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jamgatheres nothing going on here00:23
jamgawhy bother?00:24
jamgamaybe its an alternate reality00:25
jamgathis isnt the real ubuntu chat00:25
jamgalike the matrix movie00:26
sarnoldwill the real ubuntu chat please stand up?00:26
jamgai opened the wrong door or something00:26
jamgathats what it is00:27
jamgaits a carbon copy00:27
jamgawhy did ubuntu change server to liberia?00:28
sarnoldbecause the new management at freenode decided to burn the place down00:29
jamgaat least there some fire while here looks like is stone coold00:29
jamgaguess all the cool kids moved on00:31
jamgato make their owne chat apps00:31
jamgawith pics00:32
jamgais that a joke?00:33
jamgai guess you are one of the cool kids00:33
jamgamore like the roten egg00:34
jamgawhat was that cool app that you are supposed to go around with phone looking for pikachus?00:35
jamgathis channel sure is full of nick names00:37
leftyfbjamga: did you have an ubuntu support question? This is an ubuntu support channel run by volunteers from the community. If you're just looking for random chat, feel free to go to #ubuntu-offtopic01:07
spinullwtf is net-tools not installed by default anymore02:18
spinullnobody wants to use the ip command02:18
tomreynspinull: "ip" is part of iproute2 - which i do think is installed by default in all configurations02:25
spinullnot what i asked02:25
tomreynyou did not actually ask a question anyways ;)02:26
spinullliterally 4 lines up02:26
spinull(09:18:31 PM) spinull: wtf is net-tools not installed by default anymore02:26
Bashing-omspinull: The modern replacement for net-tools is iproute2 <- https://www.tecmint.com/deprecated-linux-networking-commands-and-their-replacements/ .02:29
spinullwhy did they need replacing, everyone knows them and they work well02:33
sarnoldthey didn't work well, there were loads of networking features that couldn't be reached via those tools02:34
leftyfbspinull: why did they replace steam powered locomotives? Everyone knew them and they worked well02:34
sarnoldthat's why they were replaced twenty years ago with iproute2 tools02:34
spinulllike what/02:35
spinullalso, if this is going to be what we have to use now, at least clean up the output, this is ugly af an not easily parsed02:36
sarnoldspinull: try ip -c a   etc, that may be easier02:36
spinullthats pretty02:37
sarnoldthe format's not going to be changed, specifically because loads of people parse these things :)02:37
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ash_worksi"the password you use to log in to your computer no longer matches that of your keyring" --- how would that happen?04:02
ash_worksiand is there a way to change that?04:02
ash_worksiI guess I have to create a new keyring?04:03
ash_worksiI mean, I have no idea why it would have diverted (at some point) from the login password04:03
ash_worksiso, if I have no idea, then I simply cannot use that keyring and have to delete it, right?04:03
Bashing-omAshLeece[m]: Maybe - when all else fails: ' sudo apt --reinstall install ubuntu-keyring ' .04:10
madduckIf you think you know networking, here is a challenge: https://scratch.madduck.net/2021-08-27-165203-vit-86Dig6.txt — I will be back online in about an hour ;)04:52
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AshLeece[m]<Bashing-om> "Ash Leece: Maybe - when all else..." <- Think you got the wrong Ash 😉05:30
tomreynmadduck: see the laptops' interface statistics. ip -s link05:37
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blackthunderi have a problem, anyone can help?05:37
tomreyn!ask blackthunder: hi!05:38
tomreyn!ask | blackthunder: hi!05:38
ubottublackthunder: hi!: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:38
madducktomreyn: a good 10% of packets dropped on RX for the iface!05:39
madducksame for wlan05:40
tomreynthat's less than i assumed, but more than it should be05:40
blackthunderok, so here's my problem, i installed brave web browser on ubuntu ofc,the browser is opening, but it's icon is not loading. any solutions05:40
tomreynmadduck: maybe the routers' ethernet port is just bad? did you try a different one?05:41
madduckyou know, I've been ruling that out because it's the same for wifi and cable, but I remember now that the wifi access point is actually separate from the fritzbox05:43
tomreynblackthunder: since this browser isn't part of ubuntu, so i'm not sure we can help with unexpected behaviour it exposes. try thier support channel, or a web search.05:44
madduckexcept the other devices in the network don't seem to have any problem, so the LAN port may not be the issue. But maybe the cable is…05:45
tomreynmadduck: it's indeed surprising that the laptop would have 10% RX dropped on both ethernet and wireless chipsets. i'm wondering whether this could be explained by issues with context switching, mainbard / CPU problems05:47
madducktomreyn: I thought about this too, but IPv6 works just fine.05:49
tomreyndid you inspect dmesg / journalctl -b -p4  though?05:49
tomreynipv6 working fine does seem to rule this out, yes, but maybe not 100%05:50
tomreyni'm just as clueless as you, if not more, thouigh. ;)05:52
tomreynmaybe #networking folks have another perspective on this05:53
manmohangillhow do I download this and run it as a startup for my ubuntu distro : https://github.com/hexvalid/Linux-CapsLock-Delay-Fixer06:20
manmohangillthank you06:20
manmohangillmanmohangill@ubunturoxs:~$ xkbcomp -xkb $DISPLAY xkbmap06:36
manmohangillWarning:          Could not load keyboard geometry for :006:36
manmohangill                  BadName (named color or font does not exist)06:36
manmohangill                  Resulting keymap file will not describe geometry06:36
manmohangillwhat is this?06:36
manmohangillanyone around?06:45
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alkisgmanmohangill: when you manually run that bash script, your problem gets fixed?06:50
