mov_eaxis anyone having an OOM issue with lightdm onn 21.04? usually upon login?00:08
mov_eaxran an apport-retrace -g on it /var/crash log and it's a memory issue00:09
mov_eaxdigging through the net, basically confirmed that this *was* an issue way back in 14.04, but nothing of recent00:09
mov_eaxthere were no proposed solutions though. just the reporting00:10
CroranAre there any good strategies for avoiding the annoying entries in 'df' that are caused by snaps?00:25
shimbles df -ha | grep -v snap00:30
mov_eaxfound the bug, it's upstream. lightdm is leaking mem like a sieve. changed to gdm and issues went away. now off to see if this issue has been reported00:41
kevrOkay, so the real issue is that now, udev is NOT setting up any audio devices. I'm not sure what the hell, because I didn't do _anything_ with udev00:41
* kevr sighs00:42
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leftyfbCroran: df -x squashfs01:15
Croranleftyfb: nice02:55
Croranleftyfb: dfc -t -squashfs02:56
Croranleftyfb: if you like dfc (i do)02:56
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krickitHello, trying to get my wifi working on a new install, on linux mint the fix was to install linux-oem-osp1, but using ubuntu 20.04 it tells me that it doesn't exist. I downloaded a .deb of it as well and it said not supported. Kernel is 5.11, I think mint might have been 5.13?03:19
krickitI also tried installing linux-oem-20.04, but it didn't change anything, unless there's something else I need to do there>03:19
guiverckrickit, the package you mention is there `linux-oem-osp1 |          | focal-updates            | amd6403:22
guiverc` but you're using the HWE kernel and it's for GA03:22
krickitI don't know what those are. How would I change kernel? Or is there a different version of the package for HWE?03:26
Bashing-om!HWE | krickit03:27
ubottukrickit: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack03:27
krickitOkay, I'll try the downgrade listed there, thanks for the help03:28
frazerHey guys03:38
shimblesso far my system has 17,289 packages installed03:39
shimbleswe are on the road to a complete Ubuntu system, finally!03:39
frazerTheres always another package to install03:39
frazerits never ending03:40
shimblesi doubt i will able to install all packages; some of them are mutually exclusive of eachother03:40
frazervery true but you can atleast try lol03:40
shimbleshowever, I think I have come up with a method to install as many as possible03:40
frazerIm working on a project right now where I'm running ubuntu VMs in the cloud for gaming, any advice on how to go about it?03:41
frazereach time ive tried ive hit a brickwall with error after error03:42
shimblesyou can do that on AWS; use the nvidia drivers they link to in the documentation, with the recommended instance types03:42
frazertried that, my problem is that im using google cloud so its a near impossible task to do anything03:43
frazeri hate gcp so so much03:43
krickitlinux-oem-osp1 is still not found by apt...03:43
shimblesi cannot help on gcp; you should use aws for that project03:43
krickituname -sr -> Linux 5.11.0-31-generic03:44
frazerAh you see gcp have the cheapest gpus, hence the stupid choice03:44
shimblesgcp is too technical. you will need to use kubernetes on gpu instances, with nvidia docker03:44
frazerright now Im just struggling to run a game on these stupid vms - keep getting errors where the vm isn't using the nvidia card to power the game - defaults to a vga controller instead03:45
shimblesuse nvidia docker03:46
frazeralongside kubernetes? - down the rabbit hole i go03:46
Bashing-om!info linux-oem-osp1 focal | krickit03:46
ubottukrickit: linux-oem-osp1 (, focal): Depends on the generic kernel image and headers (dummy transitional packages). In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta. Size 2 kB / 18 kB. (Only available for amd64.)03:46
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic focal | kri03:47
ubottukri: linux-image-generic (, focal): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta. Size 3 kB / 18 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)03:47
