tichtomreyn: sorry I was disconnected. How do I force install firmware-sof-signed?00:18
tichtomreyn: they are wired headphones, and the computer is connected to a tv through HDMI but as far as I can tell the tv isnt receiving sound00:26
tichtomreyn: I tried apt-get install --force-yes but it has been depreciated00:27
fribHow can I cast to my LG smart TV from ubuntu?00:32
Hashor if you have a chromecast00:37
Hash(I only know google stuff, not apple)00:37
HashChromecast into hdmi TV and you can cast most online video sites and youtube etc.00:37
Hashyou can even cast your entire desktop to TV over wifi00:37
HashWith HDMI, you can't 'cast'. You can extend the display only.00:38
HashSo a slight correction on the information provided.00:38
Hashfrib: ^00:38
fribI don't have an hdmi port or a chromecast00:39
fribI'm trying miracle cast right now00:39
HashDoes your tv run any smart apps?00:39
fribi'm not sure what that means.. its a smart tv00:39
fribit has apps00:39
Hashmaybe it can run a vnc client on tv? server on ubuntu?00:39
HashNever tried it, dunno if it's possible.00:39
HashThen again, how would you give input to the tv? hmm.00:40
Hashdon't think it's possible without wifi or a cable.00:40
fribi'm trying to cast over wifi00:41
HashBut the tv needs a casting device or a vnc client00:41
fribhow does casting from smart phone work00:42
friblots of applications do it00:42
HashTry ##hardware too00:42
Hashthe tv needs some kind of app to connect to your pc or phone00:42
fribim tyring miraclecast00:42
Hashsamsung for example has something00:42
Hashinsignia tv also have their own app store00:43
fribits an lg tv00:43
Hashread this00:44
HashWithout the proper hardware, you cannot.00:44
HashUnless the TV has a build in RDP or VNC client in its app store00:44
Hashthen it can listen on wifi on it's own ip, and any phone or desktop canc onnect to it.00:45
Hashthats about all I konw00:45
Hashperhaps #networking or #hardware can help more00:45
fribit's not that complicated00:45
HashI know. I have a chromecast :)00:46
HashAnd TV with HDMI00:46
RadSurferAnyone know why loading a MIDI into Audacity produces NO OUTPUT? Can't here a thing, but apparently MIDI contents are displayed! Thanks.00:46
HashI send all my desktop youtube videos to the big TV over wifi00:46
HashRadSurfer: you need a midi audio system00:46
RadSurferHow does MuseScore manage it?00:46
fribmiraclecast should do it...00:47
Hashapt install timidity perhaps?00:47
HashYou need some kind of a midi playback backend system00:48
RadSurfertimidity is 150mb, ouch00:48
HashIt is a big hefty00:48
HashAre you working with very little space?00:49
RadSurfernot a lot...00:49
Hashyou're good.00:49
Hash150mb is a fraction of it00:49
RadSurferU have no idea whats already installed! LOL00:49
HashI don't!00:49
HashMabe you can disable -recommended and suggested packages etc.00:50
Hashonly use absolutely dependent packages only00:50
RadSurfertimidity does not support drag/drop, this is a foolish minimalist program!00:54
RadSurferit did however play the midi file in question...00:54
Hashrun it as a deamon in bg00:55
HashThen audacity configurtion set to timidity maybe for midi engine00:55
Hashand then audacity will play midis I think00:55
fribmy wifi adapter doesn't support miracle cast00:55
Hashfrib: :(00:56
RadSurferdo u know where in Audactiy to do that please?00:56
HashI dunno. I don't use it. :P00:56
HashI used to. I forgot now.00:56
HashEdit > Preferences (on bottom of menu)00:56
HashThen MIDI devices00:56
RadSurferplaying from command line works fine! :) checking Aud...00:57
HashAnd Devices tab00:57
Hashmess around in there00:57
Hashhey cool. glad it works. I know cuz I have to use some oldschool dooom2 wads who use midi music who won't play unless timidity00:57
Hashand few other games of oldschool00:58
RadSurferIt only lists ALSO, and Midi through Port-0 for me00:58
RadSurferaudacity is silent. no recognition of timidity00:59
RadSurferWow! Timidity certainly does sound very good!01:05
Keloh that reminds me, I've been meaning to find an alternative for Audacity01:06
Kelwhich is truly disappointing as it's a great tool01:06
HashJust use the older version01:07
HashI never updated.01:07
HashThat one is still great and still FOSS01:07
RadSurferbut this minimalist design is a realy turn-off... filenames are case SENSITIVE, sheesh!01:07
Kelmmm, that' works01:07
HashAudacity 2.3.3 is what I have on 20.0401:07
RadSurferbeen hearing mixed reviews about audacity, not being as good or even as safe as previous versions. not that we can trust internet these days? LOL01:13
KelRadSurfer: aye, hence pinning an older version before the takeover.01:14
HashIn April 2021, it was announced that Muse Group (owners of MuseScore and Ultimate Guitar) would be acquiring the Audacity trademark and continue to contribute to development of the software, which remains free and open source01:14
RadSurferMuseScore apparently can NOT properly handle many MIDIs... missing/incorrectly mapped instruments a common issue01:14
HashLMMS is another01:15
HashMight work for ya01:15
RadSurferand MuseScore also has an annoying "stutter/pausing issue"01:15
RadSurferexcept that it WILL display Score of a Midi file; and let you export that Score (music sheet) to pdf01:16
RadSurferMuseScore WILL also convert to .wav01:16
rud0lfi think you need soundbank for that?01:16
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Guest74hows it going i need help with ubuntu . ive tried installing many times . ive got an amd ryzen 1400 gpu and i get a black screen on boot01:39
Guest74im on try mode right now01:40
lantech19446anyone here know anything about ubuntu becoming super slow on hyper-v? so far the only solution i've found is to replace the kernel with linux-azure but i'm wondering if that actually does anything01:40
Guest74hows it going i need help with ubuntu . ive tried installing many times . ive got an amd ryzen 1400 gpu and i get a black screen on boot01:47
Bashing-omGuest74: Show us the output of terminal command ' lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12 '. We see here if and what hardware is detected.01:50
Guest74is that the command line to put in ?01:51
Bashing-omGuest74: Yeah exluding the ' marks. Just there to highlight the command string.01:52
Guest74how do i post a screen shot01:53
Guest741f:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590] [1002:67df] (rev e7) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])01:53
Guest74Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] Radeon RX 580 Armor 4G OC [1462:3418]01:53
Guest74Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 1101:53
Guest74Memory at e0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]01:53
Guest74Memory at f0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=2M]01:53
Guest74I/O ports at e000 [size=256]01:53
Bashing-om!paste | Guest7401:54
ubottuGuest74: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:54
Bashing-omGuest74: My bad not to so advise of pasteing :(01:54
Guest74sorry for some reason it said cannot send to nick/channel01:54
Guest74i direct messaged u bashing01:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:57
jeffmrhow would I query the hardware of my laptop's internal microphone?01:58
Bashing-omGuest74: looking ^01:59
Guest74any advice on trouble shooting or where i can learn would be cool too man02:05
waggaHi, is there a way to get to a live shell using https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current ? I don't want to install ubuntu, I just want a live shell with zfs and dm-crypt support so that I can use it as a recovery disk.02:10
Bashing-omGuest74: Takes the amdgpu driver that is supplied in the kernel :) .. so is the module available ? Pastebin ' modinfo -F alias [radeon|amdgpu] '02:10
Bashing-omwagga: Once the desktop loads - key combo ctl+alt+t will get you a terminal interface.02:12
Guest74where it says [radeon|amdgpu] do i put my actual pcs hardware ?02:13
Bashing-omGuest74: No - that is the actual command to execute as is :D ( see that is why peer review is importannt).02:15
Guest74or how would you know its available02:15
waggaBashing-om: Oops, I actually have the ubuntu-server install media from https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily-live/current/. IS there a way to get to a shell using that install media? Or should I switch to the desktop live cd for this purpose?02:15
Bashing-omwagga: try F4.02:16
waggaI was worried that if I continued through the UI on the ubuntu-server install media, that it might actually install ubuntu-server and write over my disks.02:16
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Guest74modinfo -F alias [radeon|amdgpu]02:16
Guest74modinfo: ERROR: Module alias [radeon not found.02:16
Guest74amdgpu]: command not found02:16
Bashing-omGuest74: Ouch ! No something is not right maybe just because you are in "try ubuntu" on a live disk ? Or is this from the installed system ?02:18
Guest74im on try now. but when i did a apt-update apt-upgrade input i rebooted and got a black screen. also while installed i had to go into recovery mode to log in02:19
waggaBashing-om: At what point should I try F4? Should I am just passed selecting the keyboard layout. It is asking me if I would like wifi support to be installed. I am just a little worried that I might end up actually installing ubuntu. Is there a point that I will be able to press F4 and get a shell and avoid installing ubuntu?02:20
Bashing-omwagga: Sorry - at this point my confidence not to mislead you is wanning. We best wait for better experience here to advise on this.02:21
