Bashing-omjamer05: Welcome jamer05 - your ubuntu support question ?00:27
jamer05oh I though that there is no responder here00:28
jamer05sorry i gotta go00:28
Bashing-omJanC: Plenty of peeps - just depends on who is watching :P00:29
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ShanzemThis channels quite tonight :)03:20
sarnoldtoo quiet03:20
* sarnold hears harmonicas in the distance03:20
lotuspsychje955 users real busy03:21
NeilRGhow do I prevent ubuntu from connecting to a particular microphone?04:01
tomreynNeilRG: you can prevent it from using it as an input source, and you can mute it. you can't prevent it from connecting to the mic, because Ubuntu is a software, the connection is in hardware.04:13
NeilRGtomreyn, great, I just need to prevent it from using it as an input source, since it puts my headphones into headset mode04:13
NeilRGwhen it does that04:13
NeilRGhow do I prevent it from using it as an input source?04:13
tomreynso this is bluetooth, i assume?04:14
NeilRGtomreyn, it's a USB "speaker/microphone"04:14
NeilRGthis thing https://avantree.com/ca/leaf-bluetooth-usb-audio-transmitter?___store=ca&___from_store=default04:14
Crorannitrousoxide: so quassel still sucks. it spaces lines in the main chat inconsistently, even cutting off the bottoms of some lines04:15
NeilRGI want to keep using it as an output device, just prevent the microphone from being used04:15
Croranevery time i restart it, my servers/channels panel is on the left again, even though i put it on the right.04:15
Croranthe dark theme has some parts in the settings that are dark grey on darker grey and only possible to see when squinting04:16
Crorani think it chokes on unicode/emoticons and that's the source of some of the line spacing issues.04:16
tomreynNeilRG: you can use pavucontrol to select input sources, set volumes, and mute sinks04:16
Crorananyone have a recommendation for a good IRC client for ubuntu? preferably without third-party repos?04:17
Croransomething simple preferably.04:17
NeilRGtomreyn, when I plug in the USB device, it connects to everything by default.  I want to change this connection behavior04:17
tomreynNeilRG: but if thi sis a matter of selecting the right bluetooth audio profile (headset vs. headphones) you may need to look for a device specific solution04:17
sarnoldNeilRG: there's a ton of flexibility in alsa and pulse, this might be easy or it might be hard, I'm not sure :) this guide may help you find something useful https://venam.nixers.net/blog/unix/2021/02/07/audio-stack.html04:17
sarnoldCroran: I've been using irssi for ~18 years, I like it pretty well. weechat is also popular.04:17
Croransarnold: good. what do you like about it? is it simple? polished?04:18
NeilRGsarnold, thanks, this is quite complicated for me :/04:18
sarnoldCroran: it can handle a few hundred channels / queries and a dozen networks without any real trouble. there's loads of scripts available if you want to customize something, and writing your own isn't terrible if you want to04:19
sarnoldNeilRG: aye :(04:19
NeilRGis there some keyword I can google for the autoconnection behavior to microphones?04:19
Croransarnold: ok but what if i don't want to customize anything. is it good out of the box? complies with ubuntu's theme? has no annoying little issues?04:19
sarnoldCroran: it'll probably require a bit of configuration out of the box, https://irssi.org/documentation/startup/ describes many of the common things04:20
NeilRGtomreyn, is the pavucontrol configuration preserved between restarts?  Or is there some way to memorize it?04:24
tomreynNeilRG: yes, it should be preserved04:25
NeilRGtomreyn, oh, well in that case, this is a perfect solution04:25
NeilRGhope it works :)04:25
Croransarnold: what do you configure on yours?04:27
sarnoldCroran: I don't think I did too much crazy; the one weird thing I've got is an always-visible window for server status messages, that shows me a ton of heuristics about one of the irc networks I'm on, so I can better deal with abuse on it..04:29
tomreynNeilRG: so do i, good luck.04:29
sarnoldCroran: I've got a script loaded to replace the usual 'jump to most active window' command, that jumps to the *oldest* window with activity, which really helps when there's hudnreds of active channels..04:29
sarnoldCroran: oh yeah, I've got the trackbar extension loaded, that's very handy. strongly recommended.04:30
sarnoldyeah, it'll put a row of --------------- at whatever point 'new content' comes in04:31
sarnoldso when you swap between a few windows it'll be easy to spot what's new and what's old04:31
Croranah. quassel does that automatically, but with a one pixel line.04:31
sarnoldah good then you're familiar with how nice it is :)04:32
sarnoldtime for me to get some dinner, have a good local time of day :)04:33
tomreynExterminador: good morning. your cpu seems to be this, from the "Comet Lake" family: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/201892/intel-core-i510310u-processor-6m-cache-up-to-4-40-ghz.html04:47
morgans20.04 this page says night light exists but activities cannot find it. https://itsfoss.com/night-shift-flux-ubuntu-linux/05:10
tomreynmorgans: settings -> appearance05:11
tomreynmorgans: settings -> displays actually05:11
tomreynmorgans: do you see it now?05:14
morganstomreyn, I do not. settings, appearance has window colors, 3 choices, and dock.05:20
morgansI am aiming to back up and then repartion the drive, and reinstall. Which version of ubu would you recommend?05:21
morgansI think I erased some of the support programs "blindly following instructions" from here or a webpage.05:22
tomreynmorgans: not "appearance" but "displays"05:22
morgansit is a TAB05:23
tomreynunless you have very new hardware, ubuntu 20.04 should be fine (maybe even then).05:23
morgansThank you.05:23
morgansOK then I will einstall 20.04 -- my big problem (we discussed it months ago)is that it all freezes every day or two. My working solution is <killall chrome -9> so that chrome will reopen with all the tabs sfter I click restore. (If I quit chrome the tabs are forgotten iir.) -- This is clumsey but better than the hard reboot. I had to do that yesterday for a reason i did not fully understand, It cold have been chrome05:26
morgans but it froze with the update software requesting.05:26
morgansreinstall not einstall05:26
morgansAs long as I have your attention. It is D.U.M.B. that I cants search fora program /app by name in "Software".05:27
morgansAnd why cant I just be able to let the system know that I alway want it to install updates. Don't bug me baby!05:28
tomreynmy suggestion if you want versatility: use the apt CLI05:28
tomreynit's fast and actually quite easy to use05:28
Croranmorgans: really you can't search for a program by name?05:28
morgansThat's about it.05:29
morgansThere isnt a search box.05:29
Croranmorgans: tell me more. you hit the 'windows key' and the 'menu' appears, right? and then you can't type in the name of a program?05:29
morganswindows key? will try.05:29
alkisgmorgans: when chrome freezes, you still have a terminal? What's the output of `dmesg` and `journalct -b -f` at that point?05:30
morgansnope Croran05:30
Croranmorgans: huh. must by a gnome thing, but i could have sworn there was a text search in there.05:31
morgansalkisg, ah but I didnt say chrome freezes. I said "it all freezes" I cant do anything, even get a terminal. But sometimes I can catch it early. I will look next time.05:31
morgansCurious, what DE do you use?05:32
Croranmorgans: unity. lol05:32
alkisgmorgans: then how can you `kill chrome -9` then, from where?05:32
Croranmorgans: but i did try gnome for a few days when I first upgraded to 20.04 LTS05:32