manmohangillI get that above error message06:50
alkisgThen there's no point in trying to put it in startup06:50
manmohangillbut why is there an delay with the keyboard it isnt like this in Windows06:51
alkisgI.e. start over and state your problem and ask if someone knows of a solution, as that bash script is not a solution06:51
manmohangillmy cap lock has an delay06:51
alkisgkKkKkKkKk => this is me using caps06:51
alkisgI see no delay06:51
alkisgWhat's the output of `setxkbmap -query` for you?06:52
manmohangilltry press caps lock button and with k as fast as you can normal behaviour in windows would be KkKkKkKkKk but in ubuntu it is KKKKkkkkKK06:53
manmohangillrules:      evdev06:54
manmohangillmodel:      pc10506:54
manmohangilllayout:     us06:54
manmohangillalkisg, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1338237/fix-caps-lock-delay-in-ubuntu-21-0407:00
manmohangillthis is the issue07:00
manmohangillI'm not going to start using shift haha I would rather use Windows.07:01
alkisgmanmohangill: type ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to vt2, and try it there. Does it also happen there?07:06
manmohangillnothing happens07:07
alkisgmanmohangill: do you mean you can't switch to another console?07:21
alkisghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_console => ctrl+alt+f1 or 2 etc up to 807:22
alkisgThat will get you outside of xorg, so that we see if the problem is in the kernel or in xorg07:22
lavaballupgradign to 20.04 disabled wake on lan.07:33
lavaballalso command-not-found crashes every time now.07:34
alkisgRegarding WoL, hat's the output of `sudo ethtool enp2s0` or however your interface is called?07:35
manmohangillalkisg, the issue lies with xorg server07:41
manmohangillit is a known issue for 10 over years07:41
alkisgmanmohangill: in the URL that you linked, it says: Clearly, they changed something between 20.10 and 21.04 that's affecting this.07:42
alkisgSo it was working for him in 20.1007:42
alkisgDid you find a bug report in xorg for this issue? If not, it would make sense to file one07:43
alkisgAnd, if it was working in the past, it would make sense to see when it stopped working07:43
madducktomreyn: we plugged it in elsewhere and there is no issue. So it's either a defective cable or switch. What a ride. Thanks for thinking along.07:52
madduckDebugging network problems from Wellington, New Zealand, via a OpenVPN link over IPv6 from my mum's laptop in Munich Germany is just fun. I have no other machine I can connect to in that network. Fun times.07:54
madduckI do have to say that networking has come a *long* way in the last 30 years. ;)07:54
madduckAnd who would have thought that IPv6 was going to be the solid basis for debugging flakey IPv4 connectivity ;)07:55
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alkisgIn case manmohangill comes back, I wonder why he pointed to that non-informative askubuntu question, when himself had pinpointed the exact upstream xorg isssue, proposed patch, and workaround: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/-/issues/312#note_82649108:08
ubottuIssue 312 in xorg/xserver "Option to apparently unlock the Lock modifier on press of Caps Lock" [Opened]08:08
lavaballalkisg, oh, thanks for trying to help. i fixed it all my own self. no problem. i was just annoyed that i had to. oh, and i had 18.04 running on that box before i updated.08:27
lavaballwell, except for the command-not-found thing. but wol i just had to enable again.08:28
flunkDoes Canonical have a way to centrally enforce policies on Ubuntu workstations for compliance reasons?08:37
flunkthink full disk crypto, passwords etc08:37
flunk10:37 < flunk> Does Canonical have a way to centrally enforce policies on Ubuntu workstations for compliance reasons?08:45
ograflunk, you could perhaps combine https://maas.io/ (for secure-boot installs and disk encryption) with https://landscape.canonical.com/08:45
ograbut thats likely offtopic in a community support channel 🙂08:45
flunkis there some other channel?08:46
flunkthat would be better suited08:46
flunkor someone I can call?08:46
ograsee the pages ... i think on the maas page there pops up a chat window afetr a while ... there are actual sales people on the other end08:47
ograothewise, there are contact links at the bottom of both of them08:47
flunkok thx08:47
xb_is there a way to have a scrolling 'ticker' on the desktop?08:48
tomreynmadduck: haha, looks like we should keep dual-stack forever then.08:50
tomreyni'm glad you were able to get a grip on this issue, i would probably just have given up somewhere on that road.08:53
manmohangillalkisg, can you help me08:58
manmohangillthe issue is known for 10 over years but no one fixed it at all08:59
alkisgmanmohangill: see your own remarks there:  https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/xorg/xserver/-/issues/312#note_82649108:59
ubottuIssue 312 in xorg/xserver "Option to apparently unlock the Lock modifier on press of Caps Lock" [Opened]08:59
alkisgThese are in the correct upstream bug report, where there's a patch and a link to the archlinux wiki for a workaround09:00
alkisgBtw, you're using xorg, not wayland yet, right?09:00
alkisgFor example, if you're using ubuntu, and are planning to switch to wayland, maybe you should first check if wayland is affected or not09:00
manmohangillI'm on nvidia09:02
manmohangillthat workaround does not work in 21.0409:02
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manmohangillalkisg, this error appears09:03
manmohangillmanmohangill@ubunturoxs:~$ xkbcomp -xkb $DISPLAY /home/username/myxkbmap09:03
manmohangillWarning:          Could not load keyboard geometry for :009:03
manmohangill                  BadName (named color or font does not exist)09:03
manmohangill                  Resulting keymap file will not describe geometry09:03
manmohangillError:            Cannot open "/home/username/myxkbmap" to write keyboard description09:03
