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aaaaaaOn Lubuntu 20.04, when I press install now on the "continue with installation?" popup, the installer just closes. why does this happen and how can I fix it?00:40
guivercaaaaaa, did the verification of your media complete successfully?  (ie. no errors found)00:44
aaaaaaUPDATE: I was able to fix it - I just had to boot into safe graphics mode00:56
guivercwell done aaaaaa :)00:56
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aaaaaaso i'm still having issues, after showing the acer logo, i select "ubuntu" it gave me 4 messages, then it shows me the lubuntu loading screen, and doesn't go past it.01:34
aaaaaai rebooted, now it's just showing me 4 messages with a mouse cursor. it's making hdd activity.01:38
aaaaaathe 4 messages are "..MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC",  "ERST: Can not request [mem 0xbdeff000-0xbdefffff] for ERST." "ata3: softreset failed (device not ready)" and "ata5: softreset failed (device not ready"01:40
ubottuBug 8253 in slang (Ubuntu) "crash displaying main menu in arabic" [Medium, Fix Released] [duplicate: 8254] https://launchpad.net/bugs/825301:40
aaaaaai'm gonna try rebooting one more time, and if that doesn't work, i'm gonna switch to a different distro.01:41
aaaaaayeah know it's just a black screen with a cursor, i'm probably gonna switch to a different distro.01:44
aaaaaayeah i give up on trying to get lubuntu to work02:02
guivercaaaaaa, it's likely unrelated to distro, but age of software stack.  You can look at https://manual.lubuntu.me/lts/A/tips_and_tricks.html?highlight=nomodeset (the `nomodeset` option should allow a box to boot if you've graphics issues, you can then try and `ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` to get additional kernel modules (ie. drivers) installed...02:15
guivercanother option is always using a different kernel stack. LTS releases of Ubuntu offer two stack choices (selected by ISO); GA is the most stable (20.04 & 20.04.1 media for Lubuntu), HWE provides later kernel & thus more modern stack (but this can be problematic for some boxes too); so switching stack may help02:16
guivercall Ubuntu systems provide the same choices (not just Lubuntu; though Lubuntu media doesn't offer any OEM or the closed-source drivers of main Ubuntu; they can be added post-install though)02:17
guivercaaaaaa, ^02:17
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