tewardtsimonq2: it's good that ublockorigin is now blocking that, but that won't affect all ad blockers and such.15:01
tewardtsimonq2: unrelated, you have messages in your PMs you ignored15:02
NacreousDawn596hello everyone19:44
NacreousDawn596I need help please19:44
NacreousDawn596Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/0e620d76cc19df4508be490c95a13586/pasted.txt19:44
NacreousDawn596can anyone told me why I have this error when trying to install lubuntu?19:45
kc2bezYou should use our support channel.19:45
ubot93For Lubuntu support, please join the #lubuntu channel on IRC or https://telegram.lubuntu.me/support for Telegram. Also, at https://forum.lubuntu.me you can find our Discourse forum.19:45

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