davido_TJ : https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/XJ3mXdc4Wp/01:18
alkisgdavido_, are you able to visit this site with a browser? https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release01:21
davido_Yes. This is a continuation of a discussion on Friday.01:22
alkisgAnd also with wget?01:22
davido_curl yes, haven't tried wget. I will now.01:22
alkisgNah its ok. Wait for tj to wake up, I was just checking some quick things01:23
davido_Wget fails. cannot verify changelogs.ubuntu.com's certificate01:23
davido_If I set --no-check-certificate I imagine it would be fine.01:24
alkisgThen it sounds like an error in your certificates or date01:24
davido_my date seems accurate: 8/21/2021 7:25pm MDT01:25
alkisgSystem certificates then01:25
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davido_alkisg : This article had the correct solution: https://itectec.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-failed-to-connect-to-https-changelogs-ubuntu-com-meta-release-development-check-your-internet-connection-or-proxy-settings/01:57
davido_or at least a workable solution. :)01:58
alkisgEeeh so wget wasn't working yet you edited MetaRelease.py? That doesn't sound right :D01:59
alkisgAnyway, I don't know the context so I can't comment more01:59
davido_reinstalling certificate-ca didn't improve the situation. If I have trouble after the upgrade I'll just do a fresh install. I don't keep data I care about on the primary partitions anyway.02:00
alkisgBtw that site seems to be a ripoff of  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1072819/failed-to-connect-to-https-changelogs-ubuntu-com-meta-release-development-che02:01
davido_:) Thanks Google for getting me to the rip-off first.02:01
davido_Anyway, thanks for your time.02:01
TJ-davido_ did well to figure that one out! I did think it was a proxy issue of some kind but it looks like it is an older python x509 certificate problem; very obscure too!03:04
biscuitbutter[m]are there ubuntu wifi drivers? if it doesn't simply work after installation, then is ethernet the only option?03:29
JoeLlamaokay so my client formatted a flash drive.  It came up as /dev/sbd1 but he formatted it exFAT as /dev/sbd ... is that an issue?  How can I format it as /dev/sdb1 ?03:29
biscuitbutter[m] * are there ubuntu wifi drivers? if wifi doesn't simply work after the os installation, then is ethernet the only option?03:30
JoeLlamaso like... is it an issue if a flash drive is formatted /dev/sdb instead of /dev/sdb1 like it showed up in dh?03:31
Bashing-om!bcm biscuitbutter[m]03:32
JoeLlamayeah I am having issues with lubuntu not finding my bcm wifi cards :(  xubuntu and ubuntu find them but not lubuntu03:32
biscuitbutter[m]they should fix that in lubuntu03:33
Bashing-om!bcm | biscuitbutter[m]03:33
ubottubiscuitbutter[m]: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:33
* JoeLlama eats gin soaked olives03:33
JoeLlamaI will read that too03:33
* JoeLlama wanders around while waiting to see if someonee knows about flash formatting03:35
bobhello world03:35
JoeLlamaya we see you03:36
bobhow are you03:36
JoeLlamaokay bbl someone answer my question please :) afk03:36
bobyou say03:37
biscuitbutter[m]> * <@JoeLlama:libera.chat> eats gin soaked olives03:37
biscuitbutter[m]Thank you.03:37
biscuitbutter[m]ubottu: Thanks.03:37
Anthony_GatsbyHola amigos soy nuevo por aca un gusto !!!05:08
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Z3TAE: Syntax error /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades:65: Extra junk after value08:22
Z3TA /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades:65:Unattended-Upgrade::Remove-Unused-Dependencies "true";08:23
lotuspsychjeZ3TA: can this help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates08:25
Z3TAI found the error on the line above: Unattended-Upgrade::Remove-Unused-Kernel-Packages true";08:31
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KakuradyHi all. I want to report a bug with debconf when system language is set to Chinese during upgrade from 20.10 to 21.04.  I ran ubuntu-bug, which asked me what kind of problem to report, and there are two options - "dist-upgrade" and "release-upgrade" and I'm not sure which one to pick.12:26
Kakurady(yes, now that I typed this I realize 20.10 is no longer supported, so I plan to repeat this once upgraded.)12:27