manmohangill                  Exiting09:03
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alkisgWhat's the output of `xrandr` ?09:03
manmohangillxrandr ?09:04
alkisgYes, it will tell us if you can properly access xorg and if you're on wayland or xorg09:04
alkisgPut the result to pastebin09:04
manmohangillwhere do I paste it ?09:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:05
alkisgSee the XWAYLAND0 line09:05
alkisgThis means you're on wayland, and that's why it doesn't work09:05
manmohangillthe issue has been around since xorg era09:06
alkisgYes, but wayland doesn't use xorg09:06
manmohangillwhat has wayland got to do with this09:06
manmohangillokay so the issue isnt fixed in wayland either09:06
alkisgIt needs a different bug report and a different workaround09:06
manmohangillno one will fixed it09:06
alkisgRight, if what you're reporting is accurate, the bug also affects wayland in a different code base09:06
alkisgIn any case, that's what you need to do. People stopped working on xorg, but they still work on wayland09:07
alkisgSo there's a good chance it'll be fixed there09:07
alkisgOr, they may at least give you a workaround09:07
manmohangillwell how do I file a bug report then?09:07
alkisgBtw, if you logout and re-login on xorg, then the old workaround will probably work09:07
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:08
manmohangillwell I have posted there countless of times09:08
manmohangillit wasnt fixed09:08
alkisgWhat's the bug link?09:08
ubottuIssue 312 in xorg/xserver "Option to apparently unlock the Lock modifier on press of Caps Lock" [Opened]09:08
alkisgThat's not on wayland09:08
alkisgAnyways, I do not have any more advice to offer, good luck, cheers09:09
alkisgYeah you're welcome :)09:10
manmohangillis this the place ?09:12
tomreynthat's wayland's upstream bug tracker09:13
alkisgYes, if it happens on wayland in various distributions, it would be a good place to report it09:13
manmohangilllet me get a touch with the developers09:14
ubottuIssue 232 in wayland/wayland "caps lock issue - example HELlo WOrld" [Opened]09:20
manmohangillhope something can be done it is more then 10 years and no idea which genius would think it would be a good idea to compare with a typewriters09:20
manmohangillthey closed my issue09:26
lotuspsychjemanmohangill: if a developer closes the bug, he would have a reason for it, best not to start a bug fight09:29
manmohangillso the issue becomes like xorg and get abandon for years ?09:29
oldgalileoIs there _any_ reason for listing other architectures in an apt repository in a .list?09:30
oldgalileoe.g. `deb [arch=arm64,armhf,ppc64el,s390x]`09:30
oldgalileoif I know I'm only going to be running on arm64, there would be zero reason to list the others, right?09:30
manmohangillso who do I report this to ?09:30
tomreynoldgalileo: correct09:31
tomreynor let's say: i can't think of a reason either09:31
manmohangillhope someone can point to me the right direction09:31
oldgalileotomreyn: lol had to get sanity checked. someone went in behind me and added in those other architecturres09:31
lotuspsychjemanmohangill: you just have another reply on your bug09:31
manmohangillyeah I saw so what is the issue09:31
oldgalileotomreyn: thanks! 👍09:31
tomreynoldgalileo: you're welcome09:31
manmohangillI dont get it there should be a team that handle this09:32
manmohangilljust want to get it fixed09:32
lotuspsychjemanmohangill: if its indeed a gnome issue, you could browse gnome-shell bugs about it09:32
lotuspsychjeor file a new bug, (if) you find the specific cause/package09:33
oldgalileotomreyn: Huh. What effect does declaring the architecture actually have on apt?09:33
oldgalileotomreyn: While cleaning that up I noticed we had left another repository as amd64 instead of arm64, but have never run into issue09:34
shailangsadoes anyknow when https://pastebin.com/2WhTZv5g returns an error with "/home/admin1/treble_experimentations/apply-patches.sh: line 11: pushd: patches: No such file or directory" is the non existen directory /patches/, /build/ or /build/make/?09:34
manmohangilllotuspsychje, it was a xorgserver issue09:34
manmohangillif you guys aint using xorgserver so what else is causing this issue09:35
tomreynoldgalileo: it can make sense on multi-architecture systems, such as amd64+i68609:35
tomreynoldgalileo: there may also be scenarios where it makes sense to use this to be able to (just) download packages for other architectures.09:36
manmohangillthis is exact issue09:37
tomreynshailangsa: for help with bash, /join #bash09:37
oldgalileotomreyn: Sure, I guess I'm confused why I didn't run into issues when I had a repository setup to only be amd64 even though I'm running on an ARM machine09:38
tomreynoldgalileo: oh that's because apt will take the dpkg architecture into account, i guess, and won't just blindly download and try to install packages for other architectures.09:39
lotuspsychjemanmohangill: a 2010 bug... resolved, fixed?09:40
manmohangillit was never resloved and fixed09:40
manmohangillthe issue still exist until today09:40
tomreynoldgalileo: dpkg-architecture --list09:41
manmohangilllotuspsychje, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1462333&page=3&p=12253259#post1225325909:41
oldgalileotomreyn: Yeah, makes sense that it wouldn't blindly try. Surprised it didn't throw warnings though.09:44
tomreynoldgalileo: setting it in sources.list basically just means "hey apt, this is available for this architecture, and this other architecture, too, in case you'll ever need it".09:45
tomreynoldgalileo: oh you're saying you had "amd64" set on a system that is actually an "arm64" system? and you think ti was still used to find arm64 packages? this seems unlikely to me.09:46
tomreynmore likely this repository was just not taken into account then, because it does not match the host architecture.09:47
manmohangillleft a note to wayland developers09:47
