franciscoyooo hello world00:06
franciscofirst time linux user00:06
franciscogonna install counter strike now B)00:06
guivercfrancisco, this is Lubuntu support; please use #lubuntu-offtopic for general chat/hello 00:08
franciscosorry. Keep up the good work00:09
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JoeLlamaHey TJ- fixed the wifi driver thing...  thanks for helping it was pretty easy04:47
JoeLlamanow I need to figure out:04:47
JoeLlamahow do you add shortcuts to destop and panel in lubuntu04:47
JoeLlamaeasy in xubuntu or ubuntu just right click... for some reason in lubuntu that option is not there04:48
JoeLlamaanyone know how to add shortcuts to panel?04:58
tomreynJoeLlama: did you refer to the maual, yet? https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/5/5.1/lxqt-panel.html05:26
guivercJoeLlama, you haven't said what release; https://manual.lubuntu.me/stable/5/5.1/lxqt-panel.html is for the latest stable (ie. 21.04); search for Quick Launch05:27
* guiverc was beaten, thanks tomreyn 05:27
guivercyou can replace the "stable" with "lts" to view the Lubuntu 20.04 LTS manual page05:27
JoeLlamatomreyn why read when I can ask you :P heh05:30
JoeLlamabut thanks I will download the manual05:31
JoeLlamathanks guiverc too05:31
JoeLlamaso you guys don't know off the tops of your heads?05:31
JoeLlamashould be easy05:31
JoeLlamadunno why I can't just right click but that's the way it is05:32
guivercyes, drag the item you want from the menu to the quick-launch area; as per manual05:32
JoeLlamaok I will try that :)05:32
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webbyDoes pcmanfm-qt setting the background take priority over xsetroot or feh?18:22
webbyBecause I want to lock the wallpaper from being changed from non admin users.18:24
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lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> Hello, where does Lubuntu store the system-wide PATH variable? I read in https://towardsdatascience.com/my-path-variable-is-a-mess-e52f22bfa520 that "Ubuntu uses /etc/environment for the system-wide configuration and you find the default paths in this file."23:46
lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> But in my Lubuntu there is only /etc/environment.d/ where I only find a single file (90qt-a11y.conf)23:46

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