tomreynMichaelChristens: things will be slower, but not significantly. for high IOPS operations such as multi-track video editing you may want to use seperate (unencrypted?) storage, maybe in a RAID configuration06:26
MichaelChristens<tomreyn> "Michael: things will be slower..." <- Do you mean I could try creating a separate unencrypted partition on the same disk?11:00
tomreynMichaelChristens: you could, but i was suggesting separate storage, because of the IOPS.11:01
Iamthehuman1Hi.. My US 21.04 is currently in a state where there is no audio output after reboot. This has been exhibiting for a while. The USB master device is set to the external soundcard in Studio Controls, but no audio on startup and also when I stop JACK after startup, the system defaults to the TB3-dock's audio outputs, I need to adjust it in Pulse Control. I'm enroute to discovering what is the magic sequence to get the JACK audio back to audible. 12:09
Iamthehuman1In the broken state the volume meters in Pulse Control bounce indicating that media is being played, but just for some reason not output to the correct card. I have checked alsamixer and Carla that the volumes and connections are ok there12:09
MichaelChristens<tomreyn> "musicmichaelc: you could, but..." <- Ok, I see---but wouldn't an extra disk often have a slower speed than the internal primary one?12:11
Iamthehuman1It seems I need to stop and restart JACK a few times and it seems I need to change the "fallback card" to something else and then back to the desired target and restarting JACK _seems_ to be doing it for me12:20
Iamthehuman1I'll repeat that when I stop the JACK for the first time it always goes for the dock's internal card, even as that is not the setting in Studio Controls nor Pulse Control's "fallback card"12:22
Iamthehuman1I remember very similar situation appearing in the past when I was instructing it to use the dock's card as main card and it would select the MobilePre USB card instead. Now I have the mirror image of that situation12:25
Iamthehuman1So it looks to me like some process somewhere at some point incorrectly changes the "fallback card" setting that appears in Pulse Control12:27
Iamthehuman1The fallback card setting is set to MobilePre USB, but then after restart and stop of jack it always points to the dock's internal card. Thanks for hearing me out, this is a splendid distro but some teething probs no biggie12:31
tomreynMichaelChristens: not if both are internal and the controller has sufficient bandwidth.13:16
tomreynreading/writing to/from the same storage at the same time for multiple purposes (OS/logging on the one hand, video editing on the other hand) would likely decrease IOPS available for either application. this doesn't have to be so (or top a lesser degree) if you have parallel reads/writes on separate storages.13:18
tomreyni'm discussing how you're getting the highest performance on a professional workstation. this may not actually be what you need.13:18
paul[m]12345So I tried to upgrade to Ardour 6 on my 20.04 install and it will no longer play if I am using the "external positioning sync" thing (formerly the "JACK" button to sync with the global timestamp for syncing with hydrogen). If I disable that, it will start playing, but obviously hydrogen is no longer in sync. Any advice on that?15:12
paul[m]12345(Would I also need to enable the general backports repo?)16:38
MichaelChristens<tomreyn> "reading/writing to/from the same..." <- Thanks for the clarification / tip---it's clearer to me now. Though I mostly work on audio, I do some video editing / syncing (and my old computer would experience trouble at times with that), so this is a useful thing for me to know/keep in mind when/if the need arises to optimize performance some more...16:45
Eickmeyerpaul[m]12345: For application-specific questions, best to ask the application support itself. Try #ardour:libera.chat17:12
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lilith12Hi, super happy with UbuntuStudio and the new Controls from the backports. There's maybe one small issue with the a2jmidid bridge which is not starting together with jack. To get it running one has first to disable it, apply setting settings and enable it again and apply settings. 21:29
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