ubottuIssue 232 in wayland/wayland "caps lock issue - example HELlo WOrld" [Closed]09:47
tomreynhello there, moha09:49
oldgalileotomreyn: I know for a fact that it did because I'm provisioning a new rootfs from the ground up and accidentally slipped up for all of the main, update, and backport repos for ubuntu bionic and had them as amd64 instead of arm09:50
oldgalileoWith no issues.09:50
oldgalileoVery weird.09:50
oldgalileoThere aren't any other apt sources, either. 🤷09:51
mohaI had an ssd (windows was installed there) and an HDD (Drive D); Last night I installed Ubuntu instead of Windows10 on SSD (LVM); Now, as much as I try to mount the sda2 (previousely drive D), I failed. before installing ubuntu, I didn't change fast boot or somethig like that in windows. I tried all solution on askubuntu, help.ubuntu.com and blog posts, but all failed09:52
mohaThe drive mounts READ only09:52
mohaI even can not `chmode -R 777` on the partition!09:53
tomreynoldgalileo: hmm, not sure then. maybe i misunderstood the concept of indicating architectures in apt sources. you could read up on the bit of documentation about it that's in sources.list(5), or review the apt source code on how it handles this, or ask in a debian channel, too.09:53
mohachmod: changing permissions of '/data/ToDo/friday.xlsx': Read-only file system09:53
tomreynmoha: which filesystem is on sda2?09:55
mohait's ntfs. a 1-TB partition.09:56
tomreynNTFS support on Ubuntu isn't feature complete. If the current NTFS drivers detect that an NTFS file system is marked as 'dirty' (needs a file system check / repairing) it will mount it read-only.09:57
tomreynthere is ntfsfix, but it is not complete, and the developers recommend you use checkdsk on windows instead.09:58
tomreynwhat you can do is transfer the data to a different file system which is fully supported.09:58
mohamore details: https://p.teknik.io/wnB8T10:00
tomreyndon't be sad. if you have more questions, just ask.10:01
mohawhat I want is to just write there; Seems there's no solution except moving data and formating to ext410:02
tomreynthere are other options, but they will risk data loss. if loosing data is a risk that's easy for you to take, you can try your luck with ntfsfix, for example.10:03
erle-Where does Ubuntu put its EFI files?10:52
rbasakerle-: /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/ here10:55
erle-rbasak, but it did not here obviously10:57
erle-how did it do it in the past?10:57
rbasakI don't know, sorry10:57
erle-or where does /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT belong to?10:57
erle-my goal is to delete files that no one owns10:57
summonnerthey belong to the computer itself11:17
coreyfarrellI'm dealing with a build process that does not yet support ubuntu >18.04 but I also need lcov 1.14.  is there any way to install this version of lcov into a docker container based on ubuntu:18.04?11:23
summonnercoreyfarrell, are you asking how to put an application into a docker?11:30
coreyfarrell`apt install lcov` from ubuntu 18.04 installs lcov 1.13 but I need 1.14.  asking if there is a way to get apt to find the updated version of that one package.11:32
summonnerthe github page for the app has instructions on doing what you want11:33
lotuspsychjecoreyfarrell: try !backports !pinning or proposed?11:38
coreyfarrelllooks like lcov isn't backported.  I will work on getting it installed without using apt.  thanks for the info.11:47
FKAShinobiIs there a command I can issue to reprobe for monitors. After the system goes to the lock screen it reverts back to mirrored mode.11:47
lotuspsychjeFKAShinobi: xrandr --auto try11:50
FKAShinobilotuspsychje: Thanks! I'll give it a try11:50
manmohangillhi guys12:06
manmohangillIf you're using X11 clients via Xwayland, maybe the bug is in Xorg still, and not in any of the Wayland components.12:06
manmohangillis there anyway to get off X11 Clients ?12:06
manmohangillor check if Ubuntu 21.04 is using them12:06
BluesKajHi all12:21
alkisgcoreyfarrell: you may try to download and install the .deb from there: https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/lcov; note that since the version was bumped manually, you might miss security updates12:29
rbasakIt's not "might". You *will* miss all security updates to that package.12:32
alkisgNo, there 's a chance that the new version will have a higher number :)12:32
alkisgAnd there's a chance that there won't be any security updates too12:33
alkisgAnd there's a chance that the user will keep an eye on updates via other means, and won't miss them (the same e.g. as if he had installed lcov manually without .deb)12:35
rbasakThere's virtually no chance that the new version will have a higher number.12:36
rbasakI'm just saying that "you might miss security updates" isn't sufficient to make your recommendation acceptable. On its own, it's bad advice.12:37
alkisgI still think it's always better than "no solution", or "install a local lcov without using a .deb"; that too, won't receive security updates12:38
rbasakFine, but it should always come with a warning that security updates *stop*.12:42
rbasakSaying "might" is excessively optimistic and dangerous.12:42
alkisgrbasak: It's a 18.04 universe package; it stopped receiving security updates anyway... but OK as you wish. I can't say "stop" as it's a lie, so I'll just not mention that option at all instead...12:45
rbasakalkisg: "it stopped receiving security updates anyway" -> that's not strictly true. Anyone can contribute a security update to any package in Ubuntu, including a package in universe.12:47
iorianot sure a bionic pkg will install on focal (an upper libc); maybe the contrary might work12:47
alkisgioria: He's looking for the opposite, focal pkg on bionic12:48
ioriai mean : not sure a focal  pkg will install on bionic (an upper libc); maybe the contrary might work12:48
