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locsmifHi all. Does one need multipathd on an Ubuntu server VM if one doesn't use it? (No configs, no SAN, etc.)15:07
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Guest42How do I luks encrypt during install?16:45
mybalzitchits an option during the partitioning stage16:47
Guest42You have the syntax, I haven't been able to dig it up anywhere?16:56
TJ-Guest42: it might help if you tell us which release and which installer you're using16:58
Guest4220.04.2 cloud-init16:58
Guest42Is it possible with cloud-init?17:11
TJ-aren't the cloud-image either rootfs (containers) or pre-built disk images (bootable as VM guests)17:15
Guest42Possibly....if so, they start out as a very tiny one, then allow you to install more packages. Partitioning is a pain though.17:25
Guest42can the regular installer be automated?17:30
Guest92123123hey. can anyone help me with ubuntu 18 & autoinstall? I'm trying to use the new installer but for whatever reason cloud-init is disabled and it never pulls the autoinstall config21:06
Guest42you need to make a volume called cidata, and put user-data and meta-data onto that volume.21:08
Guest92123123i was using another volume (cdrom called cidata) with the old installer, but it wouldn't automount21:09
Guest92123123kind of breaks the auto part of the install :'(21:09
Guest42If the stuff in your user-data is busted, cloud-init silently ignores it.21:10
Guest92123123i don't think it is. if i run cloud-init manually it doesn't complain21:10
Guest42which iso are you using?21:10
Guest9212312318.04 live server21:11
Guest42should work. Is it just skipping to the interactive installer?21:11
Guest92123123i was using regular server before, but couldn't get through the gateway/nameserver dialogs when trying an offline install21:11
Guest42doesn't like your user-data21:11
Guest42go simpler.21:12
Guest92123123huh. i copied it from the auto-generated one through the interactive installer21:12
Guest42how did you get that? I didn't know it generated a config......21:12
Guest92123123yeah, not exactly splattered all over the docs. it's in /var/log/installer i think. 21:13
Guest92123123worst part is i found that out when i managed to get ubuntu 20 installing. no idea what's up with 1821:13
Guest42and that's the cli/text gui, not the graphical one right?21:14
Guest92123123 /var/log/installer/autoinstall-user-data21:15
Guest92123123yes, clit/text21:15
Guest92123123"Using seeded cache data from http://..." i'm assuming it's correct due to that. when i check /var/lib/cloud/instance/cloud-config.txt it matches the user-data21:19
Guest42idk about 18, i'm dinking around with 2021:22
Guest92123123i might just end up respinning the iso 21:23
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Guest42I have the xorriso command for that.21:30
Guest42I just tried looking in /var/log/installer, no user-data21:30
Guest92123123hm, maybe it's only for the interactive instance21:32
Guest42That's what I did.21:32
Guest42Plain old live-server, interactive, made choices, watching it install. there is stuff in /var/log/installer, just not autoinstall-user-data21:33
Guest42it did eventually show up.....21:34
tomreynGuest92123123: is this 18.04.0 or a current one?21:35
tomreynthat doesn't answer my question ;)21:36
Guest92123123ubuntu-18.04.5-live-server-amd64.iso, sha256:3756b3201007a88da35ee0957fbe6666c495fb3d8ef2e851ed2bd1115dc3644621:36
Guest92123123to be precise :P21:36
tomreynokay thats the latest21:37
Guest42put user-data and meta-data in a folder called seed, then this xorriso cmd will work xorriso -indev $ISO \21:38
Guest42        -boot_image any replay \21:38
Guest42        -map seed / \21:38
Guest42        -volid "cidata" \21:38
Guest42        -outdev seed.iso21:38
Guest92123123it'd be better if i could do it without modifying the iso but thanks, i'll try that when i give up21:44
Guest42meh, I eventually wanted them merged into a single iso ....21:47
Guest92123123ok, i think quotes might be why. the command line cuts off at "ds=nocloud" in the one cloud init log i found21:52
Guest92123123anyone know off the top of their head whether i quote the entire thing or just after the =?21:52
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Guest92123123at this point i'm just assuming cloud-init is disabled to force the net update or something to that effect22:18
Guest42I dunno, my interactive installer won't finish now......sigh, so much tech, so little function22:24
Guest42cloud-init is kinda crap22:38
Guest92123123preseed isn't much better, unless you can teach me how to skip the last dialogs22:43
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