lotuspsychjegood morning01:51
tohoynWhen will the package theme-d be updated to the newest version in Ubuntu? It has been recently updated in Debian testing.05:15
Mekanecktohoyn: probably not05:40
tohoynMekaneck: ?05:41
Mekanecktohoyn: saying the package won't be updated to the newest version05:42
MekaneckUbuntu isn't a rolling release05:42
tohoynMekaneck: I mean that the newest version of theme-d updated to the ubuntu development version05:42
Mekanecktohoyn: that's something to ask in #ubuntu-next05:43
tohoynMekaneck: ok. tx.05:43
Mekaneckbut again, i don't think it will get the newest version because the feature freeze took place on the 19th the Debian Import Freeze was the 12th of this month05:47
tohoynMekaneck: so is there a freeze in Ubuntu now?05:54
Bashing-omtohoyn: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2021-August/001295.html <- Impish Indri (to be 21.10) now in Feature Freeze .05:56
Bashing-om!latest | tohoyn 05:58
Mekanecktohoyn: always has been06:01
TJ-who the heck is Croran? the attitude is extremely toxic and confrontational06:31
tomreyni agree, not sure who it is06:47
tomreyni gave them a warning in -ops06:50
ducassegood morning07:01
ducassemorning TJ- - you got any experience with nucs?07:15
TJ-ducasse: is that a spelling mistake?07:15
ducassei mean intel nuc07:15
TJ-ducasse: I'm tempted to refer you to a squirrel!07:15
TJ-no, sorry07:15
ducassekk, i need a new desktop, tempted to go for a simple solution07:16
TJ-oh, small form factor PC - I thought nuc was just a mobo designation!07:16
TJ-Typical Intel "Next Unit of Computing"07:17
ducasseyeah, they're very handy, can even mount them on a vesa mount on the back of your monitor07:17
TJ-I've been trying to avoid Intel CPUs for some time now07:17
ducassethe name is a bit pretentious, but we don't let that bother us07:17
ducasseyeah, i can't find anything similar with a ryzen07:18
tomreynbut there is07:24
ducasseoh? who makes them?07:25
tomreynyou need to expand that drawer to the bottom to see the makers07:25
ducassedo they work well with linux?07:25
tomreynit's not a complete list, though07:25
tomreyni don't know whether they work well with linux. i don't see why not.07:26
ducasseinteresting, thanks07:26
ducassei'll check them out07:26
tomreynthose are just mainboards, you'll find  several brands setting both complete systems and barebones. i know asus has a series based on those.07:27
ducassethose might even be available here :)07:27
TJ-I've got AMD based PC Engines APUs for routers; no good for your requirement (based on AMD Geode and no GPU) but they're reliable and full-featured07:29
ducasseyeah, i'm familiar with those07:30
tomreynthe firs tis systems, the second is barebones07:31
tomreynthis site's product DB is really centric to german speakign countries, you may find better results if you tick all the country boxes on the top07:33
tomreynnex tto the country flags07:33
* TJ- slides a Ryxen 7 32-core under ducasse's desk07:41
TJ-hmmm, that'll be a Chinese knock-off of the Ryzen :D07:41
ducassemoar heating!07:41
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