rbasak"it's a lie" -> it's really not. Of course _everything_ receives a "security update" *if you provide one yourself*. That's a given, and doesn't need to be explained. When we say "doesn't receive security updates" we unambigiously mean "won't receive security updates *from the distribution*.12:48
alkisgrbasak: your previous sentences contradict the last one. A couple of days ago you said "there are no guarantees in version numbers", i.e. it's possible that a security patch may bump the version number. In the previous sentence you said "anyone can contribute a security update". And in the last one "no security  updates will come"12:51
alkisgI have the utmost respect to the debian policy and the repo guidelines, but I can't tell lies. But sure, I'll just stop mentioning that alternative and leave the users to manually compile things instead of using .debs12:52
Guest22Can someone help me repairing Grub2 for an UEFI system? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6XrX7FcJkH/12:53
Guest22Boot-Repair caused the computer to boot into a grub2 (not rescue) prompt12:54
rbasakAnyone can contribute a security update to lcov in Bionic. But a correct security update to lcov in Bionic will not be received by a user who has hacked in Focal's version. Yes, it's possible that lcov will receive a major version bump because a security update requires it, and then the update will arrive to such a hacked system, but that's vanishingly unlikely.12:54
rbasakIf you want to explain that in full, then feel free.12:55
alkisgIn my understanding of human languages, that's a "might", not a "won't".12:55
rbasakNo, that's based on your understanding of logic, not human language.12:55
alkisgIf there was a wiki page about it, or a factoid, I'd happily link to it, but I don't want to spend the time to write one12:55
rbasakI'm not about to find myself wherever you are to argue this with you in person. However, according to our current understanding of physics there is a miniscule but finite and non-zero probability that it will happen. But in human language, it's an absolute that it won't happen.12:56
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blackcan you run two apt processes at once in ubuntu terminal? of you can then how and if you cannot then why?14:15
gneeriiloeepdeerI once used an app that shows time for several world regions / time zones. Whats the app called?14:18
gneeriiloeepdeerdiscontinued after upgrade to 21.04?14:18
jabberwockI think that's in Clocks14:18
leftyfbgneeriiloeepdeer: look in gnome extensions14:19
leftyfbgneeriiloeepdeer: https://extensions.gnome.org/14:19
jabberwockd'oh. I guess these extensions won't work in gnome 4014:26
jabberwockwhy'd I do that...14:26
gneeriiloeepdeerleftyfb, if I use xubuntu, should I even try gnome apps?14:28
jabberwockI take it you don't use multiple displays14:28
jabberwockbecause XFCE hates them more than eGPUs14:29
tomreyngneeriiloeepdeer: if you use xubuntu and have questions about xfce applications, then the best place to ask may be #xubuntu14:31
ioria!info gnome-clocks hirsute14:33
ubottugnome-clocks (40~beta-1, hirsute): Simple GNOME app with stopwatch, timer, and world clock support. In component universe, is optional. Built by gnome-clocks. Size 256 kB / 1,934 kB14:33
hoppityDoes any one know what license multipass is under?14:37
ravage"terms of the GNU General Public License as published by14:39
ravage * the Free Software Foundation; version 3"14:39
hoppityravage: isn't that only for the gui?14:39
ravagefeel free to check every single source file14:40
hoppityI simply wonder why the license is not in the main github repo page14:40
hoppityI've ran into these projects where they hide the license deep in the source and you find out months later that the whole thing is a whole different license altogether14:41
ravagebut yes. a note in the readme or a global license file would be nice14:42
ravageno idea why there isnt one14:42
hoppityravage: Thank you, I just found the license it is in the main page under the name COPYING.GPL.txt lol14:43
ravageah right. just found it too14:43
cbreakhmm... "Aug 27 17:20:56 twilight gnome-shell[16540]: Window manager warning: Overwriting existing binding of keysym 34 with keysym 34 (keycode d)."15:23
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cbreakwonder which part of ubuntu spams that all the time. journalctl --since "1 hour ago" | grep "Overwriting existing" | wc -l gives me 38115:45
robCan anyone give any tips for diagnosing recurrent freezes? /var/crash is empty. Typically these freezes seem to be associated with pasting something into terminal.15:45
iLinux-OS-UserWhat are you pasting?15:46
robAny old thing will do it. Short strings of text etc.15:46
iLinux-OS-UserWe can't give you a solution if we don't have the code!15:47
tomreynrob: run    journalctl -f   in a terminal, then reproduce it, and see what is logged (if anything)15:48
robThere isn't any code. It's just arbitrary text.15:48
iLinux-OS-UserExcept this, all else works fine?15:48
TJ-rob: one possibilty is one of those terminals that intercepts pastes and is supposed to display a dialog box and ask for your OK to actually paste. Maybe that is configured but the dialog isn't appearing, or is hidden, or similar?15:49
TJ-oops, rob pasted himself out!15:49
tomreynand tell us about your ubuntu version, desktop, terminal, graphics driver, available memory (free -m)15:50
robiLinux-OS-User I just got hit with another freeze when I pasted your suggestion!15:50
TJ-rob: one possibilty is one of those terminals that intercepts pastes and is supposed to display a dialog box and ask for your OK to actually paste. Maybe that is configured but the dialog isn't appearing, or is hidden, or similar?15:51
TJ-rob: which Ubuntu flavour (desktop environment), which release (e.g. 20.04), which terminal emulator?15:51
robInteresting thought. Not sure what would have brought that on all of a sudden though. No obvious config change.15:51
robiLinux-OS-User: would you mind repeating your suggestion? I lost those lines with the last freeze.15:52