Croranmorgans: you can't get a terminal with ctrl+alt+f3 or whatever?05:32
morgansoh right. That is when I catch it early. (smash face V8 emoji)05:32
Croranmorgans: ctrl+shift+f3? i don't remember if it's shift or alt.05:32
morgansah that is the code I needed to knw that. wait let mewrite this down before I forget.05:33
alkisgmorgans: what's the output of `free` currently in your pc?05:33
Croranalkisg: i want to say it's just ctrl+fx in other distros, no?05:33
alkisgcr0n0s: no, it's a kernel thing, the same in all distros05:33
alkisgWhile it's right-ctrl+fx in virtualbox, as it's how it emulates ctrl+alt05:34
morganssaved. I will check on the free command05:34
Croranalkisg: huh05:34
alkisg...no idea why <tab> wrote `cr0n0s` instead of `Cronan` above, sorry about that ...05:35
Croranalkisg: my guess is because you typed 'cron' instead of 'cror'05:35
alkisgQuite possibly05:35
morganslooks like that is about ram. 0 8otal used 5.19 free 136420.swap 2 free 172904005:35
alkisgYeah, when chrome freezes everything, RAM is the first suspect05:36
morgansand so, is there anything I can do?05:36
alkisgAnd the second one is graphics card drivers05:36
alkisgSometime before it freezes, check the output of `ps faux` for ram usage05:36
tomreynmorgans: ubuntu software on 20.04 LTS with search icon on the top left corner https://i.imgur.com/5zZNA9I.png05:36
Croranalkisg: maybe a good idea to set up conky with a big visual RAM monitor. that way you can shift+esc in chrome and kill problematic tabs as needed.05:37
morgansI have a little story about the ram. when I use is it memtest. It stops afer about 1 sec. when I use the dell technology whater to check it all is ok.05:37
alkisgIt might be because you have many tabs in chrome, or it might even be because there's a memory leak elsewhere, wasting your RAM05:37
morgansIIR it is in slots 1 and 2. Dell inspiron.05:37
Croranmorgans: well make sure you're using memtest86+, but if you are then there's almost for sure a ram issue.05:37
Croranmorgans: could just be ram creeping out of the slots needs to be re-seated05:37
morgansI have many tabs. so chrome should be able to handle them. I05:38
morganssomething something sandbags05:38
morgansyes that memtest.05:38
Croranmorgans: shift+esc in chrome and sort by ram. kill tabs that have ridiculous amounts of ram05:38
Croranmorgans: well be sure because there's like.... memtest86 and then memtest86+ totally different.05:38
morgansOK is slots 1 and 2 ok? I remember something in some computer about 1 and 305:39
Croranmorgans: even if it's in wrong slots won't cause crash05:39
Croranmorgans: just slower ram throughput05:39
morganswell I can always recheck. can I do that in terminal now? how?05:39
tomreynmorgans: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Settings application with "Displays" selecte don the vertical menu (left column) and "Night Light" tab selected on the title bar https://i.imgur.com/nYyHJW8.png05:39
Croranmorgans: best to boot to a boot CD/flash drive that has memtest86+ on it. i don't know if it even works from within an OS05:39
tomreynmorgans: so i think if you had a proper installation you'd have both of the things you claim don't exist05:40
morgansYes tomreyn that is what I found. You maty have missed me saying, PH itls a tab. and then Thank you.05:40
morgansOH (not PH)05:40
morgansI didntknow where to go.05:40
morgansso Thank you again.05:40
tomreynyou're welcome05:41
Croranmorgans: whats OH?05:41
tomreyntry to do a web search when you run into such issues first of all.05:41
morgans(I tried to try fedora out once or twice but the help channel is unpopulated. Ditto for manjaro)05:41
morgansI did. As I commented here I found a page and I followed it. I even gave the link to the page.\05:42
tomreynok, it's good that you tried. :)05:42
morgansI like to do my homework before I ask. (But I aint perfect yet.)05:43
morgansCroran, it is a TYPO.. (as in "You may have missed me saying, PH itls a tab. and then Thank you."05:44
tomreynmorgans: so you found the search box for the software application as well? anything else that doesn't work, yet?05:46
Croranmorgans: ... it sounded like you were saying 'PH is a typo and you meant OH'...05:47
Croranmorgans: i don't know what either one is. define your acronyms please05:47
morgansyes ph is a typo and I meanst oh. Oh is a normal english word that emphasizes. It jsut looks technical out of context.05:48
morgans(sad face emoji)05:48
Croranmorgans: ok it looks technical because you capitalized it05:48
Croranmorgans: and capitalized PH so even less context05:48
morgansNo tom I didnt find the seach box. I also didnt find the program memtest. I looked up how to find programs then did an ls of /usr/bin and sbin and it was not in either place.05:49
tomreynmorgans: so did you look at the screen shot i posted?05:49
morgansCroran, I am so sorry. Please accept this beer.05:50
Croranmorgans: i'm saying you need to download a bootable memtest86+ image. you won't find it in apt.05:50
morgansno didnt see screen shot tomreyn05:50
Croranmorgans: i want to say it may be included in the Ubuntu ISO image and appearing in the grub menu when you boot to that ISO.05:50
Croranmorgans: but if not, you need to download the standalone memtest86+ iso from it's respective website05:50
Croranmorgans: and burn to cd or create a bootable flash05:50
tomreyn<tomreyn> morgans: ubuntu software on 20.04 LTS with search icon on the top left corner https://i.imgur.com/5zZNA9I.png05:51
morgansalso missed this.05:51
morgans[22:28:35] <tomreyn> my suggestion if you want versatility: use the apt CLI05:51
morgans[22:28:52] <tomreyn> it's fast and actually quite easy to use05:51
tomreynmemtest86+ is availabel from the grub menu if you're booting in (legacy) bios mode. to run a proper memory test in uefi boot mode you'll need to download the proprietary (free to use) test off https://www.memtest86.com/05:53
morgansnope tomreyn I do not see it in your screenshot. I also reopened mine which looks like yours - and clicked all the things.05:53
tomreynmorgans: what do you see in the top left corner of https://i.imgur.com/5zZNA9I.png05:54
morgansWell it just BIT me. (not an acronym)05:54
morgansThanks again.05:55
morganssomehow I registered as a gadget that I didnt have to look at.05:55
morgansI was expecting to see a text box I guess.05:56
morgansOh I see my memtest problem. I did this before. I saw a .exe file and thought "anathema" Now I see the readme file and will use that before anything else. Also I wil read about this program CLI.05:58
Croranhttp://www.memtest.org/ is the one i'm talking about05:58
morgansI think I am headed on a better track and that's enough for tonight.05:58
morgansI have "stuff" tomorrow.05:59
tomreynCLI is short for command line interface. i.e. running applications in a terminal window.05:59
Apachezbeginning of all https://i.redd.it/inso5hwqvij71.png05:59
morgansoh. I knew that old definition and use that language. tomreyn  // Croran  wow that page is the page I really wanted to be on.06:00
Croranmorgans: yep memtest86+06:01
yonatankAndroids :)06:02
Crorani have iphone. first ever iphone for me.06:02
tomreynmemtest.org's memtest86+, which is also in ubuntu, and available from the grub menu at boot, isn't going to work if you boot in uefi mode, which most current computers do.06:02
morgansI do believe I turned that mode off.06:02
Crorantomreyn: that's interesting. I guess I've always set mine to CSM mode06:02
morgansSCM ?06:02
tomreynkindly move the android vs iphne discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic or elsewhere.06:03
morgansOk I will look there for any convo.06:03
Crorancompatibility something... something...06:03