Bashing-om!nomodeset | Guest7402:22
ubottuGuest74: Systems with certain graphics chipsets may not boot properly out of the box. "Temporarily Add a Kernel Boot Parameter for Testing" as discussed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters to add the "nomodeset" parameter there.02:22
waggaOkay, I will try the desktop version. I was expecting the server version to take me right to a shell.02:22
waggaBut if I can switch to a shell using the desktop version, that suits me fine.02:22
Bashing-omGuest74: Let's try this and boot the install with this boot parameter. See what then we can see,02:23
Bashing-omwagga: me thinks the desk top is the prefered rescue option.02:23
waggaBashing-om: Thanks, I will switch to desktop02:24
pi0not sure how to fix this, i was trying to install nvidia drivers, now something is broke :/02:29
Bashing-ompi0: "75 not fully installed or removed." .... run ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' and how are you attempting to install the driver ?02:34
pi0i do want to install the driver02:37
pi0but now i am stuck on that part02:38
pi0even if i reboot02:38
pi0the error message is the same02:38
Hashlantech19446: consider running a less graphics variant of ubuntu?02:39
Hashperhaps something less heavy on resources when inside a vm02:40
HashLubuntu or Xubuntu perhaps?02:40
lantech19446Hash: I probably wasn't specific enough, it's my internet speed that's effected02:40
HashHow do you notice this?02:40
HashAlso I think from my experience/memory serves correctly, it may also have to do with how you configured your network card02:41
HashBridge mode (talking directly to your LAN's DHCP) in that mode it's faster02:41
lantech19446it's our web server and the site not only loads super slow but when i run speed test instead of the 350Mbps everything else on my network gets it's getting like 30Mbps02:41
Bashing-ompi0: ack - so what method did you use in the attempt ? So we know how to direct the removal.02:41
Hashif you do NAT for VM internal network, then that is slower02:41
Hashi have noticed that if I used NAT, inside a VM, my download speed inside the vm goes way down.02:41
HashSo perhaps look into that02:42
HashTry Bridge network mode for your virtual nic02:42
lantech19446that's a  virtualbox thing not hyper-v02:42
HashIt's all I know, maybe someone more knows02:42
lantech19446hyper-v uses virtual switches which are essentially bridge mde it's the only way to do it02:42
pi0sudo apt install nvidia-driver-460-server02:43
Hashhyper-v is prop. so I dunno it.02:43
HashI use only free things02:43
pi0but not sure if that was the correct driver to install02:43
pi0not i just want to remove it02:43
Bashing-ompi0: try then ' sudo apt remove --purge nvidia-* ' .02:44
pi0with purge or somethign02:44
pi0doesnt purge actually remote it ?02:44
Hashyou can use a ubuntu driver detection software to find out what driver belongs to a pciid02:44
HashI forgot the name of it02:44
Bashing-ompi0: Is that not what you indicated >> "i do want to install the driver".02:45
pi0: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt --fix-broken install' with no packages (or specify a solution).02:45
Kelwould dpkg-reconfigure be helpful here?02:45
pi0at first i wanted to install02:45
pi0but now  i just want to remove it02:45
Hash\https://bpa.st/AVMA for example02:46
Hashhttps://bpa.st/AVMA for example02:46
Hashthat should find you the correct nvidia driver you need02:46
Hash--purge options wipes the config files also, but without --purge, you can remove package and keep the config files02:47
Bashing-ompi0: what results ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ' ? if errors show all in a pastebin.02:47
pi0update / no errors , trying the others02:48
Bashing-om!info libc6-i386 focal02:49
ubottulibc6-i386 (2.31-0ubuntu9.2, focal): GNU C Library: 32-bit shared libraries for AMD64. In component main, is optional. Built by glibc. Size 2,660 kB / 14,399 kB02:49
pi0Hash: i tried that command02:49
Hashlantech19446: maybe try a ##windows-server or something channel perhaps a microsoft one02:49
pi0https://dpaste.org/xhAS -> full-upgrade02:49
lantech19446Hash: i did they didn't have any suggestions either :(02:49
Hashpi0: now do the last one, -f install02:50
pi0that is for the -f02:50
Hashdebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable02:50
HashOh, you have a locked file problem02:51
Hashyou can try to see who is locking this file and kill the process02:51
Bashing-ompi0: "libc6:i386 (>= 2.4)" ^^ what release is this we are working with ?02:51
pi0i mean02:53
pi0how do i check what is locking the file02:53
Hashman the page02:53
Hashalso man lslocks02:54
SupremeKaiHello! How can I check the default spell checker installed/used at Ubuntu 20.04?02:54
Hashshould be aspell no?02:54
Hashmost things have aspell plugins but I dunno this one.02:55
pi0sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock02:56
pi0lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfsd-fuse file system /run/user/1000/gvfs02:56
pi0      Output information may be incomplete.02:56
pi0sudo lsof /var/lib/dpkg/lock02:56
pi0lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfsd-fuse file system /run/user/1000/gvfs02:56
pi0      Output information may be incomplete.02:56
HashPlease utilize a pastebin02:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:56
HashHangon. Some @ should see soon and -q02:56
SupremeKaiHash, I guess so, I uninstalled aspell but it still is checking02:57
SupremeKaiI have some other *spell* stuff installed: ~$ sudo apt list --installed | grep spell02:58
SupremeKaiWARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.02:58
SupremeKaihunspell-de-at-frami/focal,focal,now 1:6.4.3-1 all [installed,automatic]02:58
SupremeKaihunspell-de-ch-frami/focal,focal,now 1:6.4.3-1 all [installed,automatic]02:58
SupremeKaihunspell-de-de-frami/focal,focal,now 1:6.4.3-1 all [installed,automatic]02:58
SupremeKaihunspell-en-au/focal,focal,now 1:2018.04.16-1 all [installed,automatic]02:58
HashSupremeKai: see what ubottu said about paste02:58
pi0sorry about that02:59
HashRemember, even a really long line for some people's irc clients takes a lot of space02:59
pi0i did not realize i pasted twice, but not sure if that is the file02:59
Hashoh hunspell. I have no idea really about spell checkers since I use google docs03:00
Hashpi0: you lsof the wrong file03:01
SupremeKaiHash, even here at the hexchat it does a spell check and I would like to remove the spell check03:01
Hashpi0: lsof the file reported by the pre/post install scripts03:01
pi0oh no, which file did i need to lsof?03:01
webchat22sup its guest74 im back . i didnt know how to put a temporary boot parameter . my ubuntu is fully installed .. could i get the command for checking my drivers again03:01
HashSupremeKai: that should be in settings. usually there is a hexchat plugin you can disable03:02
SupremeKaiHash, it does the spell checking on every software here on ubuntu03:03
Bashing-omwebchat22: You are on the install now ? ' modinfo -F alias [radeon|amdgpu] '03:04
HashInstall enchant and your spelling dictionaries via your package manager  <- remove ehcnant perhaps?03:04
HashThen make sure to enable spelling under Settings ‣ Preferences ‣ Interface ‣ Input box. <- maybe disable it there?03:05
HashAlso there is probably a #hexchat too03:05
waggaAre there any ubutu live cds that support twofish-xts-plain64?03:26
Bashing-om!info twofish-xts-plain64 focal | wagga03:28
ubottuwagga: Package twofish-xts-plain64 does not exist in focal03:28
waggaThanks Bashing-om03:29
wagga!info aes-xts-plain64 focal03:29
ubottuPackage aes-xts-plain64 does not exist in focal03:29
Bashing-omwagga: No help there - as I have no idea of what "twofish-xts-plain64" is :(03:30
waggaOkay. It is a cypher and mode for encryption. I can't seem to load the xts kernel module. It does not complain when I run modprobe xts, but lsmod shows nothing for xts, so it is also not loading it.03:31
waggaI am going to try knoppix.03:33
webchat22Bashing-om  sup man back . i need the command again sorry . i did sudo apt update and upgrade and still nothing also.03:39
Bashing-omwebchat22: ' modinfo -F alias [radeon|amdgpu] ' ??03:39
webchat22yeah thanks ill see if something changed03:40
Bashing-omwebchat22: Booted into the install now ?03:40
webchat22yeah but in recovery mode regular boot stays black03:40
webchat22modinfo -F alias [radeon|amdgpu]03:42
webchat22modinfo: ERROR: Module alias [radeon not found.03:42
webchat22amdgpu]: command not found03:42
webchat22same response03:42
webchat22noone remote views and tries to trouble shoot for newbs anymore  ?03:47
webchat22Bashing-om  cant even open my ubuntu software app03:51
Bashing-omwebchat22: Vack to driver install situation. what shows ' dpkg -l xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu ' ?03:54
webchat22says i need and action option i might of typed it in wrong the line is  next to the enter key right ?  not a capital I or nothing ?03:57
webchat22 Bashing-om https://pastebin.com/Wct3neAa03:58
Bashing-omwebchat22: The "l" is a lower case ell .03:59
webchat22Bashing-om https://pastebin.com/CcVEvbr104:00
Bashing-omwebchat22: Well that says the correct driver is installed :) What tells the driver manager ' cat /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' .04:02
webchat22Bashing-om https://pastebin.com/HkFBGvge04:10