tomreynrob: i don't think they made a suggestion. i made this: <tomreyn> rob: run    journalctl -f   in a terminal, then reproduce it, and see what is logged (if anything)15:53
robAh ha. Yes, that was it. Thanks15:54
iLinux-OS-UserExcept this, all else works fine?15:55
robYes as far as I can see15:55
robJust trying to reproduce it with journalctl then will come back with more details if I successfully get a freeze.15:56
robAh ha well it's certainly not consistent. Pasting into terminal is fine currently.15:57
ioriarob you should check (or paste, if you want) /var/log/syslog15:57
robYeah, I've had a skim through that already and couldn't see anything obvious on first look. Will look again.15:59
merpnderpWhat's the best music service for linux users? Spotify's web player work fine?15:59
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iLinux-OS-UserIf there is no other problem, it's Terminal/Command Line related. Focus there. Try another Terminal App.16:00
robOK, managed to get another freeze by pasting the path to syslog16:01
iLinux-OS-UserHave you tried another Terminal App?16:06
robHere's the syslog: https://termbin.com/ob4u16:06
umogawhats up with long irc names16:06
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robNot yet; using the default terminal at present. I *am* using zsh, which is obviously a bit less stable than bash...16:07
jabberwockless stable?16:08
robWell, maybe not itself, but a typical installation has a bunch of plugins maintained by third parties with all that comes with that.16:09
robSo, anyway, some system details: 20.04.03 desktop16:12
robfree -m: https://termbin.com/d6es16:12
roblshw: https://termbin.com/n6yh16:14
robdesktop: GNOME 3.36.816:17
TJ-rob: I don't use Gnome but I know Canonical stuff some of the core Gnome files into snaps so I'm wondering if there is some bad interaction there16:18
robSounds like a potentially risky strategy. Any idea how to look into this further?16:20
robThe more I think about it the more suspicious of zsh plugins I'm getting. Going to try disabling them all.16:21
kilzoolI have Mozilla Thunderbird for email.. and use it for email only.  When I right click, I have to keep the right click down, and slide the mouse to the entry.. It doesn't work like other apps, inwhich right click opens the menu and keeps it open until you click.16:22
BinarySaviorcheer100 pearl you keep your sword in the same slot i do!16:23
BinarySaviorwrong chat16:24
BinarySaviorso sorry16:24
robHaha. I thought that was cryptic.16:24
tomreynkilzool: that's not how it normally is, or should be.16:25
tomreynkilzool: which ubuntu release is this? which desktop?16:26
kilzool20.04 lts16:28
kilzoolwell if you use FILE to open document folder and right click it doesn't close the window when you release the right mouse,  Thunderbird does.16:30
tomreynkilzool: yours does, but i'm saying that's not what it normally does.16:31
TJ-kilzool: I cannot reproduce that; which Thunderbird version are you using?16:31
kilzoolI am trying the other one listed in apps.. hold on16:32
kilzoolAll fixed.16:33
kilzoolThere are apparently two thunderbirds in the app list (gnome) -- so removing one and adding the other fixed the problem.16:34
tomreynmaybe that was a snap16:34
kilzoolprolly ty tomreyn16:41
tomreynkilzool: i didn't do a lot ;)16:41
robTo those helping me with the freezes problem -- no freezes for a while now after disabling zsh plugins. Looks like that was the culprit.16:45
jabberwockI'm curious to know which plugin was the culprot16:48
robYeah me too. May look into it in more detail later when I have more time. Got to go do childcare now. Thanks!16:55
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PizzaBurgerCan we use any other pasting services due to Ubuntu pastebin requiring account login?17:59
ikoniayou can use others sure18:00
ikoniatry not to use ones with loads of adverts/trackers etc18:00
ikoniayou'll find an ubuntu account could be useful for most people using ubuntu though, so maybe worth getting an account18:01
PizzaBurgerikonia: Okay, thanks! Could you maybe share some of that usefuleness? I know Livepatch requires an account but not really sure what it does to be honest.18:02
ikoniaPizzaBurger: it's an SSO account, so it can be used for things like the forum, launchpad etc18:04
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TJ-PizzaBurger: you only need a login to view pastes from anonymous sources; you should be able to view pastes from logged-in users18:05
PizzaBurgerikonia: Thanks, will check those cout! TJ-: appreciate the response, but it seems that you also need an account to create a paste.18:11
TJ-PizzaBurger:  that may be a bug then18:13
TJ-15:18 <cjwatson> Unit193: AIUI the rule is now that you have to log in to view pastes that were created by a non-logged-in user.  It's an unfortunately necessary mitigation - we were apparently seeing increasing numbers of takedown notices for illegal material of various kinds.18:13
TJ-15:19 <cjwatson> Unit193: (The initial plan was to disallow anonymous posting entirely, which I pointed out would be a bit of a problem for pastebinit)18:13
PizzaBurgerTJ-: Says "Please log in to create a paste." right there on the main page.18:15
TJ-PizzaBurger: works for me https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nMVJqw53Ty/18:18
hggdhwell, so now it requires a login to even get there.18:21
TJ-pastebinit can paste anonymous but it prevents web-site users doing that18:23
PizzaBurgerTJ- :18:30
PizzaBurgerPaste from root 27 August 2021 18:18 +000018:30
PizzaBurgerYou need to be logged in to view this paste.18:30
PizzaBurgerAnd the section below:18:30
PizzaBurger"Please log in to create a paste."18:30
TJ-PizzaBurger: that's expected since it was an anonymous paste (from within a container)18:32
TJ-PizzaBurger: how about this one? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Bp6sqtdPVN/18:32
