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racccthi evbdy - where can I find good cloud init sample configs?20:00
falcojrraccct: there are some example configs here: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/examples.html20:29
falcojralso a list of examples here: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/tree/main/doc/examples20:30
raccctfalcojr: thanks for the links! I had found the first, the second one looks really nice tho!20:31
raccctfalcojr: could one use cloud-init to preconfigure a lamp server just via config? if so, I assume this was done before, right?20:32
falcojrtheoretically, sure. cloud-init can run arbitrary shell scripts so you if there isn't a module that does a specific thing you're looking for, you can always resort to the script20:34
falcojrthat said, cloud-init is more focused on the provisioning side of making an instance usable20:36
raccctfalcojr: i see, thanks for the insights! So more user and network, I assume. I just wonder if I'm on the right path trying to launch a lamp server via cloud-init or if there is some more obvious way to go about getting a lamp VM up and running?20:37
falcojrI think it really depends on your needs. If you want to do it with cloud-init, then go ahead. Otherwise, it might be worth searching if other cloud provisioning or configuration management tools are a better fit20:44

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