lotuspsychjegood morning04:20
TJ-soggy morning :)04:29
lotuspsychjeyeah its raining here aswell04:30
lotuspsychjedid your sattelites manipulating our summer weather TJ- :p04:30
TJ-lotuspsychje: the dish is getting a good wash - though it needed it because last week in the dry weather, with a wind previaling over us, some stupid %^**! was shit-spreading on the fields and a fine black dust settled over everything downwind, including us. it poisoned my ponds, the house and yards had to be pressure washed to remove it, and it got inside via open windows!04:34
lotuspsychjebit like sunpanels have to get a wash from time to time04:35
beweesRained heavily here too15:15
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