Bashing-omwebchat22: A mystery here as the manager says "Is amdgpu kernel module available? no" .. dpkg says otherwise. we get any hints in re-installing ' sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu ' ?04:10
webchat22man linux a mystery to me . i remember installing it before and it was easy to find workarounds now its different04:15
Bashing-omwebchat22: No issues seen .. reboot and see if there is a positive result .04:15
webchat22cool brb thanks man04:15
webchat22 Bashing-om  yeah still no luck man04:21
Bashing-omwebchat22: Sorry man - will take one who Knows more than I about the AMD driver to see what is not taking place :(04:24
webchat22no doubt man thanks anyway04:25
Bashing-omwebchat22: Wish I could be of more help - saddly I run with Nvidia graphics :(04:28
webchat22ye a lot of folks do man . maybe ill find something on youtube or some04:28
Bashing-omwebchat22: No consolation - the driver is in the kernel -- and "just Works™ - supposed too !04:33
webchat22is there a way to find an open source amd driver i can try to boot with . saw someone do it with nouveau04:34
Bashing-omwebchat22: Nope --- The provided kernel drivers are open source. However now what shows ' lsmod | grep amdgpu ' ?04:41
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webchat22Bashing-om nothing just sends me to a new blank line04:48
Bashing-omwebchat22: Just soes not make any sense to me , ^ that should produce a wall of text as the driver is installed !04:50
Bashing-omwebchat22: A poke in the dark ' lsmod | grep radeon ' ?04:51
webchat22still blank line afterwards04:52
webchat22its like it ignored it or something04:52
Bashing-omwebchat22: Over my skill set - sorry :(04:53
webchat22its cool man thanks04:53
Guest51hi everyone,05:05
guivercGuest51, if you have a Ubuntu support question, please just ask it (try and keep to a single line, and be patient as people respond as they're able to).  non-support talk should go to #ubuntu-offtopic05:06
Guest51i have ubuntu 20.04LTS installed, did reboot yesterday after doing upgrade and the ubuntu can't start any longer. I did the boot-repair but it didn't help. The report is here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nWrFtCWbn9/05:06
Bashing-omGuest51: What results when you boot an older kernel from Grub's advanced boot options ?05:15
Guest51failed to mount kernel configuration file system05:15
Guest51or, when trying to boot in recovery mode, it reports multiple errors with services like "systemd: failed to mount Mount init for gnome" etc.05:17
Guest51also, to be correct, the boot repair fails to do the repair with the message "grub-efi-amd64-signed purge cancelled"05:28
alkisgGuest51: what is the error message when you try to boot normally, without recovery etc?05:29
alkisgAlso, do you have a live cd that you can boot with? It sounds like your updates haven't finished installing properly05:29
Guest51alkisg, multiple errors, the last one is "failed to mount kernel configuration file system" https://photos.app.goo.gl/YtAr5PmiBKekqu7P6. I have a live cd, that's where I tried to repair the grub with boot repair from05:33
alkisgGuest51: are you booted with the live cd now?05:34
Guest51by "live cd" i mean bootable usb stick. Yes05:34
alkisgDo you mind sharing your screen, to be able to chroot into the installation? It'll be much faster than instructions over irc05:34
alkisgI.e. mount / and efi, chroot, apt update, see if updates were interrupted, and if not, fsck the disk05:35
Guest51not at all, how can i do that?05:35
alkisgIs it ubuntu gnome, or another desktop environment?05:35
Guest51ubuntu gnome05:35
alkisgsudo add-apt-repository universe; sudo apt install x11vnc; x11vnc -connect alkisg.ltsp.org05:35
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alkisgGuest51: you had file system errors (fsck -f), but most importantly, you had removed the /bin to /usr/bin symlink05:40
Guest51alkisg, I have no idea how this happened. Do I need to do anything after load? Is there any recommendation on how to avoid such situations? Btw, huge thanks!!!05:43
alkisgGuest51: I know of nothing that would remove /bin, except for the user himself, so no idea how would you prevent it!05:44
=== Koopzington is now known as Koopz
alkisgDid it boot?05:44
Guest51yes, let me check history)05:45
alkisg(btw that's one of the many many cases where vnc solves the issue in a minute, while via irc we would need an hour to detect that /bin had been removed)05:46
jeffmrhi alkisg, care to help me get my mic working via vnc??  : )05:47
alkisgHehe :D05:47
jeffmrIt records through audacity but not seen by web browsers05:47
jeffmror the system really05:47
alkisgNot much experience with that mate, sorry05:47
jeffmrno problem.05:47
jeffmrhave raised all the levels for capture in alsamixer05:48
Guest51lol, from history: 22.8.2021 17:07 sudo rm -rf /bin.05:49
jeffmrI know what the card is and where the microphone is but can't get the system to prioritize alsa over pulseaudio05:49
alkisgGuest51: haha, so that's what to avoid :D05:49
alkisgjeffmr: pactl commands can be used to tell pulseaudio to select the correct alsa card by default05:49
Guest51haha, thank you! Tough Sunday I guess.05:49
alkisgjeffmr: ok vnc, I could have a quick look until work starts :D05:50
alkisgjeffmr: x11vnc -connect alkisg.ltsp.org05:50
jeffmr: D05:50
jeffmrok, I think I have to install it.  I'm on gnome mate.05:50
jeffmruh oh and I think its wayland05:50
alkisgYeah, you might also need to sudo add-apt-repository universe05:50
alkisg...and you'd need to re-login with xorg :D05:51
jeffmrdo any vnc servers work with wayland?05:51
alkisgI think so, but not reverse ones, where there's no need for port forwarding etc05:51
alkisgMaybe anydesk could also work, not sure05:51
jeffmrlet me try x11vnc05:52
jeffmrmaybe mate is on x1105:52
alkisgmate uses x11, yes05:52
alkisg(but I thought you had gnome)05:52
jeffmrwell I have mate which I think is gnome 205:52
jeffmrI don't know that wayland has come to mate yet05:53
alkisgAaah, don't say gnome then, it confuses people05:53
alkisgMate doesn't have wayland yet, no05:53
jeffmrinstalling x11vnc now.05:53
alkisgjeffmr: nah, I thought maybe pulse marked the input as inactive and we could force it, but it doesn't even see that input06:02
alkisgI don't know which configuration file to change for that one; it'd take a long time to find it... wait for someone more experienced with alsa and pulse06:03
alkisg(closed vnc)06:03
jeffmrok, thanks for checking06:03
jeffmrits kind of messed up that there are layers of sound environments06:07
alkisgIt reflects the development... from beep to single audio to multiple sources and sinks  and even networked audio06:08
jeffmra plus of open source I guess06:08
alkisgBoth plus and minus :)06:08
alkisgI'm mostly frustrated that 30 years after linux was started, upstream developers still can't provide their own packaging, instead of relying on distributions. Hopefully appstream metadata will solve this in the far future...06:09
jeffmrguess we need to sing them, 'we are the world'06:10
jeffmrsong reference06:10
ledenijeffmr, when you say it is not working for browsers what you mean ? not set mic or your mic is recognized but not sound?06:13
jeffmrnot set mic06:13
jeffmrusing mainly for duo or google voice06:14
jeffmrthere is no mic device recognized in the browser settings on those pages.06:14
jeffmrduo.google.com  voice.google.com06:14
jeffmralso doesn't work for some other apps with audio input and not selectable in preferences06:15
webchat19Bashing-om  sup man guest 74 again. iwas able to get in by doing no mode set after going into grub and ubuntu loaded . seems i gotta do that everytime06:16
jeffmrvideo and sound work, just no mic detected06:17
Bashing-omwebchat19: Not a good solution long term. For some reason that I can not fathom the system is mot loading the graphic's module.06:18
ledenijeffmr, witch browser? chrome or firefox06:19
webchat19yeah this use to be the case before but i had updated something in past versions of other linuxes and it fixed it cant remember was a while ago . coming from windows now06:19
jeffmrledeni, chromium and firefox.06:19
jeffmrhaven't tried chrome yet06:19
webchat19Bashing-om  is there a better way to get apps besides ubuntu software app ?06:20
ledenijeffmr, ok open chromium and 'chrome://settings/content/microphone?search=microphone'06:20
Bashing-omwebchat19: Well all the ,deb apps are in the software repository. I only ise the terminal to find and install what I want.06:21
jeffmrledeni, nothing there.  just ask, block and allow.  No devices listed.06:21
ledenijeffmr, do you have insttaled 'pavucontrol06:22
ledenijeffmr, run it06:22
jeffmrok, running06:23
ledenijeffmr, what says input devices06:24
jeffmrno hardware or virtual.  just monitors.06:25
jeffmrmy sound card simultaneous output, dlna/upnp streaming, rtp multicast, sound card stereo06:26
webchat19Bashing-om https://pastebin.com/FmmRAfmR  what you think of this06:26
webchat19https://linuxconfig.org/amd-radeon-ubuntu-20-04-driver-installation found this link06:26
pi0hey fellas can anyone help me with lsof06:26
pi0i need to see what is locking my file06:26
pi0debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable06:27
ledenijeffmr,you have option input devices just press > right top corner of pavucontrol06:27
alkisgWhich file?06:27
alkisgpi0: sudo lsof /var/cache/debconf/config.dat06:27
Bashing-omwebchat19: looking ^06:27
jeffmrledeni, right top is configuration06:28
Bashing-omwebchat19: "display UNCLAIMED" still no kernel driver loaded :(06:28
jeffmrcomet lake pch-lp cAVS  profile stereo output06:28
