Voxel, it seems this one worked!00:00
VoxelAt least, it started installing!00:00
sarnoldyay :)00:00
VoxelThat's a relief...00:00
VoxelI'm currently installing using IPMI KVM and Virtual ISO network drive. 00:01
VoxelInteresting that when starting the live ISO, it verified integrity ~2 hours!00:01
Voxelhttps://i.imgur.com/T61cjFM.png this one00:02
VoxelPerhaps, the ISO is transferring to the server during that verification.00:03
mwhudsonare you using some very slow virtual iso thing?00:04
mwhudsonyou can disable the verification on the command line00:04
VoxelThis feature: https://i.imgur.com/Y8NA6DZ.png00:04
VoxelPerhaps, it acts like a very slow ISO thing00:05
VoxelIt's IPMIView2.1600:06
VoxelOh :(00:08
sarnoldholy cow I heard those virtual isos were slow but I had no idea it was *that* bad00:09
VoxelAt least, it works. I'm ~2km from the server :D00:10
VoxelAlthough, the connection with it ~500 Mbit/s00:10
VoxelWelp. The installation failed :(00:15
VoxelThe log: https://termbin.com/u8jd00:15
mwhudsoni bet the apt update run failed00:16
mwhudsoncan you dig out /var/log/installer/curtin.log?00:16
sarnoldmwhudson: "password": "3AiK2n29ySjW...00:16
VoxelNo such file00:17
VoxelThese are the files: https://termbin.com/4sh900:17
mwhudsonsarnold: thats for logging into the live session00:19
mwhudsonVoxel: uh where is it hidden then00:19
mwhudsonVoxel: /var/log/curtin have anything?00:20
sarnoldmwhudson: ah, okay, cool :) /me exhales00:20
VoxelIndeed, looks like checksum fail in the end.00:21
mwhudsonVoxel: grr, maybe try changing the geoip supplied mirror back to plain old archive.ubuntu.com00:22
sarnoldmwhudson: your crystal ball is pretty fantastic :)00:22
VoxelLet's try!00:22
sarnoldVoxel: is there an apt-cacher-ng or squid-deb-proxy in use here?00:22
VoxelNo proxies were installed.00:22
mwhudsoni really really need to do more mirror validation before the install, or at least make mirror errors much more obvious to the user00:23
VoxelThis one? https://i.imgur.com/6PdD6So.png00:23
sarnoldVoxel: yeah that should work00:24
mwhudsonVoxel: yes00:24
VoxelStill's going00:30
VoxelFingers crossed ^^00:31
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VoxelInstall complete! ^^06:12
VoxelThank you all very much! You're awesome ^^06:13
VoxelThese are the logs, just in case if required: https://termbin.com/97tg (subiquity-server-debug.log), https://termbin.com/kl2m (curtin/install.log)06:19
VoxelIt seems, it doesn't install GRUB. Is it expected?07:02
tomreynon amd64 hosts, grub should get installed by the installer. if it didn't, this would mean something went wrong (likely a bug).07:03
VoxelIs it possible to install grub using live image?07:13
Voxelgrub-install didn't appear on the image07:13
tomreynhttps://termbin.com/kl2m says "finish: cmd-install/stage-curthooks/builtin/cmd-curthooks/install-grub: SUCCESS: installing grub to target devices"07:19
tomreynit seems that it tried to install grub to /dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SLSI_MR9260-8i_00aabec658349ce121908a7d03b0050607:19
tomreynbut also to /dev/sda07:20
VoxelIndeed, only /dev/sda was used for installation07:22
Voxel3 partitions were made using in-built manager: /, /home and swap07:22
tomreynVoxel: you could install grub once more from a live system if you did a chroot mount. but i don't have the time to guide right now.07:22
VoxelNo problem! I'll try ^^07:22
TJ-Voxel: the install didn't use UEFI mode. Are you trying to start the system in UEFI mode now?07:31
VoxelI believe it's old BIOS, but I'll check now07:32
VoxelWelp, that's the BIOS: https://i.imgur.com/OHAZ4iC.png07:33
VoxelIt's oldy one ^^07:33
TJ-Voxel: jsut to be sure, check on the 'Boot' tab/menu (I see the date is 2010 so its on the cusp of mandatory UEFI for Windows timeframe)07:35
tomreyn"P05" sounds like it can be an early bios version for this mainboard/server model, i'd look for an upgrade there before i try anything07:36
TJ-Voxel: definitely looks to be BIOS not UEFI... but I've been caught out before since the makerse often still prominently lable it BIOS when it's UEFI07:37
