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BluesKajHi all12:07
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hsgI am having a checksum error on lvfs when using Discover.  Do not get this error with apt-get update.   How do I fix this?15:21
hsgFirmware updates appear to be happening anyway.15:22
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jwisbell35I need to run a command at startup. Created a script and added to autostart but its not working. Any other ways to do this. Cant find anything good online. Kubuntu 21.04 Plasma Version 5.21.4 kernel 5.11.0-3118:51
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linsuxthere is no chinese input window for fcitx5 in chrome and firefox only19:05
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alkisgjwisbell35: did you put it to /etc/xdg/autostart? What are its contents?19:59
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