ballHmm... can't seem to find it.00:03
ballI play Freecell00:08
ballSorry, that was for m0nkey_00:08
m0nkey_Don't worry, diddledani always taking my credit lul00:08
ballNo, I was thanking diddledani for suggesting unetbootin but I can't seem to add that as a package.00:09
m0nkey_Have to add the apt repo.. https://unetbootin.github.io/linux_download.html00:11
ballIs there a remove-apt-repository command?00:41
m0nkey_apt-add-repository --remove00:42
ballWeird but if it works, that's ok.00:45
ballI may just borrow my daughter's Windows laptop.  They have Rufus.00:47
m0nkey_What's the ISO you're trying to write to USB?00:48
m0nkey_Because most of the time I just use `dd`00:48
ballWindows 11 Preview.00:48
m0nkey_Ah, yeah.. then forget the dd method00:48
m0nkey_Isn't there a media creation tool for Windows?00:48
ballYes but that only creates media for Windows 1000:49
m0nkey_Ah, ok00:50
ball...and I have the .iso for 11 (preview)00:50
ballI must fight the urge to put Xubuntu on the USB flash drive instead ;-)00:52
* ball staggers off to bed.03:22
daftykinsif you EFI boot, you don't need any preparation tools whatsoever10:37
daftykinsgiven a FAT32 formatted flash drive, you just 'unzip' the ISO contents to the drive root10:37
daftykinsalso, mornin' \o10:39
daftykinsmmm peshwari naan bread breakfast... the day after a curry is always nice11:00
zxmpithen leave the lavvy window open if those drunks try and have a party outside :-P11:10

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