ioriaKakurady, i think is release-upgrade, but can you tell us what happens when lang is set to chinese ? i mean, what's the real problem ?12:31
Kakuradyioria, like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/+bug/1752394 but the message is "ide character in print at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Log.pm line 39."12:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1752394 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Gnome" [Undecided, Fix Released]12:33
Kakurady*"Wide character in print at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Log.pm line 39."12:33
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ioriaKakurady, so did  the release-upgrade process stop ? or is progressing ?12:38
KakuradyIt progresses without any dpkg dialogues12:41
ioriameaning ?12:41
ioriano text flood on the screen ?12:41
KakuradyTerminal is progressing all right (and the log can be found in /var/log/dist-upgrade) but dpkg doesn't ask if you want to keep any modified config files12:47
KakuradyOr, at least, that's what I think would happen.12:48
KakuradyI haven't committed to the upgrade yet.12:48
KakuradyBut I had the same error messages for previous upgrades,12:49
KakuradyAnd I remember being curious why I'm not seeing any debconf dialogs.12:49
vaiUbuntu fails to install initramfs disk image (build it) - after installing most recent updates on aptitude [apt-get] ??12:49
vaiUbuntu 20 here12:50
vaiso whole GUI is fed up12:50
vaiI cant launch e.g. Firefox anyomre12:50
vaithey put gnome critical files on a ramfilesystem I think ?12:50
vaithis box wont boot anymore I think, unless I reinstall grub with initramfs created successfully .. just dont know any Tricks to do this !12:51
TJ-vai: have you checked there is sufficient free space to create the new initrd?12:51
TJ-vai: firstly, boot it to an older kernel selected from GRUB's Advanced sub-menu12:52
vaiTJ-: 90 gigs free on /12:52
vaiTJ-: theres no boot menu.. can I activet it somehow ? to revent to old boot12:52
vaimost common is shift, ctrl or F9 I know!12:53
TJ-vai: there is always a GRUB boot menu, but by default it is hidden. You need to repeated tap Esc key at start-up to show it as soon as the PC hands over12:53
vaibut it just changes on every release they make (used Ubuntu 7 sth like and made multiboots on this :D thats all I know)12:53
vaiTJ-: but grub fails to install12:54
vaimaybe I can still use the old grub ?12:54
vaiworst case is I have to reinstall whole Ubuntu machine12:54
TJ-vai: no, it doesn't change. Esc key is what GRUB uses, this is driven by UEFI which cannot detect that toggle keys (shift, ctrl, alt) are pressed. Previously for BIOS it was the shift key being held down12:55
vaiTJ-: ironically : grub fails to install after i upgraded it12:55
vaivery irony indeed12:55
vaibut thats probably because of initramfs dependency fails to be found on the drive (image file)12:56
TJ-vai: what kind of upgrade are you referring to? "apt upgrade" package upgrade?12:56
vaiTJ-: aptitude upgrade12:56
TJ-vai: OK, so that won't affect GRUB in any major way, aside from possibly the update-grub stage doesn't add new options if a new kernel version was installed, which is what it sounds like if update-intramfs was called12:57
TJ-vai: are you using this broken system right now to get on IRC?12:57
BluesKajHi folks13:20
lotuspsychjeioria: bug #194077313:43
ubottuBug 1940773 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "'debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Gnome' displayed in terminal during release upgrade when system language is set to Chinese" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/194077313:43
lotuspsychjeprob Kakurady's bug13:43
varaindemianany idea why I cannot update? https://pastebin.com/NfVSfVBf13:52
varaindemianfresh install13:52
jeremy31Version no longer supported13:53
jeremy31EOL on August 201913:54
varaindemianso I cannot use update?13:54
jeremy31The update servers likely went offline sometime in August 201913:54
varaindemianI need an old version of this distro13:54
jeremy31You might be able to use Ubuntu 16.04 with extended service,  https://ubuntu.com/security/esm13:55
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Macerso i inistalled ubuntu on an older 2015 macbook air. and everything seems to work out the box except wifi. i guess i need some bcm43xx firmware14:24