Crorani don't remember exactly. lol.06:03
tomreynsupport module06:03
Croranenables legacy boot06:03
jeffmr4has anyone here put ubuntu on a cr50 type chromebook?  Need a little help with closing the ccd after removing ubuntu.06:08
Croranjeffmr4: Closing the CCD? Like... turning off the camera?06:09
jeffmr4um, no.  google security chip closed case debugging06:10
jeffmr4gsc and ccd06:10
Croranjeffmr4: um define your fucking acronyms06:11
jeffmr4I know this isn't directly ubuntu but I can't get to chromium os developer channels on freenode.06:11
jeffmr4google security chip (gsc) and closed case debugging (ccd)06:11
Croranjeffmr4: ccd is a camera sensor. and 'closing the compact diskc' was a good bet if i'd tried to further translate your gibberish question06:11
jeffmr4kind of rude huh?06:12
jeffmr4sounds like its not in your 'wheelhouse' of knowledge06:13
Croranjeffmr4: not as rude as wasting everyone's time with a poorly written question06:13
jeffmr4completely clear to someone who would know what I am talking about06:13
Croranjeffmr4: and clearly no one else deserves your respect06:14
tomreynCroran: hey, there's no need to fight over this.06:14
CroranNo problem. I hope there's someone here who knows about 'closing the closed case debugging' on a CR50 .06:17
jeffmr4who put a bug up your a**.  I don't even know you?06:18
Croranjeffmr4: You don't? Is that a question? Why would you expect to know me?06:19
tomreynplease, stop now, both of you.06:20
jeffmr4this channel isn't about what your issues are so I'll stop here.06:20
tomreynjeffmr4: to cut this short, i think you'll have a better chance of finding an answer in a chrombook related channel (i assume there can be one or two around here, try asking alis - or have you?)06:20
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»06:20
jeffmr4I have asked at chromium-os but there other channels I don't have access to on freenode.06:21
jeffmr4no there *the06:21
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tomreyn!register | jeffmr406:22
ubottujeffmr4: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://libera.chat/guides/registration - For any further help, ask in #libera06:22
tomreynthat'll help you join more channels06:22
jeffmr4that's ok, I don't think there are any others.  I used alis.  But thanks.06:23
jeffmr4I'll wait to register.  I had some troubles like this on freenode.  I don't really know what I said that deserved being attacked.06:26
jeffmr4so I'm a little cautious about irc06:26
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tomreynjeffmr4: it's not how you're normally greeted here. your question does seem toff-topic to me, since it's not really about ubuntu itself, but rather about firmware modifications on a specific piece of hardware, from what i understand.06:28
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jeffmr4It is, but like I said I couldn't find another place to ask it so I thought I would try here since people here have been generally friendly.06:29
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morgansjeffmr4, there is a cannel called #freenode that is helpful for these issues.06:31
TJ-morgans: this is libera not freenode :)06:31
morganss/freenode/libera/ and add probably has such a channel.06:32
morgansgood call.06:32
jeffmr4morgans, ubuntu and other people on other channels of linux distros and the like moved to libera because of issues with freenode staff taking over channels.06:32
jeffmr4like I said, I've had my issues with freenode and so I can't really search there.06:33
jeffmr4I've talked to you about issues before tomreyn and you've been nice but I'm not sure why if how I was greeted here was not right, why I'm the one being addressed and not Croran.06:37
tomreynjeffmr4: i addressed the two of you when this became a discussion on this channel, wehre it does not belong. before that i addressed Croran exclusively. Let's move to #ubuntu-ops if you'd like to discuss this more.06:42
jeffmr4tomreyn are you a moderator?06:42
tomreynCroran: i ashould add that the very aggressive behaviour you have shown is not acceptable here. and you're also invited to #ubuntu-ops if you want to comment on this.06:43
tomreynjeffmr4: yes, but that's not a topic for this channel.06:44
cetexI'd like to add a secondary hostname for localhost, currently localhost is defined in hosts file as " localhost", and somehow even though hosts-file doesn't support wildcards i can do "ping asd.localhost" and it resolves to ::1. Is this a systemd-resolved feature or is there some magic going on elsewhere?06:46
tomreynhi Guest7057 , got an ubuntu support question?06:46
Guest7057Are you sure?06:47
cetexI'd like to add a host called "myhost" which resolves just like *.localhost does06:47
Guest7057cetex: I don't think you can do that, but i can try to find out06:47
cetexGuest7057: Yeah.. Right now i'm just curious where this magic wildcard-resolution happens.06:48
cetexAfter i've found it i can continue research on my own.06:48
Guest7057cetex, you can not specify myhost in the search domain block06:48
cetexGuest7057: No.. But localhost isn't defined in search domain block eiter06:49
cetexso where is the name "localhost" getting special treatment?06:49
Guest7057Yes, you would have to use *.myhost06:49
Guest7057I don't know exactly, but it is not defined in resolv.conf file.06:50
cetexbut hosts-file doesn't support wildcards.06:50
cetexyeah. So my question still stands, where is it defined :)06:50
Guest7057There must be some configuration file?06:50
cetexGuest7057: I understand that you want to be helpful, but if you don't know or don't know how to find it, don't bother. I'm hoping someone of the about 1000 people here actually knows.06:51
Guest7057But I know how to be helpful.06:53
tusharjoin infinity06:54
tusharhello boi06:56
Guest7057tushar: Are you a robot?06:57
tomreyncetex: i don't know this for sure, but my guess is that this is by design. any .localhost subdomain will always resolve to / ::107:00
tomreynyou could read the relevant RFC's on the matter07:00
tomreynRFC6761 looks like a good starting point.07:01
cetextomreyn: it's not defined there. it just defines .localhost. as a special domain that should not be used on internet.07:02
cetextomreyn: I think it's a systemd-resolved "magic feature"07:02
cetexman systemd-resolved: SYNTHETIC RECORDS: The hostnames "localhost" and "localhost.localdomain" as well as any hostname ending in ".localhost" or".localhost.localdomain" are resolved to the IP addresses and ::1.07:06
tomreyncetex: good find. so it's systemd-resolved specific, right (other stub resolvers *might* do this, too).07:09
TJ-cetex: the kernel resolves all of to localhost07:12
TJ-hah, wrote that upside down! try again. kernel assumes all of is on lo (not the same thing!)07:14
TJ-cetex: also, what systemd-resolved does will depend on NSS and its hosts databases/order07:15
cetexTJ-: Yeah. is just a simple routing-lookup.07:17
cetexAnd i'm not sure what systemd-resolved does depends on nsswitch, but i'm sure that nsswitch might point out systemd-resolved.07:18
TJ-if NSS hosts has 'file' it'll look at /etc/hosts07:18
cetexTJ-: yeah. Sure. But that doesn't alter systemd-resolved's behaviour.07:18
TJ-resolved can add its own entries to the host entry; usually its 'dns' but there is also 'resolve' and 'mymachines'07:19
TJ-cetex: resolved only synthesises if there's nothing else mapping it from the network. src/resolve/resolved-dns-query.c::dns_query_synthesize_reply()07:21
cetexTJ-: Thanks. :)07:26
cetexTJ-: I'll see how that works.07:26
cetexhttps://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/e65357b6585629ee2138e53d02face3914621a2e/src/resolve/resolved-dns-synthesize.c#L397-L427 - pretty clear that it's hardcoded to just do a couple localhost-things..07:34
