GunnarHjHi cjwatson, did you see my email yesterday?07:47
jameshcjwatson: I've got a snap package recipe that doesn't seem to be building. A build request is created (e.g. https://api.launchpad.net/devel/~desktop-snappers/+snap/gtk-common-themes/+build-request/65704235), but no corresponding build shows up on https://launchpad.net/~desktop-snappers/+snap/gtk-common-themes08:53
jameshcjwatson: is there any way to see what could have gone wrong?08:53
cristiangspjamesh, can you let me know how are you triggering the build request? I see not pending ones for that snap here: https://api.launchpad.net/devel/~desktop-snappers/+snap/gtk-common-themes/pending_build_requests10:04
cristiangspalso, no failed ones here: https://api.launchpad.net/devel/~desktop-snappers/+snap/gtk-common-themes/failed_build_requests10:04
jameshcristiangsp: I got that build request line from kenvandine. I'm not sure how he triggered it10:15
cristiangspoh wait, it is from Aug 27th, let me dig on the logs for the proper day10:16
jameshcristiangsp: the recipe also doesn't seem to have triggered from the latest pushes to the branch since switching base snap.10:17
jameshcristiangsp: we're using "build-base: core20" and "base: bare"10:18
cjwatsonGunnarHj: It's a national holiday here today, but I'll get back to you tomorrow10:50
cristiangspI'm no able to find any work done in the builders for the snap so maybe it never arrived there..10:55
jameshcristiangsp: I'm wondering if something went wrong in trying to infer the build environment for the snap. This is the snapcraft.yaml: https://git.launchpad.net/gtk-common-themes/tree/snap/snapcraft.yaml10:59
jameshcristiangsp: I just tried using the "Request builds" link in the web UI again.  I see the "Builds will be dispatched soon." notification, then nothing.11:17
cristiangspno logs found on this one either, I would be that this is being filtered out at some point12:03
cristiangspI will try to dig deeper (getting some meetings during the afternoon though)12:03
jameshcristiangsp: thanks for looking into it, all the same.12:04
GunnarHjcjwatson: Sorry, didn't know. Enjoy your holiday!12:16
cristiangspjamesh, I was able to see the logs for the jobs that process the request builds... but no trace of error there and from there I'm unable to find trace for those builds being triggered15:06
cristiangspmaybe tomorrow with Colin expertise we will be able to get more info15:06

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