ledeni!bcm | Macer14:29
ubottuMacer: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:29
iorialotuspsychje, thank you14:30
oopsi missed to confirm enroll mok key after pc rebooting , how to redo that pace ? when i reboot again that blue enroll mok key surface don't  display any more14:31
oopsi reinstalled that driver14:33
HelmholtzAny idea why "https://pkg.cloudflareclient.com/install" doesn't support ubuntu 18.04 but supports 16.04?14:40
Helmholtzor Focal (20.04)14:40
leftyfbHelmholtz: that would be a question for whoever maintains https://pkg.cloudflareclient.com/install"14:41
jeremy31oops: go into BIOS settings and disable Secure Boot14:41
bailsmanHelmholtz: just out of curiosity - what is cloudflare's client software?14:41
Helmholtzbailsman, you mean that link?14:42
HelmholtzKind of a free vpn14:42
bailsmanHelmholtz: I see. How does it differ from the official wireguard client?14:43
Helmholtzbailsman, I don't think it's exactly wireguard?14:43
bailsmanWhat's the difference?14:43
Macerubottu: i found it. just connected to my phone with bt and installed the proprietary module14:44
Maceri guess this model needs the proprietary driver14:44
Helmholtzbailsman, honestly I don't know...If you know more, happy to hear :D14:44
leftyfbHelmholtz: https://pkg.cloudflareclient.com/packages/cloudflare-warp14:45
leftyfboh, you want 18.04. You'll have to contact Cloudflare for support14:46
bailsmanleftyfb: right, it seems to be missing a release for bionic (18.04) even though it has both 20.04 and 16.0414:46
bailsmanhttps://github.com/ViRb3/wgcf there's this (unofficial client), maybe that works14:46
Helmholtzleftyfb, it's very weird that they support stretch but not 18.0414:46
Helmholtzsomething should have been wrong with 18.0414:46
ThinkT510ubuntu no longer suppirts 16.04. it is end of life14:47
Helmholtzbailsman, how should I find out the keys?14:47
Helmholtzlast I checked didn't work14:47
leftyfbHelmholtz: again, you'll have to seek support from the maintainer14:47
bailsmanHelmholtz: using the unofficial client I linked? It looks like it has commands to register etc14:47
bailsmanI haven't personally tried it14:47
Helmholtzleftyfb, https://developers.cloudflare.com/warp-client/setting-up/linux#feedback14:51
HelmholtzTo provide a feedback, one needs to do it via their client 😀14:51
leftyfbHelmholtz: https://github.com/cloudflare/cloudflare-docs/issues14:53
leftyfboh wait14:53
leftyfbyeah, that should do14:54
leftyfbHelmholtz: good luck14:54
Helmholtzleftyfb, thanks, (anyway they ask to post on yet another forum! https://github.com/cloudflare/cloudflare-docs/issues/1688#issuecomment-872448548)14:55
ubottuIssue 1688 in cloudflare/cloudflare-docs "'cloudflare warp daemon' error when register the client" [Closed]14:55
ravage( please dont use their service for privacy. i leaks your IP )14:56
leftyfbfeel free to take this discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic14:56
ravagethis is thre end of my  "discussion"14:57
HelmholtzHow to find out what files a .deb has installed?15:40
ioriaHelmholtz, if you know the pkg name : dpkg -L pkg15:44
Helmholtzioria, thaks15:44
HelmholtzIt somehow shows all base dirs?15:45
Helmholtzlike /lib, /lib/systemd15:45
ioriaHelmholtz, how do you mean ?15:56
Helmholtzioria, like it prints every directory leading to a file15:56
Helmholtz`path/to/actual_file` -> it shows path/ and path/to and /path/to/actual_file15:57
ioriayes ... so ?15:57
HelmholtzI thought it should only be `/path/to/actual_file`16:04
jeffmrhaving some trouble getting my audio device recognized.  I think the firmware might not be loading. can anyone help with this?17:05
alkisgantikythera: sometimes deb files also register directories, to be created even if empty, and so that the system knows to remove these directories when all packages that hold them are uninstalled17:05
jeffmrits an intel card17:05
tomreynjeffmr: i'm not sure i'll be able to help, but you can gather relevant information using the alsa-info script, available from the alsa-utils package17:10
jeffmrok, any help is appreciated.17:10
tomreynpiyuple: hi! do you have any ubuntu support questions today?17:11
piyuplethis is my first time on irc tomreyn17:13
