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zxmpianother monday, another day to decide if it's worth chewing through the restraints :-P14:17
daftykinsthey'll run out eventually!14:18
daftykins:D 14:18
daftykinsalso oops forgot to do a channel greeting today, hellooooo!14:18
zxmpisomeone has to keep the leather industry going :-P14:18
zxmpihow's the health?14:19
daftykinsi honestly don't notice a thing now day today, can't even be sure the pills have an impact - but maybe! :D14:19
daftykinsi've mostly been putting my attention on my cat's health drama that kicked off, she seems to mostly be on the mend now14:20
zxmpiso easy to tell with a sick cat. when they can fight off every attempt to take their medication, they're cured :-P14:20
daftykinsyeah she did not want to take the second daily dose of laxitive yesterday, that's for sure14:20
daftykinsmy folks come over especially to give me a second pair of hands to keep her weapons restrained whilst administering14:21
zxmpii remember my dad delivering pills with a bic pen used as a pea shooter 14:21
zxmpifirst dozen times it was quite gentle, last few times we half expected end of her tail to explode and pill to be found on ground :-P14:22
daftykinssuch was the force?14:23
daftykinsbrace yourself before you look at what's left of the Psion... https://i.imgur.com/MWDCMOj.jpg14:24
zxmpishe learned what she was doing and blew the pill into my dads mouth14:24
zxmpivery broken but still works. psion. 14:24
MattJThat looks familiar14:25
MattJThe keys on mine are more worn though ;)14:25
daftykinsconsidering i think we were talking about them in May when i went to pick up the replacement backup battery, the rechargables i put in to try her out must have failed in short order, then between May and now it lost all data14:25
daftykins*although* i may've disconnected the battery for a moment when i spun it around to read the label, reminding myself of the type it uses... so that could've done it too14:26
MattJStore all the user's data in RAM? Sure, why not! What could go wrong?14:26
daftykinsah it did us well at the time :)14:26
zxmpii used a psion from 94-99 as my main home computer, never lost a file MattJ 14:27
daftykinsi got one because i always wanted a laptop as a kid but they were of course still in the thousands of pounds back then14:27
MattJzxmpi, then you're more organized than me :)14:27
MattJCan't say it happened often, but I lost stuff on a couple of occasions14:27
zxmpii have a 1mb ssd to backup everything to and a spare 1mb ssd in case 1st goes awol with psion14:28
daftykinsi think people started sending postcards with their packages to RMC, so i need to pick one up as well as some local fudge as is my personal tradition14:29
daftykinsbefore i send the whole set over to him :D14:29
daftykinshopefully with how busted it is, he won't consider it using him as a dumping ground xD14:29
daftykinsshe might just have to be more of a display cabinet piece rather than one to use...14:30
daftykinsdiddledani: had a website query from a client today, not sure if you have any interest... she wanted to implement a members login function, didn't get as far as what resources would be behind it, but it could mean work if you have any room for some? :D14:31
daftykinsyou're the only honest web dev type i know! :P14:32
diddledanihah! honest...14:32
zxmpiwonder if these help for medicating cats https://twitter.com/kellyAREKAYyeo/status/142823161982801510514:33
daftykinsdiddledani: could put you in touch if you're game though, right now they just have a skeleton template on wix14:33
zxmpihonest: once bought, stays bought :-P14:33
diddledaniI know absolutely nothing of wix and its capabilities - anything I develop will have to be outside of wix14:34
daftykinsTux help you when you try to release that cat14:34
daftykinsdiddledani: oh yeah definitely, would absolutely say to escape14:34
daftykinsher predecessor spoke to some folks who wanted to charge the earth for a wordpress site14:35
zxmpiwell obviously you have a tuna decoy for that moment14:35
daftykinsi don't quite see the bathing one working xD unless you're just washing the head14:36
diddledanithere's a good plugin (I've not had the requirement to use it yet tho) for WordPress that does membership stuff: https://memberpress.com/plans/pricing/14:36
zxmpiwell when we had to give a cat a flea bath in 70s we wrapped her in towel and swished cat and towel in the water till she was good and damp and could then take her out and finish her bath. hardest part was getting her into the bath14:37
diddledanithere might be simpler ones but that's the one I've heard most about14:37
daftykinssometimes it pays to go with what's more common!14:38
daftykinsdiddledani: what do you think then, have you got enough on or shall i introduce you?14:38
diddledanihere's a free one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-member/14:38
daftykinsit's kind of like a charity/not for profit, so they'd probably just be keen on knowing pricing up front before committing14:38
diddledanipop an email over :-)14:38
daftykinsokie dokie14:39
diddledanihah @ this pricing: excluding no vat: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ZS9BaYwA/image.png14:40
daftykinsnone of none of it!14:41
daftykinsas a tax dodging islander, that's what i like to see ;)14:41
diddledanidepending on their needs, this might fit: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/YG6OiWm6/image.png14:43
diddledanithta's ultimate member14:43
diddledanior the British Platinium14:44
daftykinssince i quickly dismissed doing any web work, she only got as far as saying memberships and charging subscription-like fees, so yeah - would need a bit more chatter14:44
daftykinsi've just fired her an email and said i have a dodg... er i mean trustworthy dev in mind, so we'll see if she's game for an intro :)14:45
diddledanitrustworthy. such a joke. ;-p14:46
daftykinswell as far as we can throw you anyway - bearing in mind we're offshore14:46
diddledanimight get a bit damp14:46
zxmpidaftykins fee will be a package wrapped in bubble weap and duct tape and a small sail dropped in english channel :-P14:46
daftykinsdiddledani: well i was more thinking that we can't reach you easily14:47
daftykinszxmpi: ah so you're familiar with Guernsey Post14:47
diddledanisure you were.. you totally weren't thinking of throwing me off the pier at all.14:48
zxmpii was just thinking, it would work with a rasp pi zero in a bottle :-P14:48
daftykinshmm i wonder if a low spec Pi would overheat in a bottle14:49
diddledanibubble weap: when you're crying so much that you need to pop bubbles to offset the sadness14:49
zxmpior it's short for weaponised bubblewrap :-P14:49
diddledaniRUN AWAY!!!!14:50
zxmpii wonder if there's a pi hat for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meteor_burst_communications14:50
daftykinsah magic, managed to get the perfect size bar of local fudge to fit in the box with my Psion to gift :D15:55
m0nkey_afternoon peeps17:22
daftykinsheya \o how goes it?17:22
zxmpijust hope the fudge dog isn't on patrol at customs :-P17:23
daftykinsthose are a highly trained edition17:25
m0nkey_it goes. woke up this morning, so there's that going for me i guess :) 17:28
daftykinsfingers crossed to it only getting better from there!17:31
daftykinsdiddledani: sweet, got a late evening reply there - i will PM you the domain to have a poke around!19:59
m0nkey_OK, this is amusing. I'm calling my bank and I'm on hold, they're playing the theme tune from Jurassic Park, or at least it sounds like it. lol21:01
daftykins"bankers found a way..."21:02
zxmpihey, it's in honour of all their cobol programmers :-P21:02
m0nkey_Yeah, but your bankers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. 21:03
daftykinsi quote that line to clients all the time, about daft tech - like one the other day had a smart fridge 21:03
zxmpinever know when there'll be a hostage situation with a disgruntled printer user and you have to send for help with a tweet from the fridge :-P21:05
m0nkey_lets hope they never invent a "talky toaster"21:05
m0nkey_wtf.. now I have star wars21:06
m0nkey_empire strikes back21:06
daftykinsi named a VM that, i love getting emails about services on it because the name is just gold to read in otherwise mundane support queries21:08

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