krickitlinux-image-generic is installed?03:50
Bashing-omkrickit: Maybe - what shows ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' ?03:53
Bashing-omkrickit: Nope - must be a fresh install 0f 20.04.3 - the HWE link has instructions to install the Generally avaiiable kernel (5.4.0-81-generic).04:00
krickitii  linux-image-generic              
krickitIs listed, tehre, do I need 5.4 specifically?04:02
Bashing-omkrickit: As your apt is not finding the taget package and we have the advisory "Depends on the generic kernel image and headers"; I am assuning that yes you need the 5.4 kernel. - but what shows ' apt list linux-oem-osp1 ' ?04:05
Bashing-omkrickit: My return on the 5.4 kernel " sysop@2004x-c:~/uwn$ apt list linux-oem-osp1 >> linux-oem-osp1/focal-security,focal-updates amd64".04:08
krickitImma reboot to try Robin Reni's fix: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1263279/intel-wi-fi-6-ax200-adapter-not-found-on-ubuntu-20-0404:08
Bashing-omKristine: "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-hwe-team/backport-iwlwifi" looks to be the saner approach here, to maintain our support - once you go with tht mainline kerenl it is then out of our ball park.04:12
Bashing-omKristine: Yukkie - soory for the bad highlight there :(04:13
krickitDidn't work though :D  Imma assume changing from the HWE kernel to GA probably messes with that fix, so I'm going to reinstall Ubuntu and try again04:14
krickitI've kept browser history so I can try changing kernels again if I need04:14
krickitalso I'll use Ubuntu 21 this time too just in case04:14
Bashing-omKristine: did you try the PPA approach ?04:14
krickitI did, rebooted and iwlwifi still is acting the same04:15
Bashing-omKristine: And yes - 21,10 may have the updated WIFI driver :)04:15
krickitThanks so much for your help Bashing-om04:17
Bashing-omKristine: Not much help - but sometimes hand holding is a good thing .. and it is 21.04 vice .10 :(04:19
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic hirsute04:20
ubottulinux-image-generic (, hirsute): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta. Size 3 kB / 18 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)04:20
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Swift110-mobilehey all08:02
lavaballubuntu 20.04. all my desktop icons are gone. is that a nautilus issue or did i accidentally flick a switch?08:04
ledenilavaball, nautilus is file manager ,you maybe have problem with gnome-shell08:12
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VIAsir i understand the value of baba08:16
VIAwhos rong windo08:16
lavaballoh, i just duckduckwent around and i found something about nautilus-desktop being the issue. anyway, i guess it isn't. so what do i do now? i liked the content of ~/desktop being display on well, the desktop.08:17
ledenilavaball, did you install any gnome-shell-extension08:21
milicatlavaball:reboot first? it could be gnome-shell problem.08:21
lavaballdidn't install anything.08:22
ledenilavaball, did you update system08:22
lavaballlike a week ago.08:23
lavaballran fine since.08:23
lavaballfrom 18.04 to 20.0408:23
lavaballicons where there and everything.08:23
lavaballgsettings show org.gnome.desktop.background |grep show-desktop-icons  says false. but they are also false on my 18.04 box.08:31
milicatthis value in my 20.04 is alos false, and my desktop-envirment is xfce4.08:39
lavaballmilicat, thanks.08:45
lavaballi keep reading about gnome disabling desktop icons all together. is that the case? do i need to install this gnome-shell-extension thing i also keep reading about?08:50
lavaballhm, reboot fixed it.09:16
lavaballif i have a desktop application shortcut and i start it, i d on't have a symbol in the left launcher dock thing.09:19
famubuHi. Was the package mlton (in universe) removed from ubuntu 20.10 onwards? It was there in 20.04 https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mlton09:28
