pizza_timesample text00:23
pizza_timeinteresting IRC here00:24
gimzmoeanyone know how to get network control to reappear on the status notification panel items?02:09
gimzmoemine disappeared a few days ago for reasons I can't figure out and I can't get it back02:10
diogenes_gimzmoe: nm-applet07:23
gneeriiloeepdeerI once used an app that shows time for several world regions / time zones. Whats the app called?14:41
gneeriiloeepdeerIm not sure it was xfce... is it a good idea to use kde apps on a xfce environment?14:41
tomreynyou should be able to use multiple clock applets, each using a different time zone.14:48
tomreynsome of these suggestions are very old, may no longer apply (but then xfce doesn't move that much either)14:51

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