alkisgjeffmr: run the alsa-info script, pastebin the output, then any persons that think that may help, will have a look at it17:14
piyupleActually I do have a support question. My qustion is that when I tried to select multiple files and tried to open them using vlc on my ubuntu 20.04, It did not create a playlist on vlc of the selected videos but opened a vlc instance for each of the selected files. How can this behaviour be fixed?17:16
ikoniathat's expected behaviour17:20
ikoniayou need to create a playlist - not open multiple file17:21
piyupleikonia: Similar approach worked well by default in elementary os 517:22
ikoniapiyuple: ok - so look at the config in elementary17:22
jeffmrsays no soundcard found but the hardware is there and there is a firmware loading error when trying to start it for intel sof dsp17:22
ikoniaor look in the preferences of vlc - see if there is an option for multiple files17:22
piyupleikonia: sure thanks17:22
jeffmrmaybe I need to tell it to use snd_hda_intel?17:24
jeremy31jeffmr: what is the exact error for firmware load?  If it says -2, that means you don't have the firmware17:26
jeffmryep -2.  thats for sof-audio-pci17:26
jeffmrI've downloaded all the updates and firmware through the various gnome gui apps.17:27
jeffmrDo I need to get the firmware from somewhere else?17:27
alkisgjeffmr: google says to download and install this: https://packages.ubuntu.com/hirsute/firmware-sof-signed17:29
alkisgIt's not available in 20.04, so you'd download the hirsute deb and install it directly17:30
jeffmrok, thanks!17:30
alkisgIt has no dependencies so it should work fine in 20.04; try it17:30
jeffmralkisg, is the hirsute deb the source file that has 'deb' in it?17:32
alkisgjeffmr: wget http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/multiverse/f/firmware-sof/firmware-sof-signed_1.6.1-2_all.deb -O /tmp/f.deb && sudo apt install /tmp/f.deb17:34
alkisgAnd reboot for it to take effect17:34
alkisg(afk; back in half an hour...)17:35
Macerwell. seems like ubuntu 20.04 lts runs rather well on my old 2015 macbook air17:39
Macerother than the awkwardness of using the phone for a minute using bt to download the proprietary wifi module17:39
Maceris there something i could add to reduce the size of the titlebars?17:39
lotuspsychjeMacer: most tweaks you can pull off, you can try from dconf-editor (if the tweak exist)17:40
lotuspsychjeMacer: or play with other themes perhaps17:41
Maceryah i think i'll try that becuse the default theme with its giant titlebars17:41
Maceri wish they were smaller. it eats up too much space on lower res systems like this macbook air17:42
Macerthat's a cosmetic issue though. other than that it sure seems to be running quite well on the macbook air17:42
lotuspsychjeMacer: may i advice, sudo apt install preload haveged stacer dconf-editor tweak your gnome a bit lighter17:47
Macerlotuspsychje: yes. it would be nice to get some of the functionality that was in macos like 3 finger swipe bringing up activities18:14
lotuspsychjeMacer: gnome-tweaks could be handy too then18:15
jxlhi, is there a channel specific to Ubuntu Touch or is this fine too?18:33
Rexodus_See topic :)18:34
lotuspsychjejxl: its now #ubports18:35
jxlahh, excellent, thank you18:35
jxl#ubuntu-touch does have 7 people in it18:35
lotuspsychjea community project after ubuntu touch got stopped18:36
jxllotuspsychje: wasn't even aware that it got stopped18:38
jxlthat's sad to hear18:38
lotuspsychjeits been a while now jxl18:39
jxli actually like it very much - got it on a device for the first time a few days ago18:39
lotuspsychjejxl: touch or ubports?18:39
jxllotuspsychje: touch18:40
ubottuInformation about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports18:40
lotuspsychjeshould move to ubports then jxl18:40
jxlyeah, i asked my q there. people seem to be afk :)18:41
jxlall good, i'll wait18:41
lotuspsychjejxl: no, i mean move your Os to ubports18:41
Macerlotuspsychje: i already checked there18:41
jxlhonestly, i'm a little confused now18:42
Macerthere is no option to enable things like that. just more basic things18:42
jxlhttps://github.com/gemian/gemian/wiki/UBPorts - that's ubports, not touch, right?18:42
Macerlike the using the right bottom as the right click but it does not work very well18:42