cetexhttps://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/da9c8911b438ea1df8de4abd2c31a996b9388934/src/basic/hostname-util.c#L178-L193 and here .localhost and .localdomain is hardcoded07:34
TJ-cetex: but control flow isn't necessarily going to reach that code07:43
TJ-cetex: dns_query_synthesize_reply() will return without doing any of that if there is already an answer.07:44
cetexTJ-: Yeah. Maybe not. But i'm pretty sure it does reach that in my scenarios as there's no matching GTLD.. So then the question is, recompile systemd or add 50 hostnames to /etc/hosts. :)07:45
TJ-cetex: you have 50 hostnames that all need to resolve to ?07:50
TJ-cetex: I think I must have missed something earlier07:50
cetexTJ-: yeah..07:52
TJ-cetex: in the normal course of events I simply add to /etc/hosts " host1 host2 host3 host4" etc07:53
cetexdeveloping a service where we have global + regional apis / hostnames + each customer has their own subdomain so it quickly grows to a long list of hostnames we need to support, and we want to test everything locally.07:54
TJ-cetex: in which case use a DNS server!07:54
cetexYeah.. Was looking into this to see if it was possible to do without dnsmasq. Don't want dnsmasq on my laptop so i think i'll just add them to /etc/hosts like before.07:55
TJ-BIND with views (split DNS) can do that07:55
TJ-dnsmasq is often already installed as a dependency of network-manager07:56
TJ-or libvirtd, and a few other common tools07:56
cetexNot a dependency for network-manager for some time on ubuntu07:56
cetexubuntu switched to systemd-resolved quite some time ago.07:56
TJ-cetex: it's a recommends for network-manager so is usually pulled in by default07:57
TJ-still a recommends in 21.1007:58
cetexAh.. But it's not running then07:58
cetexanyways, i don't want dnsmasq.07:59
alkisgIt's used for internet connection sharing, not for the default dns resolution anymore07:59
TJ-cetex: regarding the earlier resolved discussion on how/what happens, note resolved.conf's ReadEtcHosts directive (defaults to 'yes')08:03
cetexTJ-: yeah. Would've been nice if that added support for wildcards :)08:04
cetexthen it would "just work" for many purposes..08:04
cetexbehave as expected and so on.08:05
* sri19 Good morning, I built an app (https://gitlab.com/sri-at-gitlab/projects/xlap) and I am looking for a noob-friendly guide to learn how to distribute this on Ubuntu + derivatives. Any pointers? Ty.08:06
TJ-!info libnss-wrapper | cetex08:07
ubottucetex: libnss-wrapper (1.1.11-1ubuntu2, hirsute): NSS wrapper library. In component universe, is optional. Built by nss-wrapper. Size 29 kB / 97 kB08:07
TJ-cetex: ^^^ will allow you to set up a specific 'test' hosts file rather than mess with the system hosts08:08
ducassesri19: there is a packaging guide on the debian site iirc08:08
sri19Ty ducasse08:09
TJ-cetex: https://cwrap.org/nss_wrapper.html08:09
cetexTJ-: Yeah.. Might be on to something there, but not really worth it if it just means another hosts-file which i have to add entries to, can just do the system one instead08:14
cetexless things which can go wrong. :)08:15
cbreakapt install nvidia-cuda-dev tries to uninstall libnvidia-compute-470 :(08:16
=== SmokenatorZ4 is now known as SmokenatorZ
TJ-cetex: if you used libnss-wrapper you can package the test hosts with the project08:44
TJ-cbreak: that allows then to be included in version control08:45
TJ-oops, cetex  ^^08:45
cetexTJ-: yeah.. but i have colleagues who has other setups. osx and not-ubuntu..09:11
ravageSometimes I wonder if TJ ever sleeps09:16
TJ-ravage: so do i!09:30
TJ-my colleague has just quipped "no, he never sleeps!"09:31
CJ-He never sleeps this is true!09:31
TJ-I wish I could - I've been banging my head trying to understand how to properly use tc qdisc and filters for the last 24 hours!09:31
TJ-Grrrr @ CJ09:31
TJ-For that I'm getting in the hot tub!09:32
rammy panel is not working10:06
rami can't see my panel please help !!10:06
tomreynram: press alt-F2 and type r10:08
ramno it don't work10:09
tomreyndo you have any idea what could have caused it to happen in the first place?10:10
rami have deleted my panel10:10
tomreynon default ubuntu, with gnome-shell?10:11
tomreyni'm not sure you can do it at all.10:11
ramsorry I don't get you !10:12
ramI am using linux mint xfce version10:12
tomreynthen you're not on the right support channel10:12
ramcan you give me the link as i can't open firofox10:13
tomreyn"You can access the chatroom from within Linux Mint, by launching "Menu -> Internet -> Hexchat" (or "Konversation" if you are using the KDE edition)."10:14
tomreynthat's from https://linuxmint.com/contactus.php - it doesn't say where the irc chat actually is10:14
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)10:14
ramyou can help me by sending me the link for torrent of Linux Mint xfce edition 20.2 uma !!10:15
ramto download it from trasmission as i can't open any apps10:16
tomreyni can help you on how to install ubuntu10:16
oldgalileoHi! I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for how to properly get the network regulatory db installed10:22
oldgalileoThought it would be the CRDA like in the past, but apparently the Ubuntu 18.04 CRDA package isn't signed correctly?10:22
=== keypushe- is now known as keypusher
madduckI have the curious case of a Ubuntu 20.04 system that forgot how to do IPv4. It gets an IPv6 address, but no IPv4 address by DHCP. And even if I statically assign one, and even though it can ping e.g. the router and some (not all) of the other devices on the network, any attempt of doing TCP over IPv4 just fails, whether to the Internet or on the LAN. I've verified that netfilter/iptables is empty, I've10:48
madduckfound the problem with both cable and wireless, I've tried lowering the MTU (though that should not matter on the LAN), and I am no generally at the end of my wisdom.10:48
madduck*now generally at the end of my wisdom10:50
madducknot to say this is the weirdest networking puzzle I've ever seen.10:50
=== PonyBlocks is now known as PonyGone
rud0lfwhy is ubuntu UPS so badly supported?11:01
rud0lfnothing on internet except NUT package, which has outdated python2 UPS gui tool11:01
rud0lfi tried to port it to python3 but i got a headache11:01
tomreynUPS as in uninterrupted power supply?11:02
tomreynmadduck: i think more details would be needed. ubuntu version, your configurations, whether you use network manager or systemd-networkd, netplan etc.11:03
madducktomreyn: 20.04, as stated. Standard configuration i.e. nothing special, network manager yes. And it worked a couple of days ago. Anything in particular you want to know more about?11:05
madduckNo systemd-networkd11:05
madduckNo netplan11:05
tomreynmadduck: oops yes you wrote 20.04, sorry11:06
cbreakdid you try to turn it off and on again?11:06
madduckrud0lf: don't worry, UPS has *always* been badly supported on any Linux ;)11:06
tomreynmadduck: default kernel? any customizations regarding kernel or networking?11:06
madducktomreyn: it's a standard ubuntu install. The user does not even know what a kernel is, and probably thinks the Internet is some sort of fox hugging a globe.11:07
cbreakmadduck: does ipv4 work on loopback?11:07
madduckcbreak: excellent thinking; Yes, I can establish an SSH session with
rud0lfmadduck: at least i made NUT cooperate with UPS like send me notification on power on/off and shutting down system on low battery11:08
cbreakmadduck: does ipv4 work to your own ipv4 addresses on other interfaces?11:09
madduckcbreak: yes, it does.11:09
rud0lfi can't imagine how can you have desktop pc with no ups11:09