TJ-famubu: Tip. You can check on the status and publishing history of any *source* package on Launchpad using the initial URL https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/$SOURCE where in your case $SOURCE=mlton09:29
TJ-famubu: then top-right choose "View full publishing history"09:30
TJ-famubu: from that you'll see it was removed from Debian so consequently was removed from Ubuntu09:31
famubuTJ-: Oh... Thanks! Had no idea such records were accessible.10:13
BluesKajHi all11:08
Ronalds_Mazitis_hey how do I install a2enmod  in 18.0411:58
donofrioRonalds_Mazitis_, #ubuntu-server?12:04
Ronalds_Mazitis_found answer12:05
donofriojust sayin server talk in server channel....glad you have answer to you issue12:06
locsmifHi all. Does one need multipathd on an Ubuntu server VM if one doesn't use it? (No configs, no SAN, etc.)14:22
lotuspsychjelocsmif: maybe more luck at #ubuntu-server ?14:39
TJ-weird breakage right now with 20.04/Xubuntu/Xorg. Soon after logging in something seems to trigger a context right-click, a contect dialog pops up and mouse interaction via pressing mouse buttons, or keyboard navigation, fails, as if something has grabbed the focus and won't let go. Happened about 5 times now. Currently in a tty console with weechat, with the GUI sleeping on tty7. Not spotted14:52
TJ-anything in --system or --user journal logs. Looking for ideas14:52
lotuspsychjeTJ-: could it be related to bug #194193315:03
ubottuBug 1941933 in linux (Ubuntu) "[HONOR BOD-WXX9] sticks the mouse pointer when using the touchpad" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/194193315:03
TJ-lotuspsychje: I'm in console so can't visit links! Don't think so because so far as I recall the touchpad is disabled since I'm using Bluetooth keyboard and mouse - plus, not touching the laptop at all so unless touchpad is generating spurious input ...15:05
locsmiflotuspsychje: thanks15:06
locsmifAnother question: is it true that Ubuntu is moving towards Snap as the package manager rather than Apt? I heard a rumour to that effect today.15:07
TJ-lotuspsychje: hmmm, but looking at the GUI's Settings for Mouse etc; several VERY strange device names show up, including some "Realtek Reference Design" thing, and the USB<>Serial adapter!15:08
lotuspsychjeTJ-: wich kernel are you on?15:13
TJ-lotuspsychje: just checked that - noticed the USB<>serial reported by lsusb as a PS/2 mouse. Un/Re-plugged and its back to a USB RS232 adapter. Kernel 5.14-rc515:15
TJ-doubt its the kernel since PC has been running that build since August 12th15:16
ograTJ-, you should really stop using serial mice, even through USB-Serial adapters ... its 2021 after all !15:17
TJ-ogra: :P15:17
TJ-serial mice are easier to catch15:17
ograbecause they come in rows ?15:17
TJ-whereas cereal mice hide in the oats15:17
TJ-This all started about an hour ago when the builtin RTL wifi device went pear-shaped, so lost bluetooth as a side-effect, with the driver reporting something to the effect of "cannot get firmware out of lps mode" which I inferred as Low Power State so did a reboot, and now this.15:19
bluejaypopi'm trying to install the wine-staging on ubuntu focal but I'm having a problem with the i386 libraries, is it possible to workaround or some solution?15:20
lotuspsychjeTJ-: reminds me a little bit of an older apple magic mouse issue on a 18.04 kernel where i had to click several times to get the mouse active on BT15:32
TJ-I suspect it was one of those /weird/ devices generating spurious input. I'm back in Xorg now and - so far - it hasn't happened again15:33
TJ-I disabled all but the expected devices in Settings15:33
noarbI'm trying to check how many VSCode integrated terminals are running at any one time. I can test against "$TERM_PROGRAM" == "vscode" in the current shell, and I can get a count of shells with `ls /dev/pts/  | wc -l` ... is there a way to check how many existing shells has that env variable set?15:47
rfm    noarb I suppose you could look in /proc/*/environ, could readlink /proc/*/exe to check if the proc is a shell, or readlink /proc/*/fd/0 to see if stdin is a tty16:01
