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roofyokay i have my httpd loaded on paint-perfection.com20:10
roofywhat is httpd-vhost.conf?20:11
sarnoldbecause IPs are expensive, it's common to have one server host many websites20:11
sarnoldthat's done through a process known as "vhosts"20:11
roofysarnold, so to get an ssl certificate we put the configuration under httpd-ssl.conf20:16
sarnoldroofy: I don't know much about the tls end of the world -- are you using letsencrypt or something expensive? :)20:17
tomreynroofy: as i'm sure we've told you a couple times before, the #ubuntu* channels are all about Ubuntu.20:17
roofyokay sorry is there a server channel on libera?20:18
sarnoldtomreyn: configuring apache web server on ubuntu sounds in-bounds to me20:18
tomreynsarnold: sure. none of these files exist on ubuntu, though, and i don't rmemeber roofy ever asking questions about software running on an ubuntu system20:19
tomreyn!alis | roofy 20:19
ubotturoofy: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»20:19
sarnoldtomreyn: oh :) I've not used apache in ages.. hah20:19
roofysarnold, what do you use 20:20
sarnoldroofy: nginx, I found it way easier to configure20:20
sarnoldthe apache docs are better20:20
sarnoldbut I find nginx makes a lot more sense to me :)20:20

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