xypronRNeese: As described on https://beaglev.org/ the Beagle-V beta board will not go into production. At Canonical we therefore focus on the HiFive-Unmatched board. Prebuilt SD-card images are available. If you add a GPU, you can run KDE or Gnome on it. Nezha is a more affordable RISC-V board. It comes with Debian. But upstreaming of the Kernel and U-Boot is still in its infancy. - At Canonical I am currently working on providing 08:36
xypronmissing RISC-V packages.08:36
RNeesewell I have xfce and mate running on beaglev beta board14:22
RNeeseand they are working on rev2 now14:22
RNeesethat should we hope come out end q4/beginning q114:23
RNeesebased on the same chip14:23
RNeesethey are trying to hit the 99/120$ market area. 14:24
RNeesethe shortcomming is software like thunderbird and libreoffice/chromium/vivaldi 14:25
RNeeseon debian and I am trying to get a ubuntu biuld to see whats missing14:38

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