PizzaBurgerTJ-: "Testing from log-in"18:33
TJ-PizzaBurger: right, you can see it since I was logged in18:33
TJ-so it is traceable18:33
PizzaBurgerHow did you make previous paste without an account?18:34
PizzaBurger+ you still can't view the raw paste without an account18:34
sarnoldprobably echo hello | pastebinit18:36
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TJ-PizzaBurger: viewing raw has always required a log-in18:42
PizzaBurgerGotcha, TJ- thanks for the detailed clarification! Will check out that Ubuntu One account and see what benefits it gives.18:52
Guest4750hello, i search  for better OS, galaxy book go, with snapdragon 7c arm64, only ubuntu server 20.04 boot from usb stick, see  install,  press enter restart18:54
paul424Is this cahnnel for LTS as well ?18:57
sarnoldmost of the folks in here are on newer releases, and may not remember the five-year-old stuff so well, but it's still fine18:58
chibill[m]Hi, I am having some issues with PulseAudio on my system, it seems as if PulseAudio is totally broken in some form.18:59
Guest4750what for a version you use?19:01
chibill[m]The output from uname -a says the following, Linux hambook 5.11.0-25-generic #27~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 13 17:41:23 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:02
chibill[m]Thats how I normally get the version btw19:02
chibill[m]Not the issue, literally PulseAudio is not running because it errors on start.19:09
sarnoldah nice what's the error?19:09
ice9in xorg, gnome settings show 120 hz for the display but in wayland it's just 60 hz, any idea?19:10
TJ-chibill[m]: check the log " journalctl --user -u pulseaudio "19:10
TJ-ice9: Wayland compositor is twice as slow?19:11
ice9TJ-, it's now slow it's running fine but i mean the reported refresh rate19:11
TJ-ice9: I was attempting to crack a joke :)19:12
ice9ah :D19:12
TJ-ice9: I've not touched Wayland compositors so not sure what the equivalent tool to 'xrandr' would be to check on what the displays report over EDID19:13
chibill[m]https://pastebin.com/xBvRgCTr is one of the log entries. Not much in journalctl for pulseaudio. Also using pastebin because I don't have a Ubuntu One account and not sure why its needed not to use the recommend way of sharing logs.19:18
i-garrisonchibill[m]: it does not look like it fails; first it is started then after 8min it exited with your desktop session, which looks normal19:24
chibill[m]Yet it can't be accessed by applications / can't see my audio devices. While ALSA can and pusleaudio was also before a reboot about a month ago.19:26
sarnoldchibill[m]: the standard journalctl output to a terminal truncates the output :( note the "Possible causes inc>"19:26
sarnoldchibill[m]: it's entirely possible that the actual cause is just cut off -- try journalctl -u pulseaudio.service | cat    or | nc termbin.com 9999 or similar19:27
i-garrisonchibill[m]: sarnold: that error message is from bluetooth part which is probably not an issue19:28
i-garrisonchibill[m]: please check if you can access pulseaudio daemon with 'pactl info' and pastebin the output19:29
chibill[m]I had a better error last time I tried to get help but thats gone. (Expired in paste.ubuntu.com also was before the login change) I stopped looking to a sollution after talking here over an hour and finding out that using ALSA with out pulseaudio involved still worked. Just had to find the correct device name.19:29
chibill[m]kd9kck@hambook:~$ pactl info19:30
chibill[m]Connection failure: Connection refused19:30
chibill[m]pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused19:30
i-garrisonchibill[m]: do you run that from desktop environment?19:31
chibill[m]Yes, I am currently logged in on a desktop.19:31
i-garrisonchibill[m]: please run pa-info and either pastebin the output if you do not mind, or just first pulseaudio_ps_do section from that19:33
i-garrisonchibill[m]: there is an instance running since Aug 14th, is that expected? if not, try killing it with 'pulseaudio -k' or 'kill -9 831'19:38
chibill[m]That was the last reboot so I would assume it should still be running. Unless it isn't supposed to be running the sound server all the time.19:39
TJ-chibill[m]: looks to me like you've got a RDP service grabbed it19:40
i-garrisoneven if "grabbed" pulseaudio server should still be responding to pactl info19:41
chibill[m]I use Chrome Remote Desktop to get into my netbook remotely. (I use it for my hamradio shack.)  Just to be noted it was already and used before PulseAudio decided to just kick the bucket.19:41
TJ-i-garrison: not if it's blocking in kernel. chibill[m]  show us "ps -efly | grep pulse | nc termbin.com 9999 "19:42
chibill[m]btw just killed that copy of pulseaudio that was running. Starting to wonder if maybe chrome remote starts its own which keeps the systems one from starting.19:43
chibill[m]Seems it restarted it self after I killed it.19:43
i-garrisonchibill[m]: yes it is getting restarted automatically; do you have 'pactl info' running successfully now?19:44
chibill[m]nope, still no connection. I think its because that instance is told not to be a daemon in its command.19:44
i-garrisonchibill[m]: no, that's ok - that is how systemd is managing it19:45
chibill[m]Thats weird and backwards compared to most shared server type things.19:46
i-garrisonchibill[m]: it's per your user session so not really shared19:46
i-garrisonchibill[m]: please pastebin all output of this command 'PULSE_LOG=4 pactl info'19:46
chibill[m]Thats even weirder. Would expect the audio library of a system to be shared across the whole system just like the network stack is.19:47
TJ-chibill[m]: what does "groups" report ?19:48
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i-garrisonchibill[m]: it can be run in system-wide configuration but that is not really recommended way to use it19:48
chibill[m]kd9kck adm dialout cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin lxd sambashare19:48