jeffmrhave to get something to eat.  I'll be back in a bit.06:29
Bashing-ompi0: ' sudo fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat ' .06:29
alkisgpi0: so that's the answer, `frontend 6921` is the process you're looking for. Maybe a software center?06:30
pi0i murdered that process06:30
pi0finally :)06:30
ledenijeffmr,ok can you select 'configuration' and scroll profile06:32
ledenijeffmr,what option you have06:33
ledenijeffmr,your mic is integrated or extrenal one06:35
webchat19Bashing-om  yeah weird cant even get the thirdparty repositories says error: need a single repository argument06:39
Bashing-omwebchat19: some PPAs are weird .. what PPA are you accessing and what is the command you are using ?06:41
webchat19Bashing-om  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:oibaf/graphics-drivers06:43
Bashing-omwebchat19: Well that is the correct syntax for that PPA -- hold yer horses as I have ducasse's attention directed to your driver issue, soon as he arrives :P06:45
webchat19Bashing-om  cool what else should i be figuring out on here then.06:51
webchat19Bashing-om seems i need video codecs know how i can get those ?06:52
alkisgwebchat19: can you sum up your situation? You have ubuntu 20.04, kernel 5.11, and an amdgpu card, that was working but is now failing to load the driver?06:52
Bashing-omwebchat19: It is not a driver install issue - rather that the installed driver (module) fails to load.06:52
ducassewebchat19: install ubuntu-restricted-extras for codecs, that will get you most of them06:53
Bashing-omwebchat19: codecs: did you install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?06:53
webchat19yeah im newly installing ubuntu . and i get a black screen everytime on regular boot. had to do recovery mode . then found a work around using nomodeset in grub . but id have to do that everytime06:54
webchat19is that in other software ?06:54
alkisgSo it never worked properly, not even in the live cd?06:55
webchat19i could make it to try mode originally . but after installing black screen06:56
alkisgI see. Can you reboot with the live cd, so that we see the driver in use there?06:56
alkisgBecause now with nomodeset, the driver won't load in any case, so we can't see what's wrong06:56
webchat19so come back in try mode ?06:58
alkisgYes please06:59
webchat19ok  ill see whats up06:59
lavaballgnome-shell went to 100% cpu usage and locked everything up. i had to kill -9 it. anything i can do there?08:33
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BrianHechinger[mIs there a good scanning app I should look at? Document Scanner is kinda rubbish.10:01
BrianHechinger[mMeh, I'll just use GIMP10:08
ducasseBrianHechinger[m: you could try xsane, there's also a cokmmercial one, vuescan10:21
BrianHechinger[mI'll check that out, thanks ducasse10:30
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varaindemiananyone knows how I can fix the sources here? I tried adding new sources. This is how it looks like now: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/dWWpx39kRJ/ I added https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/g7X4NgySQn/10:46
ravageYour Ubuntu Version is EOL10:54
mgedminvaraindemian: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:55
varaindemianmgedmin: so I should update the sources.list11:06
mgedminand then upgrade to bionic asap11:10
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ultramagehi, could you give me a bit of advice on how to fix my Trac/subversion setup after updating? I'm on Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS now, and Trac (a python web app) is reporting that the svn module is missing. It is supposed to be installed with the 'subversion' package as part of its python bindings. The manual says it wants svn 1.14 (came out 3 months ago), but apt-get is only giving me 1.13.11:46
ultramagepackages.ubuntu.com tells me 20.10 has the 1.14 and python3 stuff that I need. I'm not familiar with the release cycle of these packages...11:59
mgedmindid you install trac from ubuntu repos?12:01
mgedminI find it hard to believe ubuntu 20.04 would ship a non-working trac12:01
mgedminubuntu 20.10 is eol already; each non-lts release is supported for 9 months12:02
ultramagemgedmin: I believe 18 LTS had trac, but it wasn't present in 20 anymore, possibly because of python3 migration and such. Not sure why exactly. So I did a source build/install.12:04
ultramageit's possible that svn 1.14 is the first one that ships with python3 bindings, so the maintainers were waiting for that. Not sure. Trac also works with git and hg and other stuff, which probably wasn't affected.12:05
BluesKajHi all12:07
mgedminultramage: oh oops I looked at https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=trac and saw it present in 18.04 and 21.04 and didn't notice 20.04 was missing!12:10
mgedminthis is fun, I have on 18.04 server with trac installed that I'm planning to upgade to 20.0412:10
mgedminI think I'll shut down trac, nobody uses it any more12:11
ultramageyea my first update hop was 18 where everything worked. Looks like 20 landed in the middle of an unpleasant transition period.12:13
mgedminif I really needed trac on 20.04, I'd be tempted to investigate running it in a docker container based on 21.04, so I wouldn't have to upgrade the entire OS to a non-LTS release12:16
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ikoniadoes anyone really need track in 2021 ?12:33
ikoniaI thought it had faded away12:34
ikoniatrac too12:38
bailsmanOh, right, docker is a thing. I was running groovy prometheus node exporter on 20.04 for a while, but docker might be better.12:45
varaindemianmgedmin: edit the sources with those debs and I still get 404 not found12:45
ikoniavaraindemian: you need to upgrade the OS12:45
ikonianot edit the sources12:45
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:46
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:46
varaindemianikonia: but I want that distro..12:46
varaindemianat least for a few more days12:46
ikoniathen wait a few more days and then upgrade12:46
varaindemianikonia: and how can I install packages until then?12:47
ikoniawait a few days - upgrade your distro then install the packages12:47
varaindemian sudo apt install python3-pip I need this12:47
varaindemianikonia: ^12:47
ikoniaright, and the distro is EOL12:47
ikoniaso upgrade the distro12:48
varaindemianyeah but the patches I am going to apply will not take effect for 18.0412:48
ikoniayou should be targeting 20.0412:48
varaindemianikonia: following this guide https://github.com/kevoreilly/CAPEv2/blob/master/docs/book/src/installation/guest/linux.rst#preparing-x32x64-ubuntu-1710-linux-guests12:48
ikoniadon't follow that guide then12:48
ikoniafollow a guide that's for a supported distro12:48
varaindemianthere is no such thing12:48
ikoniavaraindemian: how do you know - what is the actual end state you're trying to achieve ?12:50
bailsmanWhat's the best way to install a newer version of a package than is in ubuntu 20.04? I doubt I'll get a backport from the maintainer, because something about LTS and stability.12:51
ultramageI was thinking of trying to install 21 packages into 20, but in the best case that will bring in a cascade of newer version lib dependencies. I guess I'll wait until 22 lts is a thing.12:51
ikoniabailsman: the maintainer may maintain their repo12:51
ultramagebuilding from source? <_<12:51
ikoniabailsman: but mixing versions from ubuntu repos is bad12:51
bailsmanI can install a statically compiled version directly from upstream, but I guarantee you the responsible sysadmin (which might be me in 6 months) will forget about this and totally neglect patching it for security vulnerabilities12:52
ultramageI'm not desperate enough to try that, plus this trac install is just for convenience, I have my own working instance elsewhere. so I'm lucky enough to be able to just wait.12:52
ikoniavaraindemian: I'm going to quote you a line from that git page you linked me to12:53
ikonia[quote] For best compability we strongly suggest installing on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS [/quote]12:53
bailsmanikonia: so my best bet is to plead with the maintainer to make a 20.04 ppa with the newer version? Why would they do such a thing12:53
mgedminvaraindemian: sometimes there's a ppa that provides newer stuff for older releases12:53
aleksandrHi hi12:53
mgedminI've used PPAs to get newer redis and python versions12:54
ikoniabailsman: if they want to support a rolling/latest release approach for a distro.12:54
ultramagewell, that is true, until you run into 'cutting edge' software that doesn't fit well with a snail-pace package repo.12:54
mgedminI haven't ever looked to see if there are PPAs that backport subversion12:54
mgedminyou could build your own PPA, it's not too hard12:54
bailsmanikonia: how do I find out who the maintainer is anyway12:54
bailsmanmgedmin: yes, but then we're back to: I forget about it and don't patch it12:54
ikoniabailsman: the open source project will normally say who the maintainers are12:54
ultramagepackages.ubuntu.com lists the ubuntu and debian maintainers on the rights ide12:54
ikoniayou don't want the ubuntu maintainers12:54
varaindemianikonia  "Compile the kernel extension:"12:54
ikoniayou want the people who maintain the software12:54
ikoniavaraindemian: yeah, and it's fully supported on 20.0412:55
bailsmanikonia: why don't I want the ubuntu maintainers? upstream doesn't even build debs12:55
ultramagewell, technically, you want the people who produce and maintain the binary builds12:55