pycurioushttps://defuse.ca/b/bPZACAZlht5CzX87ClgV52 - when i try to mount this disk -> wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc, missing codepage or helper program, or other error.16:03
pycuriousany ideas on how to fix this drive?16:03
TJ-noarb: this should work:  "  for pro in  /proc/[1-9]*/environ; do  [ -r $pro ] && cat $pro | xargs -0 | tr \  \\n | grep -q  TERM && cat ${pro%/*}/cmdline | xargs -0; done  "16:03
TJ-noarb: change TERM to whatever you want to match16:03
noarbTJ-: I'm going to study that snippet for a little bit, but right now it seems to be janky due to tmux sessions16:08
noarbI'm trying to maintain manually how many integratged terminals there are open and add them to their own window in a "vscode" tmux session16:09
TJ-noarb: I ran it from tmux :)16:10
TJ-noarb: all it does is read the environment of each non-privileged process current $USER can read, convert the zero-terminated string to space-separate, convert spaces to linefeeds then pipes into grep which, if it matches, cats that process's cmdline through xargs to convert the zero-terminator of arg[0] to a space so it is readable16:12
noarbthis is what I got: https://bpa.st/SCDA I have one gnome terminal with tmux (irssi and two bash shell windows), then I have three vscode windows open, one of which is connected to the tmux session16:12
noarbso I would have suspected to currently have only one shell with vscode, although I could see there being three (or four) if something was going on behind the scenes16:13
TJ-noarb: you probably want to alter what is output when there's a match to include process ID16:13
TJ-noarb: you're matching on TERM not TERM_PROGRAM there16:14
alkisgChilds processes will also have TERM_PROGRAM, you'll want to also check the exe16:15
alkisgOr, check if the parent is: `/usr/share/code/code /usr/share/code/resources/app/out/bootstrap-fork --type=ptyHost`16:15
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lifeformshi, I'm having trouble extending a disk on a virtual machine. I increased the storage from 20GB to 25GB and I'm now trying to resize the partition that contains my LVM. but in parted, I get "Error: Can't have overlapping partitions." anyone see what I am doing wrong? https://lf.ms/fdisk.png16:49
TJ-lifeforms: yes16:50
lifeformsTJ-: nice :)16:50
TJ-lifeforms: that device has an msdos disk label, which only supports 4 primary partitions. You have partion #5 which inferes there is an extended partition to contain partion #5. You need to enlarge the extended partition first, then partition #516:51
TJ-lifeforms: so first enlarge #2 then it'll have free space for # 516:51
lifeformsthank you16:52
noarbif I create a tmpfile in my ~/.bashrc, will the same PID $$ be used in ~/.bash_logout to clean that file up? Or do I need to keep track a different way?18:08
noarbrather than checking how many terminals are vscode, I think I could keep track a little easier this way, just counting files of a template. I wonder what best practices would be for that18:10
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octav1aI'm having an issue with a bluetooth speaker. When I first add it, it works fine. If I turn off the bluetooth speaker and turn it back on to use at a later time, ubuntu will disconnect / reconnect in a cycle about every 45 seconds or so. (The playback continuously switches between the laptop speakers, then the bluetooth ones, then back, etc)  -- I can fix this be forgetting the bluetooth device and re-pairing it. Does anyone know a few things to try to18:39
octav1amake the reconnecting work properly?18:39
alkisgnoarb: have you explained your end goal? Why are you keeping track of the terminals?18:55
TJ-octav1a: did you set the device to 'trusted' status18:59
noarbI mentioned it up above. I'm trying to keep track of vscode integrated terminals so I can join them to a dedicated vscode tmux session. I want that so I can switch the window to a different session if I want to continue the work in vscode. If the window just joins the regular session, like another instance of gnome terminal it will restrict the window size. So I think a dedicated tmux session for vscode,19:00