i-garrisonTJ-: you do not need audio group with systemd-logind19:49
sarnoldI wonder if that "failed to open..." message is part of pulse refusing to start19:49
musshalhow to access ssh aws in terminal ubuntu?19:49
sarnoldmusshal: can you rephrase your question?19:49
chibill[m]And audio works with ALSA fine and was working with PulseAudio fine for a long while. Then just like stopped working. (This was the cause of the last reinstall I did as well because no one could figure it out at the time.)19:50
TJ-chibill[m]: " find /home/kd9kck/.config/chrome-remote-desktop/pulseaudio#6aa63275cd/ -ls | nc termbin.com 9999 "19:52
i-garrisonI think this is bad interaction with chrome-remote-desktop, e.g. https://askubuntu.com/questions/963756/installing-google-chrome-remote-desktop-messed-up-my-box19:52
chibill[m]Weird thing is it was working fine with Chrome remote desktop for over 5 months19:53
TJ-there's your issue; alternate configs and a missing control socket19:53
chibill[m]Wonder if it had an update.19:53
chibill[m]And did that.19:53
TJ-chibill[m]: I wonder if chrome-remote-desktop symlinked the usualy default.pa/daemon.conf to that location19:54
i-garrisonchibill[m]: maybe you did looked at c-r-d audio config and that rewrote the stuff..19:55
TJ-chibill[m]: show us " systemctl --user cat pulseaudio.service | nc termbin.com 9999 "19:56
i-garrisonchibill[m]: please pastebin 'xprop -root | grep ^PULSE_'19:57
chibill[m]I will see if I can figure something out in a bit. Have to go now. (Going to be new car shopping with my parents.)19:57
TJ-I hope its horn isn't using PulseAudio !19:58
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bitblitso what does a basic local-only mail setup look like on ubuntu, so you can check root email and get cron notifications. quite a few packages provide mail, mailx, sendmail. doesn't look like mail even comes with the default install..20:11
hoppitybitblit: I setup a local system yesterday, you need to install mailutils and the installer will ask you whether this is for local only, say yes and you are golden20:12
bitblithoppity: thanks, taking a look at it.20:17
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webbyHow do I show the fingerprint of a deb package before installing it?20:47
gneeriiloeepdeeris it a sign that something's wrong if my computer needs 12 seconds to load a second SSD?20:50
gneeriiloeepdeerno external, but internally connected20:50
Loshkigneeriiloeepdeer: I would look at the SMART data next, if SSDs have it20:53
TJ-gneeriiloeepdeer: check the kernel log " journalctl -k -p warning" for clues21:07
gneeriiloeepdeerTJ-, [Firmware Bug]: TSC ADJUST differs within socket(s), fixing all errors. Has the problem been solved?21:09
TJ-gneeriiloeepdeer: doesn't sound to be related to the SSD21:15
TJ-gneeriiloeepdeer: how are you determining this 12 seconds?21:15
TJ-gneeriiloeepdeer: do you mean using a GUI file-manager it takes 12 seconds to show content of a file-system on that SSD when you click on the file-system label to mount it?21:16
gneeriiloeepdeerit's an encrypted ssd, the time passed brtween writing the password and seeing the content are 12 seconds, from the gui21:20
TJ-gneeriiloeepdeer: then that is expected21:23
TJ-gneeriiloeepdeer: complexity time to unwrap the passphrase is set to prevent brute-force attachs21:24
TJ-attacks, too21:24
gneeriiloeepdeercurious, this didn't happen before upgrading to 21.0421:24
osoldatovokay, anyone here?21:41
shimblesis there a tool like iotop, but shows a plot of disk throughput over time21:45
yukiupdoubt it21:46
sarnoldshimbles: maybe .. https://github.com/brendangregg/bpf-perf-tools-book/blob/master/originals/Ch09_Disks/biopattern.bt21:50
sarnoldI've seen things that were much fancier than that..21:51
shimbleshow about for the CLI21:57
shimblesi guess i will just use iotop's batch mode and make a plot21:58
cbreakshimbles: check out bpytop22:09
shimblesthat's cool. having 1 ssh session per htop/iotop/iftop/etc is annoying, plus they all kind of suck22:10
cbreakI'm not using it for IO, but I think it can show it22:10
shimblesi added a feature request https://github.com/aristocratos/bpytop/issues/34622:15
ubottuIssue 346 in aristocratos/bpytop "[REQUEST] Seekwatcher" [Open]22:15
cbreakwhat I use to monitor IO is "munin"22:17
shimblesIf I use a gui the world's my toaster22:18
cbreakbut it's not really comparable to iotop, neither in how it works nor what it shows22:18
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plujonGreetings; I'm using 20.04 LTS and Wayland, and I'd like to make a screencast of a VM on my desktop.22:25
plujonI tried using recordmydesktop, but the video portion was mostly black.  I could see the mouse move, but not the virtualbox window.22:25
sarnoldoh interesting22:26
mohaIs it usual for a software, running by Wine, using totally more than 25% of CPU? (ref: https://u.teknik.io/jS7LV.png)22:26
plujonI don't know how to make the default screen recorder record only a single window and not my entire desktop.22:26
leftyfbplujon: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/08/peek-desktop-gif-screen-recorder-linux22:26
leftyfbplujon: it's meant for making gifs, but it can do mp4 as well22:26
cbreak256 color 2 fps mp4s? :)22:28
mohaplujon: try with obs-studio22:29
cbreakVLC can stream your desktop... not sure if it can store it into a file though...22:32
plujonPeek looks like it works okay.  I'll try recording a webm and adding sound using audacity.22:41
plujonI wonder what a good choice is for sampling rate for voice..22:44
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rfmplujon, digital telephones (like ISDN) used 8K samples per second (8 bit ones, at that)22:53
sarnoldand they sounded like it, right? :)22:53
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plujonrfm: Thanks; audacity's default is 44.1K.  Perhaps I can lower that...23:02
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