6137492&postcount=7&s=b13540e361aebbd263bca10f3792be6915:31
Safiyyahdaftykins, i cant open anything and screw anything in15:34
SafiyyahI am DIY challenged15:34
Safiyyahremember it is the reason I married15:34
daftykinswell pursue warranty first and if it fails, subcontract it :D15:42
Safiyyahdaftykins, what is subcontract?15:47
Safiyyahis there a repair guy?15:47
SafiyyahI checked amazon and they are currently £95, my husband will kill me. I bought an ergodox recently. my hands hurt so much from typing15:49
daftykinsrequesting someone else perform a task15:49
Safiyyahwhere do you find people for that?15:49
Safiyyahit's quite a specific task15:49
daftykinswell i do repair myself so i haven't had to really look15:49
daftykinslocal computer shops no good?15:50
Safiyyahthey need ro repair a mouse not a computer15:50
Safiyyahit is broken! i just cant believe it15:51
daftykinsdo you think that when i go to clients to fix things, i say yes to the computer and no to devices plugged into it?15:53
daftykinsit's the same thing! don't be daft15:53
Safiyyahhmm, who is recommended in the south?15:53
Safiyyahdaftykins, what is your call out fee?16:00
Safiyyahbtw, nobody wants my old laptop not even the kids! hmm!16:00
daftykinslol unsurprising ;)16:02
daftykinsi don't even live in England16:02
daftykinsand you couldn't afford me xD16:02
zxmpiyou don't have an inflatable flamingo to swim to those poor mainlanders in distress? :-P16:03
zxmpino flamingo up too big is the motto :-P16:04
daftykinsweyhey i think this Psion packing is going well, i may even be able to fit in a bit of local fudge16:04
zxmpipacking fudge, the ultimate in biodegradable packing :-P16:05
zxmpileave psion on it on a hot day with a 2nd block on top till it melts into position16:06
Safiyyahdaftykins, if repairs are so expensive why do people do them?16:14
zxmpipeople become attached to hardware they like?16:14
daftykinsthe feeling of satisfaction is also intoxicating16:15
zxmpithat or you didn't do the gluing in a well ventilated room :-P16:16
* daftykins has another quick huff16:16
Safiyyahso you call out the repair man and spend £300?16:16
daftykinsyou might be onto something there16:16
daftykinslol, well it's hard to ascribe cost to things i fix myself16:16
Safiyyahwell given that people are spending over £2000 for laptops16:17
Safiyyah... this was my guess16:17
daftykinsoften those that make poor purchase decisions are the types to just dump and buy new when trouble brews16:17
zxmpii have never spent more than 450 for a laptop. i can always find a bargin i'll regret buying later :-)16:18
Safiyyahzxmpi that's why you are not his client16:20
Safiyyahyou need to be buying £2000+16:20
Safiyyahor atleast £170016:21
daftykinswell no because i just described people that spend £2k don't go for repair16:21
Safiyyahpoor purchase decisions = people who spend £300 in currys in my opinion16:22
Safiyyah£2k ... they did some research16:22
zxmpii love people who spend that kinda money. it's the wrong colour, order it in blue; shall i send it back?; no no dispose of it16:22
Safiyyah£3k they have money to burn or a professional gamer16:23
Safiyyahdaftykins, got the husband to open it up. there is no magnet in mine16:23
zxmpithey replace hardware every few months so you end up having new hardware you have to find homes for16:23
daftykinsSafiyyah: that's not the relevant question16:24
daftykinscleaning the optical sensor was what is - and checking it's close enough16:24
Safiyyahhubby said it is extra clean16:24
Safiyyahwhat is the optical sensor16:25
daftykinsmight be a little bit more effective reading my links16:25
Safiyyahdaftykins, i don't think you understand that somethings make no sense to my brain. 16:26
Safiyyahmy husband opened the mouse it is completely clean16:26
daftykinsand i don't think you understand that other people have lives with thoughts and feelings and their own issues to deal with besides yours16:26
Safiyyahwhich is what I expect since I am borderline OCD16:27
Safiyyahdaftykins, the link provided, he has two white connectors, I only have one inside my mouse16:34
daftykinsyou've got as much information as i'm going to give16:37
daftykinseither pursue warranty or deal with it16:37

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