m0nkey_As of today, my name shall forever be immortalized in the credits of a video game.02:05
daftykinsm0nkey_: woohoo!16:20
m0nkey_So Canada moves to the green list on 30th Aug. I guess a visit to good old Blighty is in my near future :)21:51
penguin42I'm not sure they'll let you back in22:42
m0nkey_My British passport would seem to disagree22:50
penguin42m0nkey_: I meant Canada letting you go back to Canada....22:51
m0nkey_My Canadian passport would seem to disagree22:52
penguin42ah, you're a duallee22:53
m0nkey_Yes sir, 7 yrs duallee in September22:53
m0nkey_And 12yrs in Canada in December22:54
penguin42so, can you explain the places that en_CA is different from en_GB or en_US ?22:55
m0nkey_Well, en_GB uses ISO, en_CA and en_US use ANSI22:56
zxmpino no, what colour sorry (color) is the cover :-P22:57
m0nkey_tbh, en_CA & US, from what I can tell, are almost identical. However we spell neighbour and colour with a U.22:57
penguin42do you have taps or fawcets?22:57
m0nkey_I still call it a tap22:58
zxmpi lifts or elevators22:58
m0nkey_Because that's what it is22:58
zxmpimoving stairs or escaltors22:58
zxmpifries or chips22:58
zxmpidonuts or doughnuts22:58
m0nkey_But yeah, it's faucets, elevators, escalator, chips22:58
m0nkey_Canada is just like the US, but way less guns. Nicer national parks too.22:59
m0nkey_We also have the most fresh water lakes in the world23:02
penguin42m0nkey_: But, which chocolate?23:02
m0nkey_Cadbury, of course. None of that Hurlshey crap.23:03
m0nkey_They make Cadbury's down in Ontario, but you can still find imported Cadbury's from the UK.23:04
zxmpiimported cadburys is now kraft, not the same23:08
zxmpihad a cadburys flake last year, they made it so waxy it's horrible23:08
* penguin42 prefers much darker stuff, but I can demolish a bar of CDM23:11
m0nkey_Wait. What?23:11
penguin42mondelez owns everything23:14
m0nkey_(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻23:23

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