bailsmanupstream just publishes statically linked binaries12:55
ikoniabailsman: because the ubuntu maintainers will be the ubuntu team who normally don't bump versions12:55
ikoniabailsman: at best they may apply some patches you need12:55
ikoniathe ubuntu maintainers will not build a PPA12:55
ikonia(most likely)12:56
bailsmanwho is ubuntu MOTU developers12:56
bailsmananyway, so I need to plead with upstream to publish a ppa?12:56
ikoniaagain they are unlikely to build a PPA for you12:56
ikoniabailsman: what's the software you're looking for ?12:57
bailsmanikonia: prometheus-node-exporter >= 1.0 (for TLS support)12:58
ikoniabailsman: what version of ubuntu ?12:58
bailsmanlooks like epel 7 and 8 both have 1.2. hmmm12:59
ikonialooks promising, as 20.04 is still supported and mirrors debian releases, I'd talk to the debian go packaging team13:01
bailsmanWhat could persuade the debian team to bump the version though? It's supposed to be a stable release13:01
ikoniajust talk to them13:01
ikoniaTLS is a valid security bump13:01
ikoniasee if/what their objections are13:02
ikoniayou could always package it yourself too13:02
ikonia(appreciate that's work)13:02
bailsmanI know - I can also download it from upstream (statically linked) - but the problem is that I'm going to forget about it and there's going to be a security issue and I won't have the update because it simply won't be in my system13:02
ikoniabailsman: move to a container ?13:03
ikoniaprometheus maintains them excellently13:03
ikoniabailsman: or put it under ansible/puppet control so it always grabs latested binary package13:03
bailsmanRight now - all I have to do is check for updates. If I install all kinds of software outside of the official repos, it's an additional process that would need to go into to make sure it is kept up to date13:03
ikoniaautomate it so you don't forget13:03
bailsmanWhat would be the trigger? github releases by upstream?13:03
ikoniaa container and watchtower would work,13:04
bailsmanah yes, container would work.13:04
bailsmanThat probably means I have to install docker on all my hosts.13:04
ikoniaor a snap  ?13:04
ikoniathere are lots of options13:04
ikoniajust got to work out the best one for you13:04
bailsmanhold on, upstream maintains snaps?13:05
ikoniathe prometheus puppet module is excellent13:05
ikoniaupstream doesn't maintain snaps13:05
bailsmanor you're saying, you can install a docker container as a snap?13:05
alkisgbailsman: in general, debian and ubuntu don't get newer packages into already released versions. There are a few exceptions like SRUs or security micro-releases.13:09
alkisgFor prometheus-node-exporter 1.2, you can copy from impish to your own ppa, and install that one (or maybe even just download the .debs)13:09
alkisgI.e. https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=prometheus-node-exporter and click on download13:10
bailsmanWhat's a SRU?13:10
alkisghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates  - there's also "backports" sometimes13:11
alkisg So if you're maintaining a lot of computers, you could build your own ppa, and copy things around from e.g. ubuntu impish to your focal ppa. Then you'd just need to updates said machines13:12
alkisgThat takes a few minutes only13:13
bailsmanHow would you rate the chances of a SRU for the purposes of enabling TLS support and what kind of testing would it require to ensure that it doesn't regress? I can say "I upgraded my machine and it still worked" but that doesn't guarantee anything for the thousands (millions?) other users.13:16
alkisgSRU isn't very suitable for new releases; it's mostly for patches. You can look at backports or micro-releases13:17
ikoniabailsman: talk to the maintainers13:17
bailsmanIs backport a thing where the sysadmin has to take an action to opt in?13:17
ikoniabailsman: everything else is just guess work13:17
bailsmanikonia: the MOTU team?13:17
ikoniabailsman: the PPA I mentioned would be a good start ?13:17
bailsmanSorry, what PPA did you mention?13:17
ikoniathat one for starters13:18
ikonia(not exclusive of course)13:18
bailsmanThat's a ppa? I thought that was just the official source one13:18
ikoniamy apologies then13:18
ikoniathat's who I'd contact still13:19
ikoniafind out the state of play13:19
Guest34Hi all, I have an issue when I switch between windows of the same application in gnome classic. Is anyone able to help? Here's the description: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1358683/switching-between-windows-of-the-same-application-not-always-working/1358684#1358684 Thanks a lot!13:19
ikoniathis one is also interesting https://launchpad.net/~prometheus-release-tracking/+archive/ubuntu/prometheus-exporters13:20
ikonianot tested any of it of course13:20
ikoniabut it has 1.1.2 for 20.0413:20
alkisgbailsman: packages that have the word ubuntu in their versions, have ubuntu maintainers. The ones like prometheus that don't, are maintained in debian, so it's extra difficult to get new ubuntu versions for them13:21
alkisgI'd go for "your own PPA, and click copy from impish to focal"13:21
ikonialots of options and potential13:22
ikoniaguess it depends how many machines13:22
ikoniaand how serious those machines are13:22
ikoniathat determains the scope of approaches13:22
bailsmanDebian already has 1.1.213:24
bailsmanI'm not sure what more they can do to help13:24
ikoniapublish the packages for uubntu.....13:24
ikoniathat would be a helpful move13:24
ikoniaagain, talk to them13:24
ikoniafeels like it's getting a bit offtopic13:24
alkisgbailsman: ubuntu also has 1.2, didn't you see the link?13:25
ikoniaalkisg: I didn't what repo is it in ?13:25
bailsmanyes, but not in 20.0413:25
alkisgbailsman: exactly, and debian doesn't have it for buster either, it has it for bullseye13:26
alkisgikonia: in the impish repositories13:26
ikoniaalkisg: yup, sorry I thought you where referencing 20.0413:26
bailsmanOK so that prometheus-release-tracking thing has >= 1.0 for 20.04 - it's too good to be true. Do I just activate this and I'm done?13:27
bailsmanThe maintainer of that thing, is he much more responsible than me? Or is he liable to forget about it and leave a security issue in, just like I would?13:27
alkisgThe ppa description is "untested builds."13:29
alkisgI wouldn't count that as "more responsible than the official impish builds"13:30
ikoniaPPA is use at your risk13:30
ikoniaagain - contact him13:30
ikoniainstead of asking us, start talking to the people who have potential to impact you want13:30
bailsmanOK, so I can just have some cron job or whatever, periodically downloading impish sources and rebuilding them for 20.04, sticking the result in my local 20.04 repo, and emailing me if it fails13:31
alkisgOr just download the impish .deb; if the dependencies are satisfied, it's a much more sane and quick aproach13:31
bailsmanKeeps it up to date automatically13:32
alkisgEeeh all that that you described is called "a PPA"13:32
alkisgBut if you want it in your local repo, sure13:32
bailsmanoh that's what a ppa is? including the tracking the impish builds part?13:32
bailsmanor you mean put it in a ppa at the end instead of in my repo?13:32
bailsmanI mean yeah, that's an irrelevant detail innit. The hard part is the first half.13:33
alkisgThe ppa is the repository part. While the launchpad build recipe is what downloads and builds the source and uploads it to the ppa13:33
alkisgBut, don't expect the impish sources to be updated frequently13:33
bailsmanThey'll be updated on a security issue, though, right?13:33
alkisgJust go ahead and do it once; don't bother about repeating it13:33
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alkisgNot really13:34
alkisgPackages in universe don't get a lot of attention13:34
bailsmanwait, what?13:34
alkisgYou can check its release history, and see how many security updates it got13:35
alkisghttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/prometheus-node-exporter/+publishinghistory ==> the ones with "ubuntu" in their version numbers, i.e. none13:35
webchat20Buongiorno, sono un utente nuovo, non conosco bene i funzioni di ubuntu s13:36
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:36
bailsmanMaybe it has never had a security issue :p13:37
bailsmanOK, so maybe I need to make something to pull regularly from upstream instead.13:37
bailsmanmaybe installing docker daemon on every machine isn't so bad13:37
bailsmanOr just migrate to centos13:37
alkisgWhy, centos has more releases?13:37
bailsmanI have relatively more confidence in epel than you're describing I should have for universe13:38
alkisgBtw why are you so concerned about security updates on this particular package, did it have any known security issues?13:38
bailsmanand yes, it has node exporter >= 1.013:38
bailsmanalkisg: I'm worried about hypothetical security issues! And maybe about the general approach to software I have on my systems13:38
alkisgNew upstream versions often introduce security issues13:39
alkisgBuilding from upstream isn't equivalent to "being safer"13:39
alkisgAnd I don't think centos has a better security record than ubuntu or debian... I haven't looked at any stats though13:40
bailsmanRight - I realize I'm looking for something contradictory. I want >= 1.0 because it has a shiny new security feature (TLS support), but I also want then to keep it stable and only patch it for security issues.13:41
alkisgI think you should just download and install the impish .deb, if it's installable in focal13:41
