nuovolnxI would like to install ubuntu touch on nexus 6. Is it possible? Works well? Also I would like to know if the "morph" browser has an ad-suppression plugin?09:35
ogranuovolnx, i dont think the ubports guys are around here anymore ... IIRC they tend to use telegram via https://t.me/ubports09:42
nuovolnxogra: I don't have a telegram, I use linuxmint on my pc09:44
ograwell, there is a telegram-desktop snap you could use ... they are simply not on IRC, if you want to contact them look for other ways over at https://ubports.com/09:46
ograbut i fear telegram is the only interactive thing they offer09:47
nuovolnxogra: To use telegram desktop I have to telegram account?09:47
nuovolnxogra: :-(09:48
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