Macerfor instance... not sure what macos calls it but swiping up with 3 fingers does something similar to activities in ubuntu. maybe spaces is what it's called in macos18:43
lotuspsychjeuse their main website from the factoid jxl18:43
Macerubports is what used to be ubuntu touch. i have a pinephone and it is too bad that ubuntu touch sort of "died" in a sense18:44
Macerbecause it was probably the better of the mobile uis that i used18:44
tomreynMacer: https://wayland.freedesktop.org/libinput/doc/latest/gestures.html - note that wayland (and xwayland) is a new graphics server (past of the graphical desktop, but 20.04 still defaults to Xorg (the old, 1970ies codebase)18:44
jxllotuspsychje: just double checked and yup - that's what im running now. the device is a cosmo communicator :)18:45
jeffmralkisg, I got an error I didn't understand when running the command you gave for the firmware for the sound card.18:47
alkisgWhat error?18:47
jeffmrI think it said error 1 and permission denied to the /tmp/fs where the package was.18:48
jeffmrI tried sudo and su, same results18:48
alkisgPaste the command and the error18:48
jeffmrSo, I installed hirisute hippo18:48
jeffmrBut I have no sound with it.18:49
jeffmrI can post the alsa-info link though.18:49
alkisgAnd did you install the package there?18:49
alkisgdpkg -l firmware-sof-signed18:49
jeffmrI'll check18:49
jeffmrno packages but in alsa-info I don't see any -2 or firmware errors?18:50
alkisgsudo apt install firmware-sof-signed; reboot18:50
alkisgThen check if it works18:50
jeffmrerrors encountered18:51
jeffmrtrying to overwrite /lib/firmware/intel/sof/sof-apl.ri which is also in package linux-firmware 1.197.318:51
jeffmrerror code 118:52
Macertomreyn: oh? is there a way to swap?18:52
Maceri thought ubuntu defaulted to wayland nowadays18:52
jeffmrsoftware firmware-sof-signed 1.6.1-2 tried to overwrite18:53
jeffmrsame error as in 20.0418:54
tomreynMacer: you can switch at login, by using the cog18:54
tomreynMacer: don't do this if you have the proprietary "nvidia" graphics driver in use18:55
Maceri do not.18:56
Macerthis macbook air doesn't have an nvidia18:56
Macerit's an intel 600018:57
Macerlet me give it a try heh18:57
Macerok. using it now18:58
tomreynMacer: just switching to this won't enable 3 finger touch gestures, though, i would think.18:59
tomreynactually, it might, not sure19:00
tomreynTesterCN: for tests, please use #tests19:01
lantech19446Has anyone ever heard of speed issues running Ubuntu on hyper-v? For some reason I'm only getting like 30-40Mbps19:01
jeffmralkisg, it looks like this is a known bug,19:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1930868 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "Package firmware-sof-signed (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/lib/firmware/intel/sof/sof-apl.ri', which is also in package linux-firmware 1.197" [High, Triaged]19:06
jeffmrsomeone suggests removing the firmware and replacing it with 1.7.  Do you think that would work?19:07
alkisgSure, it might19:07
alkisgJust overwrite the file; if it works, you can later on use dpkg-divert to properly replace it19:08
hiyaThere is a firefox bug to report19:30
hiyaIt is PIP related. Just navigate to any streaming site like Youtube.com. Just set it to auto-play and drag one video to the end and let it auto-play to check, it not only cuts video from right but pushes it to the left of the screen if you keep it to the right most position.19:31
hiyaPicture: https://ibb.co/nmKWMHs (see the control X, it cuts, the whole video cuts from right)19:33
jeffmralkisg, that worked.  I had to force overwrite the package.  The sound quality isn't great and I can't use it with Google Duo on the web which was my intent.19:34
jeffmrOnly the camera works but audio works with everything else.19:34
jeremy31jeffmr: see https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/586940/102332 as there is a way to set hifi in terminal but you might need to use other pacmd commands to see if alsa_card.pci-0000_00_1f.3-platform-skl_hda_dsp_generic is correct for your device19:39
jeremy31jeffmr: this command might find out>  pacmd list-cards | grep platform-skl_hda_dsp_generic19:40
jeffmrthanks jeremy31.  I will check it out.  Have to go for now.19:44
jeremy31good luck19:46
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Maceri guess this is about as good as it is going to get with this old macbook air20:58