bailsmanTo be honest, I think that's irresponsible advice - maybe I'll get away with that for just prometheus-node-exporter, but that general approach to managing software on my servers has a flaw - if one of them does get a security issue, that'll just slip right under the radar and it will be unpatched and vulnerable forever.13:42
alkisgHow so, won't it still receive updates?13:43
rbasak_It will not.13:43
=== rbasak_ is now known as rbasak
alkisgrbasak_: sure, if the version number is greater13:43
rbasakNo, because apt won't see it.13:44
alkisgWhy? I'm using that in thousands of schools just fine13:44
bailsmanI think you're right - if a security update were to be pushed to focal repos with a version number greater than the release in impish, yes, I think it would be picked up13:44
bailsmanbut if a security update is pushed to focal, wouldn't the version number be 0.18.x?13:44
rbasakbailsman: right, but that won't happen if you "borrow" a deb from a future release.13:45
alkisgExample. Socat in focal is broken. I upload a new version in the greek schools ppa. Here's then my apt policy socat: https://termbin.com/7z5r913:45
rbasakThe security update for the Focal package will be issued at a lower version than the version you'll have installed.13:45
bailsmanrbasak: exactly, that's the problem13:45
alkisgWhen a higher socat version becomes available in focal, it'll still reach my schools13:45
alkisgSince 1.2 is a requiement for TLS, any security update that includes TLS will have a higher version number13:46
rbasakalkisg: no it will not13:46
bailsmanI don't expect a security update to include TLS. I imagine they would just backport the fix only and not introduce any new features. In fact, I would be angry if they included features in a security release.13:46
rbasakalkisg: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update_the_packaging for what the security team typically does with package version strings in security updates.13:47
alkisgrbasak: I did write teh "that includes TLS" part. I doubt that will ever land in focal.13:47
rbasakYou are making assumptions about what packagers will do with version strings that are false.13:47
bailsmanHe made an additional (worrisome) claim - is that if I think installing outside of the repos is irresponsible, that I should not install from universe either13:48
rbasakalkisg: a security update for will likely be for example, or similar. That will still be less than
alkisgrbasak: if a version that included TLS landed in focal, it would be >1.2. (parenthesis, that will most probably never happen, because new releases don't generally get uploaded). Do we agree on that?13:48
rbasakalkisg: not necessarily.13:48
alkisgrbasak: indeed, and I wouldn't want that, because it would be still broken13:48
rbasakalkisg: and thus you'd miss the security update and remain vulnerable.13:49
bailsmanif a security issue in fact occurs the exact same thing would happen that I was worried about, that is, everyone would ignore it and I would remain vulnerable.13:49
alkisgrbasak: you think that a new version that was based on 1.2 upstream, could land in ubuntu with a <1.2 version number?13:49
bailsmanI don't know if this is true about universe in general or prometheus-node-exporter in particular13:49
rbasakalkisg: that is possible, yes, although if the packaging really were derived from a new upstream it's more likely that it would have the newer version number. However that's not a guarantee. It's also possible that a feature is backported, in which case it wouldn't get the new upstream version number.13:50
rbasakalkisg: packaging version numbers - especially in stable releases - are picked on the basis of what apt will do. The truth about what it is derived from doesn't matter.13:50
bailsmanwhy are we assuming that a hypothetical security update would bundle tls or update the version number? And focal repos would only get an update if 0.18 was vulnerable, not if 1.2 was. So in the end, installing a package in this way would guarantee that they do not get automatically updated.13:50
bailsmanInstead, I think I can make a cron job and rebuild new releases to a newer ubuntu release - to what extent can I rely on security updates landing in universe if they are required?13:51
bailsmanIs it similar to epel, worse, better?13:52
rbasakalkisg: in summary, you *cannot rely* on anything about package versions of future updates in stable releases. If you want to remain secure in issuing your own overriding packages, you must also maintain that override by actively following what the distribution is doing.13:52
alkisgOh sure, for packages in the greek school ppa I do follow both what upstream and ubuntu does13:52
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bailsmanyes - I'm trying to work under the assumption that the future sysadmin of these systems is irresponsible and does not manually update all the software that is installed (which might be me). Therefore, I'm trying to offload the creation of security updates to somebody more responsible than me, say, a package maintainer. :P13:53
rbasakbailsman: FWIW, the Canonical Server Team maintains an LMA stack.13:54
bailsmanThe best idea so far as I to have some kind of cron job track the package from a future release, rebuild it for 20.04, and email me if the build fails.13:54
bailsmanrbasak: what's LMA?13:54
rbasakLogging, Monitoring, Analysis13:54
leftyfbbailsman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:54
rbasakI'm not sure it includes prometheus-nodexporter though13:54
alkisgbailsman: you can also rebuild the impish deb with a lower version number, one that will get updated if an update reaches focal13:54
bailsmanright, but if an update does land, it would break all my installations because TLS would no longer be supported13:55
alkisgbailsman: but not that this update then will most probably remove the TLS support, so you need to make sure it won't leave your systems in a broken configuration13:55
rbasakIt uses Telegraf13:55
bailsmanat least it would alert me, which is better than having a security issue fly under the radar13:55
rbasakTHere is a plan to put Telegraf into main13:55
alkisgbailsman: you can make a cron job that alerts you then. Just a check for the "current focal version"13:55
bailsmanrbasak: interesting - any thoughts on the relative merits of Telegraf and prometheus?13:55
alkisgYou don't need to "build packages" with cron13:55
rbasakI'm not sure, sorry. Try in #ubuntu-server13:55
rbasakThe stack does use Prometheus, just Telegraf for the metrics collection part13:56
alkisgbailsman: if I understood you correctly, you want to switch to 1.2, and be notified about 0.x security updates to see IF they affect 1.2, but NOT apply them immediately14:00
alkisgIf so, yeah, you don't want a "cron build", you want a "cron notification"14:00
goddardwhat is the color section for14:17
goddardi have like 5 profiles for my display14:17
goddardbut each say the same thing14:17
goddarddoesn't seem to have any effect when i change them14:17
CyLSo, I just installed Ubuntu following this tutorial https://mutschler.eu/linux/install-guides/ubuntu-btrfs/ to get btrfs + full disk encryption. All went well, but now I'm presented with a screen stating that secure boot failed when trying to boot into the system. When ubiquity asked me to install third party drivers and updates I selected "yes", and I was presented with the UEFI "Enroll MOK" screen as usual.14:38
CyLI enrolled it, but I might be missing an extra step on this, specially when it comes to grub installation, since I did it manually. Would anyone help me shed some light on this issue?14:39
=== genii-core is now known as genii
cbreakCyL: do you need secure boot?15:27
cbreakI think there's some shim that should allow that in some circumstances, but I never bothered trying to find out how that exactly works.15:28
cbreak(Booting off of encrypted zfs without secure boot works fine though)15:28
nate44After a bad Ubuntu VM reboot, I don't get a GUI environment. I see nothing relevant in dmesg. If I run `startx`, I see an error related to vboxvideo module doesn't exist. Any idea how I can reinstall it/ and or get back to a desktop env?15:40
nate44(Ubuntu 18.04 fyi)15:41
ravageInstall the guest additions again15:45
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blingrangHi, during apt-get update if a ppa is down, it throws a warning "Failed to fetch ...". This is a soft error,16:10
blingrang exit code 0. Is there a way to make it fail with out coding around it? We're running this inside a dockerfile16:10
blingrang and as a result of this failure, one of the packages was not updated as intended resulting in the old version16:10
blingrang (already installed) being used.16:10
lotuspsychjeblingrang: could you use a pastebin to show your apt errors?16:14
goddardhow can you improve fonter rendering16:16
goddardany way to increase sharpeness?16:17
goddardgnome tweaks has options for fonts16:18
goddardif i change hinting i see now difference16:19
dman777hello, I removed ufw because I just want to use iptables and netfilter. I ran sudo update-rc.d netfilter-persistent enable but on reboot service iptables shows inactive. how do I make iptables active on each reboot?16:21
CyLcbreak: yeas, I'd like to have secure boot, since this is a work box for an innovation project16:22
lantech19446how do I turn off network manager but still have internet connectivity?16:24
CyLcbreak: TBH I solved the issue earlie, and came back to informpeople that the signed shim binaries are needed. Just install them with apt, reinstall grub and update it, and voilá16:24
