jrwrenrick_h_: did you announce where you are going post Canonical?14:27
jrwrenor are you retiring?14:27
cmaloneyDidn't see the announcement14:36
greg-gcmaloney: ^14:37
greg-git's merely a tease14:37
jrwrenoh! I didn't see the replies.14:38
greg-goh, replies, /me reads14:38
greg-gah, right on14:38
jrwrencongrats rick_h_ !14:38
cmaloneywoo woo!14:39
cmaloneyLooking forward to pestering you for talks about this at MUG. ;)14:39
jrwrenI too start a new job soon. Still at Cisco. A different team found me on Linked-in and poached me internally.14:40
cmaloneyIs that legal? :)14:41
cmaloneyCongratulations on the new position14:42
cmaloneyI think rick_h_ is the last of this group to work for Canonical14:48
cmaloneyYes, that link looks suspect. It's an image.14:50
greg-gcmaloney: and I think you're right re Canonical infiltration15:00
* greg-g pours one out for the OG homies15:00
jrwrenit is legal. kinda cool too, new boss actually talked to my old boss about stealing me before actually making the offer.15:45
jrwrenyeah, i don't know anyone else in SEMI at canonical anymore.15:46
jrwrenAdam Israel maybe? but he was chicago & windsor. I don't think he ever actually lived in MI15:46
cmaloneyyeah, he was usmi-adjacent15:56
cmaloneyI think I know more ex-canonical than actual canonical now15:56
cmaloneythough that's been true for a bit15:56
jrwrendid you see jorge's spat on twitter yesterday? I :popcorn: that.16:00
jrwrengood news! https://ubuntu.com/blog/fips-certification-ubuntu-20-04-lts16:22
greg-gthe rant about snaps? saying how Canonical is just pushing tech debt to the app/snap authors?16:31
jrwrenand gustavo saying it isnt' so.16:32
cmaloneyHonestly I can't make a good case for snaps16:42
cmaloneythey're updated less often than appimages, and have more overhead on the system16:43
cmaloneythey're an experiment that hasn't panned out16:43
cmaloneyand yes, they are pushing tech-debt downstream16:44
cmaloneythough one might argue that Docker does the same thing, but folks have more reasons to use Docker than snaps16:44
jrwrenAnyone looking for work? I’m changing roles at Cisco and my old job in a very security minded threatgrid team is open. It is a programming role on a security product.16:50
jrwrensnaps are terrible.16:50
jrwreni hates them.16:50

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