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lotuspsychjegood morning01:38
OxfuxxxWhat's up lotuspsychje?05:41
Oxfuxxx3D doesn't work on rasp PI 4 Ubuntu.05:46
OxfuxxxJust emulated, much too slow.05:46
OxfuxxxI think their is no good open gl es driver, or gl to gl es wrapper/translator.05:47
Oxfuxxxthere is*05:47
ducassegood morning07:04
ograOxfuxxx, note that there is #ubuntu-arm to discuss Pi issues (GLES should work fine)09:31
TJ-hmmm, is there also #ubuntu-leg ?09:31
ogra(video decoding wont without a change to config.txt though)09:32
ograTJ-, open it !09:32
Oxfuxxx(i know -leg but i'm on #ubuntu-pns shhhh :p)10:57
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