noarbwith each vscode integrated terminal in a new window in that session would solve the problem19:00
noarbI think a /tmp/vscode-shell.$$ file created in bashrc, and then count those files to know what window to create, VSCODE_COUNT=$(ls -l /tmp/vscode-shell.* | wc -l)19:01
alkisgnoarb: you could create ~/bin/bash that checks with the TERM* variable or with PPID if it's called from vscode, and if so, it would call tmux, otherwise it would exec /bin/bash "$@"19:05
sarnoldnoarb: eww really? /tmp/vscode-shell.$$?? what does vscode do with those files?19:05
alkisgvscode searches for bash in the path, so it would invoke your ~/bin/bash instead of /bin/bash19:05
noarbsarnold: no bad ideas in brainstorming :-)19:05
sarnoldnoarb: oh, is this *your* pathname, not vscode?19:06
noarbyes, I'm creating it in bashrc. (or, I'm debating creating it in a bashrc to keep track of how many vscode integrated terminals are open, to keep track of where to place a tmux window in a dedicated vscode session)19:07
sarnoldnoarb: aha, cool. I was afraid I was going to have to report a security issue to vscode folks ;)19:07
sarnoldnoarb: please do switch to mktemp before sharing the script around :) hehe19:08
noarbis that a security issue? I'd like to research more and do it correctly19:09
alkisgnoarb: here's an example, if you put this to ~/bin/bash, it'll show a message if and only if it's launched inside vscode: https://termbin.com/wala19:09
alkisgSo instead of the message, put your tmux command there, to launch bash directly inside the tmux window or whatever else you like19:10
sarnoldyeah; on ubuntu kernels the default settings of sysctls fs.protected_symlinks etc mitigate the worst of the effects of using predictable filenames in /tmp but not everyone runs ubuntu kernels, nor do all kernels implement these features19:10
noarbalkisg: I'm able to detect if I'm in a vscode terminal in .bashrc via [ "$TERM_PROGRAM" == "vscode" ], is overriding ~/bin/bash better or safer?19:11
noarbsarnold: thanks, I'm going to read up on that more19:11
alkisgnoarb: with a wrapper, you can run stuff on "enter", on "exit", and even replace what gets to run (e.g. run bash inside tmux)19:11
alkisgWhile if you only want to increase a counter etc, then sure .bashrc is fine19:12
iconoclastherocan I use one of these VM images with gnome boxes?19:13
octav1aTJ-: yes19:14
TJ-octav1a: not sure what is going on UNLESS another device is also connecting to the speaker (a phone maybe?) and they're playing ping-ping19:17
TJ-hmmm, apt-key del ... - doesn't!19:22
TJ-got an old expired key in trusted.gpg but apt-key doesn't delete it despite reporting "OK" on command line19:23
Bashing-omTJ-: My note: "Deleting a key ('apt-key del <keyID>'), or removing a repository; one has to manually remove the empty keyring files, in addition to removing package repositories. !!!".19:25
TJ-Bashing-om: this key is in the main /etc/apt/trusted.gpg keyring19:27
TJ-Had to use gpg manually: " gpg --homedir . --no-default-keyring --keyring trusted.gpg --delete-keys  "Skype Linux Client Repository <se-um@microsoft.com>"  "19:29
TJ-(executed as root in /etc/apt/019:29
tomreyniconoclasthero: the vmware images may work. gnome-boxes is a frontend for qemu-kvm, which has native support for vmdk format v519:30
iconoclastherowell shut, i guessed the wrong one on a 7 gb download.  :(19:31
Bashing-omTJ-: That is some kind of an invoation there :D note for future reference ?19:31
TJ-Bashing-om: I seem to recall this apt-key issue from years ago too19:32
TJ-Bashing-om: apt-key is a wrapper around gpg to make it easier to use and setting the correct homedir, so what I did manually is what apt-key does (badly!)19:33
TJ-Bashing-om: if you're going to store the command line, use the following19:33
TJ-Had to use gpg manually: " gpg --homedir /etc/apt --no-default-keyring --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg --delete-keys  "${KEYID}"  "19:33
