finhi everyone! just installed xubuntu as my daily OS and it's working great so far. I did have to make a few adjustments but they're minor things00:45
finmy dell is running faster now :-D00:45
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fin1hi there, my xubuntu cannot sync with the correct timezone even though i've installed ntp. Does anyone have a solution to this?16:37
tomreynfin1: if you run a supported xubuntu release there is no need to install ntp, since there's already systemd-timesyncd which does this well enough.17:35
tomreynfin1: are there errors on your logs which would explain why the synchronization fails?17:35
fin1Hi tomreyn, the time sync apparently works, but it sets the time back around 4-6 hours in my timezone (PDT)17:37
fin1there are no error displayed on my terminal17:38
tomreynfin1: can you show the   timedatectl    output17:38
tomreynalso:    date17:40
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geniiProbably wrong timezone is set17:40
tomreynls -l /etc/localtime17:40
tomreynfin1: in case you dual-boot with windows this can be why your system time gets set incorrectly, because windows sets the hardware clock to the local time zone, whereas Ubuntu (and other UNIX-like systems) will set it to UTC time.17:42
fin1I had to manually set the time. Let me switch back to auto sync mode and get the time from the sync session17:42
fin1does anyone know how to trigger sync with the internet server17:44
fin1tomreyn: hmm that seems possible as i just switched from Windows 10 to Xubuntu Focal Fossa. I did specify Xubuntu to delete all Windows files and partitions to install Xubuntu17:46
fin1I wonder if that could cause problems17:46
tomreynit would not, only windows running would cause this problem17:46
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finhi i'm back. I'm gonna paste the timedatectl info on here17:56
finhere's the patebin: https://pastebin.com/pwuMMVdr17:58
finit seems timedatectl sets my current time 7 hours behind the UTC and RCT time17:58
finnot sure why it does that17:58
finim based in vancouver, BC so the time should be 10:59AM 17:59
tomreynfin: that's (almost) what the hardware clock is set to.18:03
tomreynso i guess windows set it to local time, but Xbuntu isn't aware of that18:04
tomreynfin: so you should manually set the time so that it's roughly correct (in terms of hours, at least), then see whether it gets into synch18:05
finusually, if i manually set the time , Xubuntu will reset it on the next reboot18:07
finhow do it permanently set the correct time? Do i need to adjust the hardware time? 18:08
tomreyni think if you will    sudo timedatectl set-time 11:09:00    now then it should last until after a reboot18:09
tomreynthe hardware RTC should get updated when xubuntu shuts down, but you can manually set it using    sudo hwclock --systohc18:12
fini'll try it. Thanks tomreyn18:20
xu-irc83wHello everyone,  just installed xubuntu (first time, yeah!).  My laptop cant see the wifi network (my phone and another windows machine can see them).  Went through docs and found instructions to use the network manager - but that does not come up when i search for it.  I appreciate instructions how to get that going and connect that machine to the22:27
xu-irc83winternet. Many thanks in advance, Marc22:27
xu-irc83wI also did the sudo lshw -c network and got 'network UNCLAIMED22:28
xu-irc83wand created a connection, giving SSID  and Mac address, to no avail22:31
finhey xi-irc83w, my Xubuntu didn't see any wifi networks when i first tried it. My laptop uses the Broadcom wifi driver to manage internet connections. I managed to fix it by navigating to Software & Updates > Click the Additional Drivers tab > Select the option that says "Broadcom wireless driver source from kernel (proprietary)" or any options that says similar thing23:52

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