blingranglotuspsychje: https://paste.debian.net/1208723/ Notice the exit code. Ideally, it should fail and stop the build then and there.16:27
lotuspsychjeblingrang: cant you download git from the ubuntu repos directly?16:35
rbasakblingrang: the apt-get manpage has --error-on=any which I think is exactly what youre requesting?16:38
blingranglotuspsychje: no, the version of git in the repos is old. The official git ppa is the latest version.16:40
blingrangrbasak: Sounds like it. Like me give it a shot.16:40
cbreakCyL: yeah, I don't think you can secure boot without the permission of microsoft (unless you install your own CA...), since microsoft controls the keys normally used in firmware16:44
cbreakand since microsoft graciously gave us the permission to use that shim, that's what secure boot users are stuck with.16:44
cbreakI kind of don't see what the point of secure boot is, if you can just inject your malware after the shim...16:45
blingrangrbasak: Not seeing that flag at all. Can you link the man pages where you're seeing it?16:45
CyLcbreak: my boot partition is encrypted, so for it to be infected the system would need to be taken over while running16:51
blingrangrbasak: Never mind. Version issue. Works well. Exactly what I needed. Thanks.16:51
CyLcbreak: It seems you can get your own secure boot, with the inconvenience of having to resign everything after each kernel update16:52
CyLcbreak: thanks for your kind info and advice on this topic16:52
lantech19446what do you do when a kernel fails to boot and you can't drop to tty?16:56
geniiTry to boot to an earlier kernel17:00
lantech19446genii: just did precisely that, i had to figure out why i wasn't getting into the grub menu17:01
cbreakCyL: someone could just replace your boot loader (the one that handles the decryption)17:01
cbreakthe shim itself doesn't do that, it presumably loads grub17:02
cbreakand grub's config is likely not signed. (I don't know what kind of verification the shim performs anyway)17:02
geniilantech19446: If the system booted to the earlier kernel, you could try manually running sudo update-grub2 and see if it's spitting out any errors17:03
lantech19446genii: I think it was my own fault, I ignored a warning that the low latency kernel installed with errors because it was only one of the headers and it was a dependency issue but the others installed perfectly17:04
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lotuspsychjewelcome Ravindhran17:21
Ravindhranyes presence ubuntu are not working smoothy. it take huge17:21
lotuspsychjeRavindhran: can you explain a bit more whats happening to your system exactly?17:23
Ravindhranactually my pc power by intel i3 . i had used linux mint mate version then im tried some linux distros . comparely to mint the ubuntu take load boot time and somnetimes it consume ram17:24
lotuspsychjeRavindhran: wich ubuntu release did you choose, are you on a HD or SSD?17:25
Ravindhranat present im using latest ver of ubuntu17:26
lotuspsychjeRavindhran: 21.04 or 21.10?17:26
lotuspsychjecome to #ubuntu-next please Ravindhran17:27
leftyfbRavindhran: why are you using an unreleased version of ubuntu?17:28
donofrioRavindhran, what url to download ppc?17:30
Ravindhranit updated automatically17:31
Ravindhrani would suggest please fix boot load time17:32
cbreakRavindhran: what's wrong with it?17:36
cbreakubuntu boots fine here17:36
Ravindhranmy pc takes more time to boot17:36
cbreakhave you tried to find out why?17:36
Ravindhrani had disabled startup apps17:37
leftyfbRavindhran: ubuntu 20.10 should only be run if you are testing it and filing or even fixing bugs. Otherwise, Please go to #ubuntu-next for unreleased versions of ubuntu17:38
Ravindhrananother bug is current file manager it take more time to copy and move process. sometime it stuck on 100 per17:38
cbreakdoesn't sound like a bug.17:40
cbreakhave you tried to run systemd-analyze?17:40
Ravindhrannot yet17:40
leftyfbcbreak: ubuntu 20.10 is still in development and not supported here17:40
leftyfbsorry, 21.1017:40
cbreakthat's ok17:40
cbreakI'll switch to it in a few months17:41
Ravindhranno lower ver of ubuntu also have file manager facing same17:41
cbreak21.04 seems to work ok enough17:41
leftyfbcbreak: if you'd like to help them, #ubuntu-next is the appropriate place17:41
cbreaksystemd-analyze works in 21.04 too17:41
cbreakat least it does on my 21.04, on which I just tried to run it17:41
cbreaksystemd-analyze blame is interesting17:41
cbreakI don't get why people complain about systemd, it's so much nicer than the old init jungle17:42
donofrioRavindhran, what arch are you useing?17:43
leftyfbdonofrio: please take it to #ubuntu-next17:43
sarnoldFreeaqingme: haha :) oh man, all that effort to find out that your hardware doesn't support more namespaces. funny. I hadn't realized that was even a possibility18:03
h1potI'm unable to open the snap version of kdenlive, it gives me 'error while loading shared libraries: libKF5NotifyConfig.so.5'; i already have this library instaled, so i don't know what i can do18:25
BinarySaviordoes ubuntu overwrite /var/crash each time the same program crashes in the same way?  I'm asking because i'm not seeing a new core dump after each crash18:27
h1potit also prints 'main.go:176: description of prepare-image's "<target-dir>" is lowercase in locale "pt_BR"', but I don't know if it's related18:28
alkisgBinarySavior: in maybe think that perhaps possibly it doesn't regenerate a new crash report, it keeps the first one18:30
tomreynBinarySavior: not normally, no, but there may be some kind of rate limiting18:30
BinarySaviortomreyn, ulimit -c outputs 0 but it still created a coredump18:30
BinarySaviordoesn't ulimit -c 0 make all coredumps too large to save?18:31
tomreynBinarySavior: not those piped to another command, i would assume. but not sure.18:33
tomreynBinarySavior: for what it's worth, crash reports are deleted off /var/crash after they uploaded successfully. so maybe that's why you're not seeing them18:38
BinarySavioroh thanks.  I did press `send` but now i'm not being prompted to send again when the same crash occurs18:40
BinarySavioris that because the crashes are identical and redundant?18:40
tomreynBinarySavior: have you had a look at your apport logs?18:43
tomreynBinarySavior: you can salso check which crashes were recorded for your system using https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts/blob/master/whoopsie_reports18:45
BinarySaviorthanks, using that script i have determined the last crash report was sent several days ago. so the application is crashing but a new coredump file is not being generated, nor is a crash report being sent18:48
BinarySaviorperhaps if i move the old coredump file out of /var/crash and then trigger the crash again18:48
BinarySaviorif the application is running as a .AppImage does it still generate a coredump to /var/log?18:50
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tomreynBinarySavior: what the web page shows are reports generated on top of submissions - your systems' submissions can also fail to generate a proper report or get discarded on the server side. i would think that any process that segfaults would trigger apport, but apport may also discard those client-side if it's clear that somethig is not an ubuntu package.19:09
tomreynthere's also the UnreportableReason: field in generated crash logs.19:10
goddardhow do i set steam to scale to times 219:14
goddardi tried env GDK_SCALE=2 in my .desktop file, but it doesn't work19:15
tomreyngoddard: try without "env"19:21
tomreynor rather use   Exec=export GDK_SCALE=2 && /usr/bin/steam %U19:23
tomreynthere's also support for it in steam itself: Steam > Settings > Interface, check "Enlarge text and icons based on monitor size" (restart required)19:24
roofyanyone experiencing with apache?19:24
goddardtomreyn:that works ?19:26
goddardhmm ill try again19:26
tomreynroofy: you mean the apache software foundation?19:28
roofytomreyn, i'm having trouble with my .conf19:28
tomreynor a specific software under their umbrella, such as the httpd?19:28
roofytomreyn, something like that lol19:29
tomreynwhat's the name of the ubuntu package, and which ubuntu version is this?19:29
roofyi don't think it has to to do with my version19:31
sarnoldif you're talking about the apache webserver, it most certainly does; they've made some big changes over the years19:31
sarnoldyou may find this useful reading https://wiki.debian.org/GettingHelpOnIrc19:31
BinarySaviorin var reports the coredump starts with  _usr_bin_ which is wehre i have the application installed from ubuntu ppa19:39
BinarySaviorbut i also have an .appimage of the latest snapshot not yet available from ubuntu19:39
BinarySaviorboth versions crash in the same way, but i dont see a coredump from the .appimage, i only see a coredump from the package installed from ubuntu19:40
sarnoldBinarySavior: you could try stracing the appimage; maybe it calls prctl to disable dumping, maybe it goes through setuid executables or similar and thus gets dumping disabled that way19:46
roofyokay i think i got it working19:47
roofytell me if this work19:47
BinarySaviorroofy i see a webpage about painting19:48
roofyBinarySavior, thank you :D19:48
roofyi had to delete my conf and cp my original conf19:48
roofynow i have to do the editting wisely19:48
roofythe domain name should be paint-perfection.com19:49
sarnoldwfm :)19:49