cbreaksounds like a routing issue then11:09
madduckSSH to an outside v4 address gets to "debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent11:10
cbreakrud0lf: I can't imagine how you can have a laptop pc without ups :)11:10
rud0lfthe fuses in my new apt are set to low current so they sometimes blow if water boiler, fridge, and microwave run together11:10
rud0lfcbreak: hehe11:10
madduckand then hangs. SO sounds like MTU. But…11:10
madduckTCP on LAN also does not work, so that suggests it cannot just be MTU11:11
cbreakI'd recommend checking the routing table11:11
madduckcbreak: it's fine. ping works to anywhere too.11:12
cbreakrud0lf: not sure how this works, but on 21.04, my UPS shows up in the menu bar as widget, like a laptop battery would11:12
madduckcbreak: https://scratch.madduck.net/2021-08-26-231226-paste-rpxtEk.txt — those VPN connections are OpenVPN maintaining an IPv6 connection to the server.11:12
cbreakrud0lf: there's also apcupsd, which only works with apc upses11:13
cbreakmadduck: openvpn :/11:14
cbreakI think vpn packets will reduce the mtu due to the packaging overhead11:14
madduckthe connections don't go via openvpn11:14
tomreyncould do a tcpdump and just repeat the ssh connection or just a nc to another system.11:15
madduckwithout openvpn, I would not be able to look into this. I mean, consider this: the machine does not get a v4 lease by DHCP, but v6 works. So OpenVPN manages to establish a tunnel via v6, which allows me to SSH into the machine. So I am now debugging an IPv4 stack while logged into the machine on the other side of the world (I am in NZ, machine in DE), because OpenVPN-over-v6 is remarkably stable ;)11:16
tomreynyou could also try booting an earlier kernel11:17
tomreynmaybe you have some old packages stuck which are holding back updates that are needed for things to work properly?   apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999911:17
tomreynthough i guess that's something you would have considered11:18
tomreynthat's fine11:19
rud0lfNUT monitor does not support UTF-8 messages11:21
madduckit is interesting to note that it was working with 5.8.0-63-generic and stopped working pretty much around the time it got rebooted with 5.11.0-27-generic11:22
rud0lfi need to use "Wylaczono" (has been turned off) instead of "Wyłączono"11:22
rud0lfit looks so ugly and inprofessional!11:22
rud0lfi just added battery level result with NUT's upsc and command-monitor xfce4 panel plugin11:24
lotuspsychjemadduck: there's a lot of recent bugs on 5.11 you might wanna dig recent LP bugs11:26
madduckwell, grub-set-default does not work on Ubuntu 20.0411:31
guest_4567Ubuntu 20.04 - After updating libreoffice 6.4.6 -> 6.4.7, a Calc spreadsheet (40kB) with 4k rows and roughly every other row BOLDED becomes slow to load (about minute to open) and edit. Removing all BOLDING from the document, makes it fast again. Any workarounds? Have tried everything with the "hardware acceleration" and anti-aliasing in11:38
BluesKajHi folks11:41
graingert[m]I'm trying to fix a package that sets a file in sysctl.d but it doesn't get applied, what's the best dh way to get `sysctl --system` running?12:03
graingert[m]is there a postinst hook for it?12:03
clarkkI'm using Ubuntu 20.04.3.  I have installed vscode from the deb package at https://code.visualstudio.com/download.  However, when I double click on a file that's associated with vscode, it opens vscode, but not the file.  Does anyone know how to fix this please?12:03
clarkkI'm using Gnome 3.36.812:04
rbasakguest_4567: not sure about workarounds except to downgrade, but if there's a regression then please make sure a bug exists with the details that is tagged "regression-update" so we know about it.12:11
guest_4567rbasak: guess I need to make one12:13
shailangsadoes anybody know of the rsync option that keeps timestamps and permissions et al unchanged when moving a directory from home/admin1/ to home/admin1/new?12:27
bandit_zaso `df -h` showed 100% usage on /12:56
bandit_zaso I ran this: `dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge`12:57
lotuspsychjebandit_za: try stacer or bleachbit to cleanup12:57
bandit_zathe problem is, that dpkg warned me i was removing the kernel that I'm running12:57
bandit_zaand then it crashed12:57
bandit_zaand now when i try to do `sudo apt upgrade` it says dpkg is busy12:57
bandit_zaI'm concerned if I restart my system it will not be bootable12:58
bandit_zaI'm just wondering if I truly have removed the kernel I'm running right now (loaded into memory) or not12:58
bandit_zaand if so, is there a way to recover without reinstalling12:58
tomreynbandit_za: this should return two urls:   ls -l /boot | nc termbin.com 9999; cat /proc/{version,cmdline} | nc termbin.com 999913:03
tomreynand should help us getting a better understanding of what's going on.13:03
bandit_zaneat trick!13:04
tomreynyou realize what this channel is called?13:04
tomreynand what's the Os you are running?13:04
tomreynsee the second link13:05
TJ-oldgalileo: bit late but ... in recent kernels regulatory.dvb is loaded as a firmware file by the kernel13:08
MaximBHi, is it's safe to install 5.13.12 kernel? is it stable?13:09
lotuspsychjeMaximB: mainline kernels are here for testing purposes13:10
lotuspsychje!mainline | MaximB13:10
ubottuMaximB: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:10
lotuspsychjeMaximB: was there any specific reason you need higher kernel(s) ?13:10
MaximBmy laptop has driver issues with 5.4, it should work well with 5.11 but i see there is already 5.1313:11
lotuspsychjeMaximB: its reccomended to use kernel version your ubuntu release comes along with, or !HWE13:12
MaximBbut my graphic card is not supported there13:12
tomreynbandit_za: so you're running debian linux. debian support is in #debian here, but the official irc channel would be #debian on the "OFTC" IRC network13:13
lotuspsychjeMaximB: thats possible, so there's !HWE to try first, mainline kernels you can try to debug or help testing13:13
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack13:13
bandit_zatomreyn, didn't realise this was an ubuntu specific issue13:14
tomreynbandit_za: it is not. it is debian specific, since that's what you are running there,13:14
MaximBwhats the diff between  linux-generic-hew-20.04 and linux-generic-hew-20.04-edge ?13:21
tomreynMaximB: the latter *may* (at times) provide a newer kernel version, which hasn't been seen much (or any) testing with your release, yet13:22
tomreynMaximB: some general background on GA vs. HWE kernels (this doesn't discuss -edge, though) https://gist.github.com/tomreyn/8d7675840d7bc7389b32e4d8887ca44913:24
ubottupersonal_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:30
tomreynpersonal_: do you need any help there?13:32
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zyzlosts of people here13:49
tomreynzyz: do you have an ubuntu support question, though?13:49
zyzNo,im just new here13:50
not-a-boxerHello everyone! I was updating my Ubuntu OS version and today I'm getting this message when trying to run it: Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)14:16
not-a-boxerCan anyone help me?14:16
tomreynnot-a-boxer: first of all, try selecting a different kernel from the grub menu. do you know how to do this?14:17
tomreynWhen you say updating, do you mean just installing pending updates, or actually upgrading to a higher Ubuntu release (such as 18.04 LTS -> 20.04 LTS)?14:18
not-a-boxerI think I do, under Advanced Options for Ubuntu > I have several versions of the OS, some are recovery modes14:18
not-a-boxerI was upgrading to a higher Ubuntu release14:19
tomreynright, try the one which is the second highest version14:19
