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lotuspsychjeRavindhran: i assume you logged into wayland, if so please try login into xorg to compare17:28
Ravindhrananybody here17:42
lotuspsychjeRavindhran: did you read my line?17:42
donofriois there new support for powerpc/ppc in 20.10?17:43
lotuspsychjeRavindhran: <lotuspsychje> Ravindhran: i assume you logged into wayland, if so please try login into xorg to compare17:44
lotuspsychjedonofrio: this channel is only for 21.10 support17:44
donofrioif so I'll be glad to test on my g5  (five of them) along with my imac's17:44
donofriolotuspsychje, I'm only asking about 20.1017:45
lotuspsychjenot here donofrio 17:45
donofriolotuspsychje, I'm only asking about 21.1017:45
donofriomy bad mistyped17:45
donofrioSo I should ask - is there more support for PowerPC/PPC in 21.10?17:45
lotuspsychjedonofrio: the testing iso's of 21.10 are here; http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/424/builds17:47
donofrioalright time to test!!!17:48
donofrioeek only "el?"17:49
donofrioI don't think g5 is el ;(17:49
donofrioany hope last version was /ubuntu-ports/dists/xenial/main/installer-powerpc ?  would be overjoyed to have 21.1017:58
tomreynpowerpc wont magically return18:28
donofrioany way we can get back PowerPC EB?  why drop it?18:53
donofriobest way to find bugs in code is Multi-Arch if I recall18:54
donofrioespecally with endian18:54
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kiwiircguest40Are daily builds kernels/nvidia drivers set up for secure boot? 21:31
kiwiircguest40I get it's a pre-release, but i rather not manually sign anything.21:32
tomreynit'll probably be faster to just give it a try rather than waiting here for an answer21:35
kiwiircguest40I wonder, do the live ISOs include the driver? That'd probably be preferable.21:38
kiwiircguest40http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/impish-desktop-amd64.list 21:40
kiwiircguest40seems they do, im just gonna go for it. Thanks anyway :)21:40

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