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tomreynCroran: please don't attack users simply because they ask a question including acronyms you do not understand. yes, the question was off-topic, but that's not what you attacked them about, you just attacked based on the use of acronyms. that's not ok.06:46
Crorantomreyn: so you think that use of non-standard acronyms without explanation, in a question to volunteers is ok?06:50
tomreynCroran: it is not a reason to attack people.06:51
CroranI commented on a specific behavior displayed in the irc channel. It was not a violent act.06:51
Croranand I stopped commenting on that behavior when you asked.06:52
tomreynyou showed an extremely toxic and confrontational attitude in response to someone asking a question you did not understand. you did not apologize. you can always choose nto to respond to a question you take issue with.06:53
Crorantomreyn: actually i was very patient. i first asked to clarify.06:54
tomreyn<Croran> jeffmr4: um define your fucking acronyms06:54
Crorancroran: go back further06:54
Crorantomreyn: go back further06:54
tomreyni made my point clear06:55
Crorani said you 'you mean a camera'?06:55
tomreyni'll not discuss this more06:55
Croranand then he replied as if i should have known his acronym06:55
tomreyni made my point clear.06:55
Croranas have i06:56
tomreynif you can't play by our channel guidelines (stated in the /topic), please leave.06:56
tomreynCroran: could you please leave *this* channel once the issue is dealt with (general channel policy - see /topic). thanks.11:07
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