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user|88Does kubuntu 20.04.3 use plasma 5.2 or above02:26
user|88What plasma version does kubuntu 20.04.3 use02:27
guivercuser|88, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseNotes/Kubuntu  Plasma 5.18 LTS (built on the LTS Qt 5.12.8)03:03
tomreynyou almost did it within the users' attention span!03:14
tomreynthanks for sharing with us, though :)03:14
guiverc:) tomreyn03:42
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BluesKajHi all12:21
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EduardoHi, I have problems with my audio settings. Yesterday tried to connect the speakers of an external screen and installed (I think) sudo apt-get install pavucontrol, and everything was fine until I started a zoom video conference and it didn't recognized my mic, I tried to uninstall the previous command but now the system doesn't show me any audio16:46
Eduardosettings and I can't hear or speak. Can you help me, please?16:46
diogenes_Eduardo: pavucontrol is just an application to control the audio inputs, outputs, profiles and it doesn't affect your sound system (unless you chose some wrong settings) in other words, your sound should work with or without it, if you wanna test whether it's a configuration issue then the best way to do this is to create a new user account and try the sound there.17:04
EduardoOk I'll try in that way. Thanks Nicolas!17:09
gnoobHello, I am attempting to install Kubuntu but it's not seeing my NVME SSD drive during the install.  Device view and $ lsblk  both show it.  what I see online mostly talks about setting to AHCI.  As far as I can tell my BIOS does not allow me to change this and Windows seems to have the AHCI drivers installed OK for the device.17:44
diogenes_gnoob: maybe you need a newer kernel.17:57
gnoobdiogenes_: from the live cd "5.11.0-16-generic"17:58
diogenes_gnoob: try then the ubiquity installer.17:58
gnoobdiogenes_: Can you help me understand a bit more what to do?  I booted the kubuntu USB 21.04.  What would I do differently?18:02
diogenes_Sudo apt install ubiquity18:03
matulatusudo apt install sense of humor18:04
matulatuinstallation failed!18:04
gnoobubiquity is already the newest version (21.04.19).18:04
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diogenes_Wait kubuntu uses calamares or ubiquity?18:05
diogenes_I can't remember18:05
gnoobwiki seems to indicate that ubuntu and derivatives use Ubiquity18:07
diogenes_Ubuntu yes but not sure about kubuntu, try then sudo apt install calamares18:07
gnoobjust run  sudo calamares now?18:14
diogenes_gnoob: that is not the command i gave.18:21
gnoobdiogenes_: sorry, yes, I did first run  the sudo apt install.  now it says it's at version
mparilloI have heard that some kernels do better with your 'BIOS' set to Disks on AHCI18:25
gnoobmparillo: my laptop bios does not seem to have a setting to change that.18:28
gnoobfdisk -l see it.  and I was able to mount one of the partitions.18:33
diogenes_gnoob: is secure boot disabled?18:55
gnoobdiogenes_: yes it is19:07
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