gamer92144Hello. I need some help setting up lubuntu.05:25
guivercgamer92144, provide release & details of your problem, and people will answer as they're able to05:27
gamer92144I am trying to find a live version of lubuntu to use as a minning os.05:28
gamer92144And I am trying to install it on a usb with persistent storage.05:28
gamer92144Is that possible??05:29
guiverctwo choices; lubuntu 21.04 or lubuntu 20.04.3; as lubuntu 20.04.3 is latest released; it'll have fewer upgrades currently even though it's a older stack05:29
guivercboth will install on persistent storage; I'd use `mkusb` to create it but it's not the only option  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb/persistent05:30
gamer92144So these are live versions of lubuntu. So If I boot to these images and create a folder and reboot. So the files will be the same???05:30
guivercthe ISOs you download are live (squashfs & RO) but you write them to your media to be persistent ... 05:31
guivercall Ubuntu ISOs are COW (copy on write, so don't have changes...) the persistent setup is done later05:32
gamer92144I need a permanent installation of lubuntu on a usb. So how do I setup persistent storage.05:32
guivercby Ubuntu - it also applies to all Ubuntu flavors like Lubuntu. I've already said I'd use mkusb to write the ISO to a persitent device, but it's not your only option (I provided a link)05:33
gamer92144Ok. Thanks. I will follow the instructions on the link.05:34
guivercyou can install media; that is by far the best option though05:34
guivercinstall to media sorry ^05:34
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lubot[telegram] <jafarabbas33> @tomreyn Thank you. That was exactly what I asked. I have no intention of making changes in the filesystem or partitions so as you said, I too think it should work just fine. By the way, I got extremely busy with a project of mine so sorry for the late reply.18:14
tomreyn;) that's fine18:27
NacreousDawn596hello everyone19:46
NacreousDawn596I have a problem while installing lubuntu19:47
NacreousDawn596Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/0e620d76cc19df4508be490c95a13586/pasted.txt19:47
kc2bezNacreousDawn596: I am guessing you are using 20.04 if not let us know what version you are trying to install.19:48
NacreousDawn596yeah 20.0419:48
kc2bezThat issue is documented in the release notes with a workaround. https://lubuntu.me/focal-3-released/19:48
NacreousDawn596oh, ok19:48
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