daftykinsmorning gang10:14
daftykinsbest hit the road again shortly and go on some visits, i've only swapped 2 out of 4 HDDs in a NAS at once place so far, more to do!12:08
daftykinspenguin42: \o12:08
* m0nkey_ grumbles .. bloody millennials and their damn tebibytes13:03
m0nkey_In my day, we used base 2 for storage13:04
* zxmpi pats my 2mb psion and tells it to ignore the silly techie :-P13:05
m0nkey_When I ask for a 2TB LUN, I expect 2TB or 2199023000000 bytes .. don't give me 1.81TB (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻13:07
m0nkey_Back in the day, your 2MB Psion had 2MB, not 1.81MB lol13:08
zxmpican you imagine the row if it had been 1k short of 2mb :-)13:27
zxmpithe rounding off of bytes really annoys me at hard disk levels. 2tb drive is short 19gb. that's a lot of space13:34
diddledanim0nkey_: you can't count - ITYM 219902325555214:13
m0nkey_That's 19GB of goat pictures I COULD HAVE SAVED lol14:15
zxmpii've always thought there was place in the market for a goat alarm clock :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlYlNF30bVg14:23
daftykinsthat was cool, dropped in on that client and their new PC had arrived, so i set that up this afty17:43
daftykinshell of a headwind cycling up there :o 17:44
zxmpi...on a friday... are you mad?! :-P17:44
daftykinsah it was great, practically nobody there... total peace and quiet17:44
daftykins*and* i could walk 100m around the corner to a Costa branch and get myself a coffee + treat to sit there and enjoy17:44
daftykinsi wonder if that YouTuber will stream having a first look at my pal's graphics card tonight, he tends to stream late Fridays17:54
daftykinsall he has to do is desolder a MOSFET and then see if the shorts disappear first of all17:54
daftykinslol, how's this for a funny one...20:48
daftykinssome of you may know of the hassle i suffer at weekends down here due to my house being on a lane which has turned into a drunkard ratrun over the past 8.5 years i've been here... an old friend's brother just asked me what it's like to live here as the house next door is on the market20:49
daftykinsi've suggested he drop in after his viewing :D20:50
zxmpicould pour out something stinky on warm clear weekends it's likely to be a party zone. something that will disperse by morning20:50
zxmpii recommend boiling parsnips. me and the cat used to sit in the garden till the whiff left the house. might work for a confined space20:51
daftykinsamusing seeing the price they're asking mind, a good £50k above what i paid for mine20:52
zxmpiprices have gone up a lot20:52
daftykinsi'd love to be able to escape20:54
zxmpibuy all the helium balloons in the village and attach them to the house...20:55

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