Maceri will try to figure out the 3 swipe gesture to make activities work  later20:59
Macer4 finger swipe up and down works great though21:00
jeffmrHi jeremy31, checking that link out now.  The command didn't yield anything but I might try the 1.6 sof firmware.21:23
tichHi, I just installed Ubuntu 21.04 on an Asrock NUC and I can't seem to get the sound working through the headphones... Any suggestions?21:31
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tomreyntich: i'm not sure i'll be able to help, but you can gather relevant information using the alsa-info script, available from the alsa-utils package21:49
tichtomreyn: I'll take a look for it21:49
tichtomreyn: does it need to be run with sudo?21:51
devnull-hi there, in ubuntu 21.04 firewalld seems to be used for managing netfilter. is it possible to check the rules, setuped by firewalld with iptables -L command ?21:51
tichtomreyn: ran is with sudo ;-) http://alsa-project.org/db/?f=fc56dff5250798edfcf8ab029491ca8760f145ee21:53
tomreyntich: have a look at the downloads for your model and available bios upgrades (you currently have BIOS version P1.10) at https://www.asrockind.com/en-gb/download-center&category_id=35  while i have a look at your alsa-info output22:13
tomreyntich: so you said sound doesn't work with your headphones. how are those headphones connected? wired through the audio jack socket, bluetooth, or something else? does it work any other way (maybe there's another output which can be used - maybe you have a screen which supports audio output via hdmi)?22:21
tomreyntich: you should install package firmware-sof-signed (multiverse)22:33
linsuxi'm not able to call fcitx5 window to input chinese in firefox and chrome22:35
jeffmrI installed firmware-sof-signed deb package forced overwrite and got my sound working22:41
jeffmrI then installed all the pulse audio software from the software store22:41
jeffmrgot everything working except mic on laptop.22:42
tomreynlinsux: i will probably not be able to help, but you should provide more details - Ubuntu version, graphical desktop (if default Ubuntu desktop, just say so)22:42
jeffmrbluetooth audio and mic work though.22:42
jeffmrfirmware was 1.6.122:43
tichtomreyn: thanks! I'll give it a shot and let you know22:43
sjnheya folks; I'm having bluetooth disconnect/reconnect issues on 21.04 (using linux-firmware 1.197.3) with some intel hardware. Is there a way to try out more recent versions of the linux-firmware package to see if the reconnects stop?22:59
jeffmrlet me get the link23:02
linsux20.04 kubuntu23:03
jeffmrsjn, having some trouble finding it.  just a sec23:05
sjnjeffmr: ok, thanks. could you tell me how this is related to bluetooth disconnects? I'm reading lots about audio *mumble*, and am unsure how this is connected to my issues23:13
jeffmrsjn, not sure.  I didn't test bluetooth audio with my pixelbuds before I installed the firmware.23:15
jeffmrIt was meant for my audio card which is intel.23:15
sjnok. so it's a bit of a shot in the dark then23:15
jeffmra bit, but its newer : D23:16
jeffmrbut yes, a shot in the dark23:16
sjnhm. it conflicts with some files in linux-firmware 1.197.3, so there's that23:16
jeffmrI haven't had any disconnects with my bluetooth.  I'm on 21.23:17
jeffmrmate desktop23:17
sjnwell, I'm happy to try relevant firmware upgrades, but it seems to me firmware-sof-signed does too much on my system that isn't related to what I'm thinking is the issue here...23:20
sjnand it's a bit worrying that the package is directly conflicting with files supplied by the linux-firmware package, without handing this gracefully23:21
sjnjeffmr: ok, seems to be some issues with the package you're recommending: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firmware-sof/+bug/193086823:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1930868 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "Package firmware-sof-signed (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/lib/firmware/intel/sof/sof-apl.ri', which is also in package linux-firmware 1.197" [High, Triaged]23:25
jeffmrI had to force it to overwrite the current firmware but it solved my problems with the exception of my mic23:26
jeffmrbuilt-in mic23:26

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