VoxelThis server ran Ubuntu server from 14 to 18 without any problems ^^07:37
TJ-Voxel: so unless you've got the boot order set incorrectly it should boot from the MR9260-8i07:37
TJ-Check the Boot Device priority, etc.07:37
TJ-looks like it uses device class lists rather than specific devices, so also check the MR9260-8i is in the 'Hard disk Drives' list07:38
TJ-Voxel: also, what do you see happen when starting the PC? 07:38
Voxelgrub: no such device07:39
VoxelI'll try changing priority07:39
VoxelI see USB device. Perhaps, someone there locally inserted one07:39
TJ-Voxel: oh, so GRUB's boot.img (boot sector) is loading!07:39
TJ-Voxel: yes, that would be my guess too07:40
VoxelIndeed, it does, but perhaps from wrong source07:40
VoxelChanged to /sda to be first07:40
TJ-simple solution!07:41
VoxelHa! Someone inserted a USB storage there (~2k from here) and boot priority shifted07:42
VoxelI'll call them.07:42
VoxelThank you very much ^^07:42
VoxelInteresting, noticed accidentally: 07:43
VoxelSystem is booted, but after login prompt it posted the same Cloud-init: https://i.imgur.com/9rnYYZ3.png07:45
TJ-Voxel: looks correct07:46
VoxelHaha! https://i.imgur.com/Jxl9tC0.png07:47
VoxelI see, so Cloud-init is a service which started after complete boot, right? It started after MOTD.07:48
VoxelLike, it looks like Cloud-init started with posting MOTD message.07:48
TJ-Voxel: What you saw is, I think, the post-install final steps07:52
VoxelMakes sense!07:53
VoxelThank you! The OS is amazing ^^07:53
mwhudsonVoxel: glad you got there in the end07:55
mwhudsonthose cloud-init messages on first boot are a bit ugly, you won't get them again07:55
VoxelSo much to do now!07:56
VoxelIndeed, after reboot much more less output: https://i.imgur.com/8VZSAQA.png07:56
Voxelmuch less* 07:56
VoxelStay safe, People! ^^07:57
* enyc meows =)13:24
tomreynenyc: here's another reminder to please not do that.13:29
enycooooooooooooooo discovered my own answer was about to type out13:36
enyc"Starting from Ubuntu Server 20.04.2 the ISO images can optionally boot the installer using the HWE kernel. In this case the installed system will automatically make use of the HWE stack. "13:36
enycI guess ryzen Servers etc etc do exist and need k5.8 k5.11 etc13:36
tomreynryzen is a desktop / workstation cpu, amd's server cpu's would be "epyc"13:38
tomreynjust like intel core2 vs xeon13:38
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shubjer0And I would add that Ryzen has a workstation class sku (threadripper) to better differentiate 14:49
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shubjerocoreycb: Hi! Thanks for all the work in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/neutron/+bug/1927868 . I am testing Ussuri Neutron packages 16.4.0 but I am coming across a pretty bad issue related to rootwrap/privsep. All my neutron services are complaining about "CRITICAL oslo.privsep.daemon [-] privsep helper command exited non-zero (1)". 14:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1927868 in neutron "vRouter not working after update to 16.3.1" [Critical, In Progress]14:51
coreycbshubjero: Hi, you're welcome. if you think it's a bug in neutron would you be able to file a bug with more details?15:16
coreycbI doubt this is related but it was fixed recently https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron/+/79341715:21
shubjerocoreycb: hopefully not and hopefully can be remedied with some configuration options. I am still investigating15:21
coreycbit's basically the only hit for rootwrap since 16.3.115:22
shubjeroYeah, and I'm just following https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1887147 at the moment. I've added step #3 [privsep] options in to my neutron.conf which seems to have calmed things down a bit but it's still some whack a mole at the moment15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1887147 in neutron "neutron-linuxbridge-agent looping same as dhcp" [Low, Invalid]15:23
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