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IrcsomeBot<X> I assume that electron apps are failing due to Mesa upgrade. Possible workaround is to run them with --disable-gpu or just to use versions from snapcraft.io05:59
BluesKajHi folks11:57
RikMillshi, all. I am sort of about but will likely take a long time to repond to pings. my main dev setup (keys etc) is on a desktop that I can't get to much at the moment. if I can get a laptop fully set up I might be able to do more while I am still looking out for my relative12:34
RikMillsthanks to santa_ and others for stepping up12:34
RikMills^^ fyi Eickmeyer as kubuntu packages impact you a lot12:36
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santa_hi everyone13:43
santa_RikMills: FYI: plasma seems ready to me to be uploaded13:43
BluesKajhey santa_, RikMills13:44
RikMillssanta_: I might try to upload that later tonight then, but no promises15:34
RikMillsanother tactic in the future might be for you to build the source packages unsigned, and put them somewhere I can fetch 15:35
RikMillsor even remote debsign if I have ssh access15:36
santa_RikMills: I can do that for this plasma version if you want15:45
santa_I can run gbp-archive and put the contents of the "upload" directory in my server, so you could download them, sign and upload to archive15:46
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> Let's try that then16:17
santa_ok, give me a couple of hours and I will proceed to try to do that16:17
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santa_ok, with some delay, I'm available now19:24
IrcsomeBot<RikMills> not near a machine with my keys right now, but hopefully later. if not, in the morning20:20
santa_no problem, whenever you can just see the message I sent you and let me know if you have any problem with it20:53
santa_for the record, the *.changes are signed by me, but I can redo them if that's a problem20:54
RikMillssanta_: no problem. I can force resign them if I can remember how21:08
RikMillssanta_: the orig.tar.xz are not there21:11
santa_RikMills: oh, they must be symlinks21:11
santa_hmm, let's see if I can handle that21:11
santa_RikMills: can you please retry?21:19
santa_retry = download again and see, in case it wasn't obvious enough :)21:32
RikMillssanta_: will try in about 10-20 mins21:49
santa_thanks a lot21:50
RikMillssanta_: that has for example plasma-desktop-5.22.5.tar.xz instead of plasma-desktop_5.22.5.orig.tar.xz22:09
RikMillsi.e. the unrenamed tarballs22:09
santa_let me see if I can fix that22:10
santa_RikMills: ok, new files in the place, let's see if could finally get it right22:19
RikMillssanta_: I hate to say it, but there are no debian.tar.xz in that one22:33
santa_oh god22:33
santa_argf I accidentaly removed it when doing the other fix22:34
santa_the next round will take a bit22:38
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> /me is watching and trying to follow....22:43
santa_RikMills: let's hope this latest round is the good one23:00
santa_I tested this time with dscverify, just in case23:00
RikMillssanta_: I see no new tar yet, so going to sleep23:52
santa_RikMills: should be there now, in any case, let's sleep and tomorrow is another day23:54
RikMillsoh wait... now there is23:54
RikMillsI will give it a quick try23:54
santa_ok, let me know if it's ok, and if it's not I could try one last time today if possible23:55
RikMillsa test https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-discover/5.22.5-0ubuntu123:59

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