mwhudsoncjwatson: til (well maybe more like yil) that pc105.tree is generated by a script you wrote in like 2006 :)04:37
cjwatsonmwhudson: I'm sorry10:45
cjwatsonmwhudson: (it is all a bit dense ...)10:46
mwhudsoncjwatson: oh i didn't try to read it!10:52
cjwatsonmwhudson: very wise10:54
cjwatsonmwhudson: I think the hard work was done by Matthias Urlichs in 2005 (though I have ended up maintaining that somehow)10:56
mwhudsoncjwatson: ah yes, i hadn't even really noticed that the real work is done by a different package entirely :)11:01
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sforsheeapw, xnox: I've got wireless-regdb updates if one of you would care to sponsor them: bug 194195513:54
ubottuBug 1941955 in wireless-regdb (Ubuntu Impish) "New upstream release 2021.08.28" [Undecided, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/194195513:54
dbungertginggs: I see you've run the vip-manager/armhf tests a few times - I ran this locally in an armhf container and the test passes there.  Do you think this is related to the test env image rebuild being discussed?15:43
ginggsdbungert: quite possible15:44
ginggsvip-manager's autopkgtest regressed in release, but only on armhf15:44
ginggslistparser/armhf regressed as well15:47
ItzSwirlzHey everyone, the Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix ISO builder is failing. I'm not sure why, and I don't want to be excluding apt packages, and the issue is base. Packages like bass-passwd are being extracted but a file already exists and it's causing it to fail... anyone got any ideas? https://github.com/Ubuntu-Cinnamon-Remix/iso-builder/runs/3465676747?check_suite_focus=true20:21
cjwatsonItzSwirlz: If I were you I would look at the earlier warning "W: The following is not a valid stage: 'false'" first, because I wonder if that might relate to a failed attempt to disable caching for the bootstrap stage, which might then mean that a cache is being extracted and in turn then explain why a file already exists20:40
cjwatson(this is just a guess)20:40
ItzSwirlzI guess it's worth a shot. lb has changed a lot recently20:41
cjwatsonAlso just in general I think it's often worth looking at earlier warnings/errors first, since later ones can be consequences20:42
TJ-ItzSwirlz: does the lack of quote marks around the  --apt-options in the lb command line, vs those options contained inside "..." in the config file, cause a knock-on effect?21:05
TJ-ItzSwirlz: your problem is "--cache-stages false" -- sources shows it should be " \t    [--cache-stages STAGE|\"STAGES\"]\n "21:28
ItzSwirlzuhhh... ok21:28
ItzSwirlzTJ-: are you saying that is what needs to go in the quotes?21:30
TJ-not sure! just looking and suggesting. I /think/ the man-page is out of sync with the code since "man 1 lb_config" shows  --cache-stages true|false|STAGE|"STAGES"21:33
TJ-but the code as pasted above doesn't include true|false21:33
jawn-smithmwhudson: the original openssh bug was LP: #1939751. While working that I did a submittodebian, which they have since merged. So now instead of applying that patch we're just doing a merge: LP: #194179922:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1939751 in openssh (Ubuntu) "openssh FTBFS with glibc >= 2.34" [High, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/193975122:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1941799 in openssh (Ubuntu) "Please merge openssh 1:8.4p1-6 from Debian unstable" [High, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/194179922:15
mwhudsonjawn-smith: looks like bryceh beat me to it!22:35
jawn-smi1oh look at that, thanks bryceh!22:43
brycehheya, yeah noticed it doing server team bug triage.  Hope I didn't step on any toes!22:43
mwhudsonnope, i just got asked to look at it22:43
mwhudsonbut happy for someone else to have done it already :)22:43
brycehyep cool.  only thing I noticed was the dep8 tests failed for me, but possibly that's a local environment thing.  But keep an eye on update-excuses.22:44
jawn-smi1I had run tests on armhf, arm64, and amd64 so I think they're alright. I did the armhf tests with and without the diff we carry as well to make sure it was still necessary22:47
jawn-smi1But I'll still keep an eye out!22:47
bryceh<jawn-smi1> ah excellent, then it's probably fine.  I wondered if you might have already run them.22:50

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