TJ-Bashing-om: and remember that will only remove keys from the primary trusted.gpg - it will never delete files in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ - those have to be removed manually19:34
tomreyniconoclasthero: you can convert between most image file formats.19:37
Bashing-omTJ-: So noted - thanks.19:37
iconoclastherowhat i have downloaded is MSEdge.Win10.VirtualBox.zip19:38
iconoclastheroit's great that ubuntu uses torrent for distribution.  i always grab new images that way!19:38
iconoclastheroit looks like boxes will accept the unzipped .ova image.19:38
TJ-Bashing-om: have you considered a 'power users corner' in the newsletter?19:40
iconoclastherodoes 20.04 require anything special for gnome boxes out of the gate (e.g., like 18.04 does w/ the kvm, etc., pkgs?)19:41
Bashing-omTJ-: Well things along that line - I would be receptive to a change in the format :( .. issue 698 is soon now to happen.19:46
ubottuBug 698 in glabels (Ubuntu) "glabels should depend on at-spi" [Medium, Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69819:46
TJ-lol buggie bug hunter19:48
Bashing-omTJ-: ^^ To be Honest - we just do not get enough feed back from our readers to make a determination of what changes to make.19:49
TJ-Bashing-om: right; I think we had this discussion a year or so ago, that being a major failing of the format19:50
Bashing-omTJ-: For sure would be good to add a section for those things we know of that fall out of "in this week's events".19:56
Bashing-omTJ-: With your consent will add your suggestion to the want list :)19:57
webchat13Does Ubuntu work with miracast?20:06
webchat13oe anycastZ?20:07
webchat13or anycast?20:07
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Batzywhy does dragging and dropping windows on linux suck?21:42
sarnoldI haven't used a window manager that offered that for a long time, but I don't remember anything super bad about it when I did it21:43
minimecBatzy: Does it??? Probably depends on the Desktop Environment you use...21:43
Batzyminimec i've noticed it on multiple DEs and multiple distros21:43
Batzyif i try to drag a browser tab out21:43
Batzyto another screen21:43
Batzyholy hell does shit go down21:43
minimecBatzy: What's your GPU?21:44
Batzynvidia rtx 2060 super21:44
TJ-Batzy: no problems here with amdgpu21:44
minimecBatzy: Ok... ;) Blame it on 'team green'... As Linus said... Nvidia... Fuck you...21:44
TJ-Xubuntu 20.0421:44
minimecBatzy: I had problems with my nvidia gtx1060 on Enlightenment, but they are gone now.21:45
minimecBatzy: The Nvidia driver can be a bit tricky with some cards.21:46
sarnoldoh, I always stick with intel onboard, that might be part of it21:46
minimecBatzy: Try some configuration options in nvidia-settings... https://blog.desdelinux.net/en/how-to-improve-the-performance-of-your-nvidia-card-in-linux/21:47
Batzyi dont think it's performance21:47
minimecBatzy: https://www.google.com/search?channel=fs&q=nvidia+optimize+nvidia+performance+linux21:47
Batzylike i can play games21:47
Batzy3d games just fine21:47
Batzybut if i try to move a tab out of my web browser21:47
Batzyit's actually hilarious21:47
minimecBatzy: It is not only 'performance' in regard of speed, but of 'features'...21:48
Batzydoes your guide address that21:51
minimecBatzy: First link I posted, probably not... Try the arch wiki for example. Often the arch wiki gives some good tips and tricks21:54
minimecBatzy: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/NVIDIA21:54
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Karatsuba#join #html22:43
Guest08Hello, i'm using ubuntu 20.04 is it possible to disable the update popup notification that appears when i do "apt update" ? thx23:41
Guest08i was tinking of deleting the file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99update-notifier   but i'm not sure it's the right way ?23:46
EriC^^Guest08: in "software and updates" you could make the updates show weekly only or not at all if you want23:46
Guest08i've done that already but it doesnt stop the popup23:47
Guest08oh well it's not a huuuge problem i can live with it for now, thx anyway23:49

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