not-a-boxerIn recovery mode?14:19
tomreynoh, then this might not work, but we shall see.14:19
tomreynnot recovery, normal boot14:20
not-a-boxerOk, let's try it, one sec14:20
tomreynhow did you do the release upgrade? using the graphical interface?14:20
not-a-boxerCorrect. I was about to run a sudo to check for updates, but the updates app in the interface beat me to it, and asked my if I wanted to upgrade, I said yes14:21
not-a-boxerAll was going ok, and at some point the computer restarted. That's when everything went to hell14:21
not-a-boxer(The computer is not booting with the second highest version)14:22
tomreynunfortunately the release upgrader doesn't take enough precautions to prevent upgrades on unsupported configurations.14:22
tomreynwhere do you get stuck trying to boot with the second highest version?14:23
not-a-boxerIt just shows the manufacturer logo, and goes black screen. Happens the same with the third highest version...14:24
TJ-not-a-boxer: do you know how to manually add options to the kernel command-line from the GRUB menu?14:24
not-a-boxerTJ- I do not... I'm taking a course on Linux, and this is the first time this happens to me14:25
tomreynnot-a-boxer: try one of the recovery options as well. the one for second highest version.14:26
not-a-boxerYeah, trying that now, I'll let you know14:26
tomreynwe have a guide for adding options to the kernel command-line from the GRUB menu:14:26
TJ-not-a-boxer: OK, it's pretty simple. When the GRUB menu shows hilight an entry (the default will do) and press 'e' to edit it. Then navigate down to the line beginning "linux ...". Edit that to remove "quiet" "slash" and add "debug systemd.log_level=info nosplash break=premount" then press Ctrl+X to boot with those options14:26
* tomreyn holds back14:27
TJ-not-a-boxer: the "break=premount" will drop you to a busybox shell in the initialramfs where we can find out where the root file-system got to14:27
not-a-boxerOk! Let me try the recovery modes first, to see if one of them does the trick, and I'll get back to the GRUB menu!14:27
not-a-boxerThanks for the help, give me a minute14:27
lord4163Also, always do a fresh install. Upgrading Ubuntu is doomed to fail.14:28
not-a-boxerOK, I can see a recovery menu now14:28
not-a-boxerlord4163 noted!14:28
TJ-not-a-boxer: the problem is likely that the wrong root device has been set on the 'linux' command-line via GRUB's /boot/grub/grub.cfg14:28
TJ-lord4163: that's not true; I've constantly updated some systems since 2007!14:29
not-a-boxerSo, I have some options in the recovery mode. resume - clean - dpkg - fsck - grub - network - root - system-summary14:30
WaVI'm at a point where I'd like to start from scratch as well, but I didn't create a seperate partition for home when I initially installed, so I have to find a way to backup all my stuff first.14:30
TJ-WaV: did you use LVM or file-systems on raw partitions?14:31
lord4163TJ-: Lucky you :)14:31
not-a-boxerTJ- dpkg is for reparing broken packages, not sure if that's something I should run14:31
TJ-not-a-boxer: try 'root'14:32
not-a-boxerOk I'm there, I can see the command line below14:32
WaVTJ-: Not sure what you mean by raw partitions. My / is ext414:32
not-a-boxerIt says Press Enter for maintenance or control D to continue14:33
TJ-not-a-boxer: good, so in theory this recovery entry has started the rootfs correctly. Was this the recorvery entry on the 2nd line of the Advanced sub-menu, or one from further down that list?14:33
TJ-not-a-boxer: press Enter14:33
not-a-boxerWay further down the list14:33
not-a-boxerThe last one in fact14:33
TJ-WaV: see "lsblk" it'll show the layout14:33
TJ-not-a-boxer: OK, that makes sense as to it working since its initrd.img won't have been changed14:34
TJ-not-a-boxer: in which case you should be OK to continue to boot normally by simply typing "exit"14:34
not-a-boxerIf I do that, it take me back to the recovery menu14:34
TJ-not-a-boxer: OS shold start as normal, you'll have network, and we can fix the issue with the recent changes once we've identified what they are14:34
TJ-not-a-boxer: right... so choose "resume"14:35
not-a-boxercommand not found14:35
WaVTJ-: https://termbin.com/j68h14:35
TJ-not-a-boxer: hmmph!14:36
not-a-boxerYeah, weird...14:36
not-a-boxerI'm logged as root, it should work14:36
TJ-not-a-boxer: are you able to re-enter "root" shell again from there?14:36
not-a-boxerYeah, I'm on the command line: root@[myname]:~#14:37
iorianot-a-boxer,  are you typing 'resume' instead of selecting it from menu ?14:37
TJ-not-a-boxer: oh, you typed literally "resume"? that was not what I meant. When its in maintenance mode, tpying "exit" or pressing Ctrl+D should exit that shell and return to the recovery menu and/or continue booting normally. If it returns to the recovery menu you'd choose "resume"14:37
not-a-boxerAaaaah! Gotcha! Sorry, super newbie here14:38
TJ-WaV:  right, so a raw partition not using LVM. Try showing us "pastebinit <( df -h )" there may be sufficient space to shrink existing partitions to create space to move /home/ into a separate file-system14:38
not-a-boxerTJ- Ok I'm resuming. I can see the command line blink, but it's just there, nothing's booting14:39
TJ-not-a-boxer: try tapping Esc key it may be hiding behind a splash screen; Esc will toggle between showing kernel messages and the splash14:39
not-a-boxerI tried that, but it won't do anything14:40
WaVTJ-: Used: 528G, Available: 168G14:40
iorianot-a-boxer, then try to open a console : ctrl+alt+f3 maybe the issue is just for X14:40
TJ-WaV: so, plenty of space. Now see how much /home/ uses "sudo du -xhs /home/"14:40
not-a-boxerTJ- OK! That did the trick, I'm in the console now, it's asking me to log in14:41
TJ-not-a-boxer: log-in and we can ensure network is up so you can send logs to pastebin14:41
TJ-not-a-boxer: what OS/release is it? U/X/K/L/buntu, 20.04, 21.04?14:42
TJ-not-a-boxer: "lsb_release -a"14:42
WaVTJ-: 503G14:43
TJ-WaV: wow, big!14:43
WaVYea, thats why i want to start from scrach14:44
not-a-boxerTJ- OK here's what's happening now. It's asking me to log in, right. So I type in my user name, then my password14:44
WaVGet an external hdd or something14:44
WaVmove everything over and start from square one14:44
iorianot-a-boxer, and ?14:44
not-a-boxerBut its not working either. Sorry for this question, but what should I be using for my user name? I tried the profile name...14:45
=== genii-core is now known as genii
not-a-boxerTJ-forget it, Im in now14:45
iorianot-a-boxer, ping google.com14:46
not-a-boxerTJ- To answer your question, it is Ubuntu 20.04.314:46
TJ-WaV: so the obvious thing to do is shrink p5 to its minimum, create an LVM in the freed space, move the OS (not /home/ into an LV so the OS starts from the LV. Then remove all but /home/ from p5 and then move /home/ to / inside p5.14:46
TJ-not-a-boxer: it upgraded to 20.04 from a previous version then?14:47
not-a-boxerOr probably it's running a previous version as recovery? Not sure...14:47
not-a-boxerIt does say there are 937 update to run14:47
TJ-not-a-boxer: doubtful; it'll be one or the other, they'll all be using the same rootfs unless you've got some unusual set-up14:48
not-a-boxerThe ping is running, showing lots of results14:48
iorianot-a-boxer, ctrl+c14:48
TJ-not-a-boxer: check if this directory exists and has recent log files: "ls -l /var/log/dist-upgrade/"14:48
=== shubjer0 is now known as shubjero
not-a-boxerTJ- OK I ran that, but nothing showed up14:50
iorianot-a-boxer, cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999914:51
not-a-boxerTJ- I got this: https://termbin.com/fn6m14:52
iorianot-a-boxer, you had 18.04 before ?14:53
ioriai guess so14:54