BinarySaviornslookup paint-perfection.com resolves that ip you pasted, also going to the url in a browser lands me on the same page19:50
roofyBinarySavior, oh it works i haven't done anything yet19:50
BinarySaviorsomeone must've done something19:51
roofyBinarySavior, well i have my dns record updated19:52
roofyi'm getting an error message when i start apache19:52
roofyH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message19:52
roofythat means I would have to set my server name to paint-perfection19:53
glumandai hope new ubuntu won't have bar on the left ;/19:56
tomreyn!next | glumanda19:57
ubottuglumanda: Impish Indri is the codename for Ubuntu 21.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.19:57
SnoopJoh yea, I should move mine on this machine19:58
donofrioroofy, #ubuntu-server ?20:00
roofydonofrio, oh i didnt know you guys had a server channel okay sorry about the bother here :_)20:03
SnoopJwelp, I tried playing nice with Tracker but cannot find a combination of settings that keeps it from turning my machine into "jet about to take off," so time to disable it entirely I think20:05
donofrioSnoopJ, what hardware platform you on?20:06
SnoopJdonofrio, a Razer Blade20:07
donofrioSnoopJ, if apple then macfanctld20:07
donofriooh Razer humm....20:08
SnoopJit has a predilection to crank the fan hard, probably because of the GPU and the generally bad airflow20:08
donofrioperhaps fancontrol ?20:08
SnoopJsince tracker is the only repeat offender, I'd rather just turn it off20:08
donofrioSnoopJ, you mean this? "tracker - metadata database, indexer and search tool?"20:09
SnoopJ(tried to renice it, turn throttling to max, etc.)20:09
SnoopJdonofrio, yes, the `extract` component specifically20:10
donofrioSnoopJ, should only have to run once I would think, just let it complete?20:10
SnoopJyou would think so, wouldn't you20:10
donofrioothers here would know more I'm guessing20:10
SnoopJIt solves a problem I don't particularly care about so I'm just gonna disable it for this machine20:10
donofrioSnoopJ, have you used ubuntu long?20:11
SnoopJI think the first version I tried was Breezy Badger20:12
SnoopJit definitely wasn't my distribution of choice back then, though :)20:12
donofrioSnoopJ, so 2005?20:14
SnoopJroughly, yea20:14
donofriojust ask cause whacking services (pid's) might not be the best notion all the time, but your milage may very...20:14
SnoopJthat would be a bad way to do what I described, yes20:15
SnoopJI set org.freedesktop.Tracker.Miner.Files.crawling-interval to -2 to disable crawling entirely20:15
donofrioSnoopJ, ah I use xfce or lxde if not heavy desktop needed.....20:16
SnoopJI don't think the wm has any impact on it20:17
donofrioSnoopJ, well that setting is for gnome fwiw20:17
SnoopJwhy do you say it's GNOME-specific?20:18
donofrioSnoopJ, https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/Tracker/Documentation/Configuration20:18
donofrioSnoopJ, just for grins what wm are you using?20:18
SnoopJexactly what20:19
donofrioand your fans are going driving the gpu hard and causing noise so that is why I recommended a light weight wm20:19
donofriobut as I said your milage may vary20:19
SnoopJthat description does not sound like it matches my problem very well20:20
donofrio(fwiw gnome is not a light weight wm)20:20
SnoopJyou aren't wrong20:20
donofriofrom that url "A quick way to find out what settings are available on any given installed version of tracker is to use:$ gsettings list-recursively | grep -i org.freedesktop.Tracker | sort | uniq "20:21
SnoopJyes, including the one I mentioned20:21
* SnoopJ isn't sure why this makes the setting GNOME-specific20:23
donofriogsetting is for gnome20:23
SnoopJif you say so. I can't help but get the sense that I'm being tut-tutted at, here.20:23
donofrionah, do what you want....just here to help.20:24
* SnoopJ is pretty sure the flaw would exhibit on another wm20:24
friendlyguyhi there! i try to recover a old ubuntu 12.04 system. i moved the disk contents and now try to reinstall grub to the new disk20:31
friendlyguysda has three partitions: sda1=boot, sda2=swap, sda3=root20:31
friendlyguyi booted a live cd and mounted sda3 to /mnt, sda1 to /mnt/boot20:31
friendlyguyi then mounted /proc /dev as well as sys with the bind option to /mnt/proc etc20:31
friendlyguychrooted into /mnt20:32
friendlyguynow when i try to run grub-install --recheck i get: Could not find device for /boot: Not found or not a block device.20:32
friendlyguythe exact command i run is "grub-install --recheck /dev/sda"20:32
friendlyguyi ran out of ideas what to try, any ideas pretty please? :)20:32
friendlyguybtw: thats grub 0.9720:32
tomreynfriendlyguy: why not just back it up and do a non stone age install?20:33
friendlyguyi modified the menu.lst which is in (chrooted) /boot/grub/menu.lst to use the uuid of /dev/sda3 instead of "/dev/sda3"20:33
sarnoldfriendlyguy: I strongly recommend ignoring everything to do with booting this system and just get the data off of it20:34
friendlyguyi have no idea what kind of "stuff" is going on there and whether the stuff will run on newer linux versions20:36
friendlyguyits real load of stuff some engineer maked to work together "somehow" and program very old controllers20:37
tomreynthe oldest Ubuntu release supported here is 18.04 LTS.20:38
friendlyguyi can try to do that on another system, but probably the "faster" way to get it running is to get the bootloader installed20:38
friendlyguyi managed to get the data off that broken disk and now i only need to get this machine to boot20:39
donofriofriendlyguy, nope, just get the data, applications will better of being reinstalled20:39
friendlyguyyeah, but i dont know how and there are A LOT20:39
donofriofriendlyguy, clonezilla it and mount the drive up on the new install chroot it if you have to....20:41
donofriofriendlyguy, it's 10 years old20:41
friendlyguyyes, and the code that runs on it is probably even older20:42
donofriofriendlyguy, what does it do?  run a machine cnc or a robot?20:42
=== mr is now known as mr0
friendlyguyits used to build the software that later gets flashed onto some hardware controllers. i am sorry, but i dont know much more about it.20:43
friendlyguyits also used to diagnose them20:44
friendlyguyi`ve never used the machine myself, its something that sat in a shelf and they pulled out to support one of our "ancient" products20:45
donofrioah well yah image it using clonezilla so you don't lose everything if the drive dies....20:45
donofriouse scp method to image it to another linux system to store the files then you can mount it locally then chroot to it and it should have its apps running if they are all cmdline and you know the passwd's20:46
friendlyguyyeah, already did that. ddrescued the stuff from the original drive to a new one. made a clone of it and thats what i am working with atm20:47
friendlyguycouldnt read stuff at the beginning of the disk, but that that was in /root and /boot partitions seems to be fine20:49
friendlyguyjust need to get grub to install into the mbr20:49
friendlyguy(fingers crossed)20:50
donofrioso your / volume got cloned intact I take it?20:55
friendlyguycareful with absolutes. there were unrecoverable errors during the ddrescue process21:00
tichHi, yesterday I asked about getting my headphone jack to work and it was suggested that I install firmware-sof-signed but I would have to do a force install... what's the best/easiest way to do that?21:09
tomreyntich: can you show the command and output (on https://paste.ubuntu.com) that would suggest you need to --force ?21:10
tichtomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/RBPbqb7TnS/21:17
tichHi tomreyn ! Nice to see you again :-)21:19
tomreyntich: hi. looks like my suggestion that you may need this package was incorrect then. after all, the firmware is already in linux-firmware. when you run "sudo apt-get --force-yes install firmware-sof-signed" this cannot be the reason why you think you need to --force, since you already decided you need to.21:20
sarnoldI wonder if the multiverse package has a newer version, or if it's an atavism that ought to be removed21:21
tomreyntich: anyways, this looks like a packaging bug, i suggest you stay away from firmware-sof-signed for now and keep using linux-firmware instead. maybe try a different kernel image, such as one from mainline.21:21
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds21:22
tomreynnote those are unsupported, though21:22
tomreyntich: also re-post the alsa-info url if you still have it, so others can look into it.21:23
tomreynah, i found tich's alsa-info from the other day: http://alsa-project.org/db/?f=fc56dff5250798edfcf8ab029491ca8760f145ee21:24
tichAmazing! Thanks21:24
tichI'll read about the mainline builds21:25
tichTomreyn: would I just choose the most recent?21:37
tichAnd "generic"?21:42
tichAnd lastly, (maybe) modules as well as kernel?21:46
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BinarySaviorhi I am compiling with make but it's terminating with error python.h no such file or directory23:17
BinarySaviori have installed python-dev python2-dev from apt23:17
sarnoldBinarySavior: hopefully whatever you're trying to build will say where that dependency comes from23:19
sarnoldBinarySavior: apt-file search /python.h | grep 'h$' reports a packages that supply a python.h file, but none of them look like the obvious choice23:20
BinarySaviorsarnold, it was looking for python3.6 where I have python3.923:28
BinarySaviori fixed it now23:28
sarnoldBinarySavior: woot23:29

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