not-a-boxerHonestly, I'm not sure, but it rings a bell14:54
iorianot-a-boxer,  run 'uname -r'14:54
not-a-boxerTJ- 5.4.0-80-generic14:55
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo apt-get update | nc termbin.com 999914:56
TJ-not-a-boxer: do "sudo apt install pastebinit" ... if that succeeds, then do " pastebinit <( cat /var/log/apt/history.log /etc/default/grub /boot/grub/grub.cfg; ls -latr /boot/ ) "14:56
not-a-boxerTJ- OK which one should I do first: sudo apt-get update | nc termbin.com 9999 or sudo apt install pastebinit14:56
TJ-not-a-boxer: ioria's14:57
iorianot-a-boxer, the first one14:58
not-a-boxerTJ- Cool, thanks again for your time! I'll run that now, then the second one, and if it works, the third. Be right back with you!14:58
not-a-boxerTJ- Ran the first one, seems like it went ok, the second one threw me this: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem15:01
TJ-not-a-boxer: hmmm, without seeing the exact reports its hard to guess but this should try to solve things  "sudo apt --fix-broken install"15:02
iorianot-a-boxer,  please,   sudo apt-get update | nc termbin.com 999915:02
iorianot-a-boxer,  paste the url, like above15:03
not-a-boxerTJ- The first one showed me the same error as before, trying the second one15:04
TJ-not-a-boxer: pay attention to iora's request15:04
ioriawe can't do nothing if you have 937 updates to run15:05
not-a-boxerThe URL is https://termbin.com/sc6815:05
ioriasilly me .... not-a-boxer    run  'sudo apt update  | nc termbin.com 9999'    not apt-get15:06
not-a-boxerioria No worries! This is what I got: WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts15:07
ioriathen ... ?15:08
not-a-boxerthen this URL: https://termbin.com/oayo15:08
TJ-not-a-boxer: do  " ( cat /var/log/apt/history.log /etc/default/grub /boot/grub/grub.cfg; ls -latr /boot/ ) | nc termbin.com 9999 " and tell us the URL15:08
ioriait's ok ... brb15:08
not-a-boxerTJ- I got two URLs: https://termbin.com/oayo AND https://termbin.com/c9m0315:12
TJ-not-a-boxer: the 1st one you already gave us :)15:13
not-a-boxerYeap! Just making sure we don't miss anything '=D15:14
TJ-not-a-boxer: According to that apt history.log the last time any package changes were made was 8th August15:14
not-a-boxerThat makes sense15:15
not-a-boxerYesterday I was running all the missing updates since that last time15:15
TJ-not-a-boxer: show us " lsblk | nc termbin.com 9999 "15:15
TJ-not-a-boxer: but it is the 26th today; those updates aren't reported. I'm beginning to suspect you've got 2 installations side-by-side !15:15
not-a-boxerTJ- https://termbin.com/je8z115:16
TJ-not-a-boxer: I see why it failed to boot - /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-81-generic is missing15:16
not-a-boxerI'm pretty sure something went wrong with the upgrades yesterday, I don't think they got installed correctly at all15:17
TJ-not-a-boxer: " df -h | nc termbin.com 9999 "15:18
not-a-boxerTJ-  https://termbin.com/bonj15:19
TJ-not-a-boxer: not out of space on the file-system so we can force generation of the missing file15:19
TJ-not-a-boxer: "sudo update-initramfs -vu -k 5.5.0-81-generic | tee /tmp/initrd.log "15:20
TJ-not-a-boxer: that command will write a lot of verbose output which is being captured to a file. When the command finishes do " cat /tmp/initrd.log | nc termbin.com 9999 "15:21
TJ-arrgh, typo!15:21
TJ-not-a-boxer: "sudo update-initramfs -vu -k 5.4.0-81-generic | tee /tmp/initrd.log "15:21
not-a-boxerAlright! Getting all the verbose15:22
not-a-boxerRunning the second command15:23
TJ-not-a-boxer: now let's ensure that file has been created and links added " ls -latr /boot/ | nc termbmin.com 9999 " - once we've confirmed we'll regenerate GRUB's config as a last step15:24
not-a-boxer https://termbin.com/7ycg15:24
not-a-boxerThat's the URL I got from the second command. Running the third one!15:24
TJ-looks good15:24
not-a-boxerTJ-  https://termbin.com/2ves15:25
iorianot-a-boxer, looks fine ;    dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999915:26
not-a-boxerTJ-  https://termbin.com/4dkg15:27
TJ-not-a-boxer: it's missing a sym-link. Add it: " sudo ln -s initrd.img-5.4.0-81-generic /boot/initrd.img "   then do " sudo update-grub "15:27
not-a-boxerSorry! meant for ioria15:27
not-a-boxerTJ- Ok running that now15:28
not-a-boxerTJ- done!15:30
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo apt full-upgrade15:30
not-a-boxerioria got an error: E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem15:32
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo dpkg --configure -a15:32
not-a-boxerioria Ok! It's setting up a bunch of things15:33
not-a-boxerioria done!15:35
iorianot-a-boxer,  again ; sudo dpkg --configure -a15:35
not-a-boxerioria nothing happens, seems like it's done with that15:35
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo apt update15:35
theman_Hello does anyone know how to get the kali terminal in ubuntu?15:36
not-a-boxerioria updating15:36
not-a-boxerioria updated15:36
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo apt full-upgrade15:36
theman_Or how to get the same 2 line cursor in the ubuntu terminal15:37
not-a-boxerioria 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgrades15:37
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo update-grub15:37
not-a-boxerioria done15:37
ioriaTJ-, can we reboot ?15:38
TJ-not-a-boxer: ioria  yes :)15:38
iorianot-a-boxer, reboot15:38
not-a-boxerOk, rebooting!!15:38
not-a-boxerCan I select the usual Ubuntu option in the boot menu?15:38
ioriahow do you mean ?15:39
TJ-not-a-boxer: the default option, yes15:39
not-a-boxerMy computer has two OS, Ubuntu and Windows. When I start the PC, I have to select one of them15:40
not-a-boxerOk, selecting the default option15:40
iorianot-a-boxer, we still need a little house cleaning15:40
not-a-boxerioria TJ- totally worked!!! Do you guys get tired of hearing how awesome you are???15:41
not-a-boxerioria let's do the cleaning!!15:41
* TJ- hands out the brooms15:41
WaVMan I love a happy ending :)15:41
iorianot-a-boxer,  again: dplg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999915:41
iorianot-a-boxer,  again: dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999915:41
not-a-boxerioria  https://termbin.com/ihjb15:43
iorianot-a-boxer,  sudo apt autopurge15:43
not-a-boxerioria purging15:44
not-a-boxerioria done15:45
iorianot-a-boxer,  apt -s purge linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04 | nc termbin.com 999915:46
not-a-boxerioria  https://termbin.com/l9s615:47
iorianot-a-boxer,  dpkg -l linux-image-generic-hwe-18.0415:48
not-a-boxerioria no packages found matching linux-image-generic-hwe-18.0415:49
iorianot-a-boxer, indulge me ; dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999915:50
not-a-boxerioria  https://termbin.com/ge4a15:51
ioriaho, yes the autopurge15:51
iorianot-a-boxer, i think we are OK15:51
not-a-boxerWe're better than OK! I had already say goodbye to all of my Java projects!!15:52
TJ-not-a-boxer: back up!!!!!15:52
not-a-boxerI'll back everything up for sure, rookie mistake!!15:52
not-a-boxerMany thanks to the both of you!!! ioria TJ-15:53
iorianot-a-boxer, no problem15:53
TJ-"worrie weversing... worrie weversing... worrie weversing" :)15:53
not-a-boxerI think I'll become a regular here, great please to learn too jaja15:54
not-a-boxerAaaand I'm creating my GitHub account right now to have all of my programs there xD15:55
theman_Hello does anyone know how to get the kali terminal in ubuntu?16:15
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ash_worksinot sure if this is an ubuntu question but if I install a tiling window manager like i3, does that basically give me access to all the various settings I would normally have to click through in gnome via console?16:43
alkisgIt's the same question as "can I access all the gnome settings via a terminal?". In most cases, the answer is "yes, via dconf"16:45
Mathisenash_worksi, yes and no.. you can setup keybinds in i3 to do whatever you need it to in an "easy" way in the config ~/config/i3/i3config16:46
ash_worksiMathisen: like, if some application triggers a prompt I could could use a keybinding to confirm it?16:46
Mathisenspelling error should be ~/.config/i3/i3config16:46
ash_worksi(or cancel it?)16:46
Mathisenno.. you will see that prompt in i3 also16:47
ash_worksiMathisen: I am basically trying my best to not have to use my touchpad on my laptop. I know that sounds obnoxious, but I... really really hate my touch pad16:48
ash_worksimost of the time, that can be achieved by pressing "Tab" a number of times, but not always16:49
Mathisenahh yes you can do that in i3. an example would be if you have " for_window [urgent="latest"] focus " in your config it will always switch to a "pop up" for example16:51
Mathisenbut it will also switch to your irc client if it someone higlights you...16:51
Mathisenanyway try it out first and see if you even like a tileiing manager16:52
Mathisenit does not fit everyone16:52
JuanJoseHey guys!!!16:52
ash_worksiMathisen: yeah, I am not entirely sure; the occasions that I have to resort to the mouse are usually like, navigating through thunderbird settings16:55
ash_worksiI'm sure there's a litany of shortcuts I could learn to manage thunderbird without the mouse16:55
ash_worksiI am getting along on firefox using tridactyl16:55
ash_worksicept sometimes I need to jump into *those* settings and then I can't use tridactyl anymore16:56
ash_worksianyway, the "edge-cases" are basically centered around application settings subwindows16:56
ash_worksiI don't know what would be best to help me just focus on something specific and "click it"... I think in window managers you get a little prompt similar to tmux when you use the prefix key16:57
ash_worksihi JuanJose16:58
fdanany idea on this  https://pasteboard.co/KhHQ4jW.png17:53
fdani  am getting this error when i try to build the dockerfile17:54
fdani am using sks key server17:55
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agvantiboHello. I am trying to connect a nokia e50 to my Ubuntu 21.04 via bluetooth. So far they see each other and communicate (kinda), but my Nokia prompts for a "16-digit passcode",  a google search yields no results, 0000, 1234, 1111 and their respective 16-digit counterparts also fail). Output below...19:20
agvantibohttps://paste.gnome.org/plxvnr0nn (connection refused and everything after it appear after I punch in the code 3-4 times wrong or cancel code input on the phone)19:21
ravageYou can set that code in the Bluetooth settings of the phone19:28
ravageIt can be 4 to 16 digits19:28
ravageOk would try a 4 digit code19:28
ravage( see your phone's manual for details )19:29
NGC3982hi guys.19:39
NGC3982im having the strangest issue. im in 20.04 with chrome. chrome can't find my samba shares in the save as dialogue. ive had this problem before and then i solved it by some toggle in (what i think was) chrome://flags that enabled chrome to access the drives19:43
NGC3982but i cannot remember what it was, and im unable to understand what the actual problem is19:44
sarnoldNGC3982: how did you install chrome?19:44
NGC3982dpkg, afaik19:45
CroranNGC3982: can you just type out the path in your save dialogue?19:45
NGC3982that was it19:48
NGC3982uninstalled, reinstalled with dpkg, worked19:49
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sarnoldNGC3982: hmm, so, the chromium-browser .deb package should install the snap package in the postinst script.. and snap has some sandboxing in place that might prevent those things from working. I don't know why uninstalling and reinstalling would fix it though, that doesn't sound quite right..19:56
sarnoldNGC3982: but if you've got a chrome package from google, instead, that's probably not snap packaged, and thus not sandboxed by snap :) heh19:57
Croransarnold: if he installed with dpkg, is it even possible there's a snap involved? i thought snaps were installed with the snap tool.20:01
sarnoldCroran: yeah, here's the (I got it wrong) preinst script: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/c8CJzW4yK7/20:02
Croransarnold: crazy. i wonder how many other deb packages just install a snap20:04
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NGC3982i sure didnt install anything with a snap command20:12
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FreeBDSMhi, I have a newb question. So I have Ubuntu 18.04 and have a program that says that "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.29' not found". I see that /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libm.so.6 is a symlink to libm-2.27.so and I probably need libm-2.29.so. Can I just copy that file from a newer ubuntu and temporary change symlink for libm.so.6 to point to that file?21:30
pasizFreeBDSM: maybe you should update your ubuntu21:34
FreeBDSMpasiz: that's a bad idea.21:35
pasizto run upgrade on 3 year old release?21:35
pasiz20.04 is lts too21:36
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Croranfreebdsm: might work. probably not. it's probably going to complain about another library version even after you get the libm file onto your system.21:38
FreeBDSMpasiz: this will result into a broken system21:41
sarnoldFreeBDSM: another option is to recompile your program on your 18.04 system21:41
leftyfbFreeBDSM: 20.04 will result in a broken system?21:48
FreeBDSMmost likely21:54
leftyfbFreeBDSM: so you don't actually know and are basing your assumption on .....21:58
FreeBDSMleftyfb: surely I do22:01
leftyfbFreeBDSM: why do you say 20.04 is going to result in a broken system? It works fine for me and countless others22:02
FreeBDSMthere are countless winners in all kinds of lotteries as well22:05
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FreeBDSMyou want to start some holy war or something22:06
FreeBDSMI don't22:06
ash_worksidang it22:54
ash_worksiI tried up upgrade the dist on this laptop from 18 -> .... whatever do-releast-upgrade would roll it to and it errored on boot22:54
leftyfbash_worksi: what version of ubuntu are you running and what version are you trying to upgrade to?22:56
leftyfb!yy.mm | ash_worksi22:56
ubottuash_worksi: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle22:56
ash_worksi[ 7154.508894] pcieport 0000:00:1c.5 AER: PCIe Bus Error: security=Corrected, type=Data Link Layer, (Transmitter ID) +2 more lines22:57
ash_worksi[ 7154.509076] pcieport 0000:00:1c.5 AER:   device [8086:9d15] error status/mask=00001000/0000200022:58
ash_worksi[ 7154.509210] pcieport 0000:00:1c.5 AER:     [12] Timeout22:59
leftyfbash_worksi: please stop pasting that22:59
hajonnesI would like to vertically maximize a window. I searched and found that middle button on square, or Ctrl+UP should do it but it does not work for me. What settings should I edit to make it work? link to the hwoto https://askubuntu.com/questions/448552/is-it-possible-to-maximize-windows-vertically-in-gnome-3-by-double-click-on-the/629061#62906123:03
hajonnes@ubuntu 20.0423:04
ash_worksileftyfb: those were all the lines; sorry about that though23:22
ash_worksialso, idk; I know the src version was 18.04; target was whatever it would've been running `do-release-upgrade` :\23:23
ash_worksiI guess I should just turn it off and on?23:23
bahamatIs there a netplan way to disable accepting router advertisements?23:42

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