wd50it's been my experience that i sometimes have to change a systemd script to make the change take effect, in addition to the config change to reflect it.00:00
wd50for example, docker00:00
sarnoldrafis: if you use sudo you have to type 'sudo systemctl suspend' etc00:01
tomreynmy default 20.04 primary restricted user can "systemctl poweroff" without entering a password00:01
sarnoldtomreyn: even from a fresh shell or a fresh ssh connection?00:02
sarnoldsome of these polkit things have short grace periods00:02
scott_tamsyeah, but this is more the driver/kernel level than the init system. `for keyword in nvidia nouveau; systemctl list-units | grep $keyword` prints nothing00:02
rafistomreyn: how did you get it to work! ?00:02
tomreynsarnold: that's from a gnome-terminal of the logged in user. i had not entered the user password for a good while.00:03
tomreynrafis: out of the box, fresh install00:03
wd50i know.00:03
wd50i'll look for a solution00:03
sarnoldtomreyn: huh. interesting :)00:04
scott_tamsI'm just pissed/confused (and also pissed in the other sense) as to why SuperTuxKart looked great with motion blur and bloom yesterday or the day before and now it's a slideshow at the lowest settings00:04
tomreynits groups are: user adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin lxd sambashare00:04
tomreyn"user" is the name of the user00:05
tomreynas well as its primary grouĆ¼00:05
tomreyn"pkaction" lists "org.freedesktop.login1.reboot" and "org.freedesktop.login1.power-off" amongst other00:09
rafissarnold: worked00:10
rafissarnold: you were right, still needs to write sudo before systemctl00:11
sarnoldtomreyn: oh wow, I've never seen that before00:12
tomreynare you "administrator" on settings -> users?00:12
tomreynrafis: ^00:12
tomreynsarnold: this command seems to be pretty useless though :)00:12
sarnoldtomreyn: it's the single most useful thing I've learned about polkit so far :)00:13
wd50scott_tams: did you make any changes to your grub configuration?00:13
tomreynsarnold: this can either mean that you find it to be mostly useless or that you haven't learnt much about it, yet. i'd be the latter class.00:14
scott_tamsyes as I said in the first few messages I added `nouveau_blacklist=1` after I noticed the problem in order to force the switch back00:14
wd50ah, okay, i see where it said that00:14
tomreynbedtime for me, ttyl.00:15
* scott_tams is back00:15
wd50but i do notice that the line in that post said had a period where you placed an underscore.00:15
* scott_tams logged in from another machine, so that I can reboot without /quitting00:16
wd50what happens if you put `nouveau.blacklist=1`, instead of `nouvear_blacklist=1`?00:18
wd50i typoed that last part00:18
scott_tamsyup, trying that now. dumbass mistake, bet that'll fix it00:18
scott_tamsno changfe00:24
wd50well that was from like a decade ago..00:25
* wd50 keeps looking00:25
Bashing-omscott_tams: Not paid attention to your issue - restate it for me please .00:27
wd50okay, so you mentioned editing grub, but did you also do anything with `/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf`00:27
scott_tamssystem unexpectedly switched from nvidia proprietary to nouveau, trying to get it to go back to nvidia00:27
wd50Bashing-om: he wants to use nvidia drivers but nouveau is resilient.00:27
Bashing-omscott_tams: wd50: Nvidia driver (module) fully installed ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?00:29
wd50he seems to have the respective driver packages installed.00:30
scott_tamsBashing-om, that returns 28 packages00:32
wd50scott_tams: did you create `/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-nouveau.conf`?00:33
scott_tams no00:33
scott_tamswhat if I try uninstalling xserver-xorg-video-nvidia-470, then running ubuntu-drivers autoinstall? Do you think that would have any effect?00:34
scott_tamsIf so, should I reboot between the two commands?00:35
wd50scott_tams: i found a slightly newer answer. https://askubuntu.com/questions/841876/how-to-disable-nouveau-kernel-driver that first answer.00:35
scott_tamsthe reason I ask is because I feel like i remember before this the 4** number being a lower number, like 440 or 430 or something00:35
wd50scott_tams: i don't really think so. what did you say caused it to act up, again?00:36
scott_tamsI don't know for sure. I suspect that something was installed as a dependency and got auto-uninstalled, but TBH it came completely out of the blue from my perspective00:37
wd50interesting. sounds like a rocky patch process.00:38
wd50i mean i guess you could try reinstalling those packages.00:39
wd50but with apt, i would use `--purge`, or else nothing is truly reset when it reinstalls.00:39
wd50at least in my experience. unless someone deletes the python lib and places it back in from an iso, then simple apt reinstall works for me.00:39
wd50but for this driver thing, i'm seeing quite the community-developed assortment of possible solutions, but none of which are necessarily new or out of the scope of what those two links that you  posted suggest that you did.00:41
scott_tamsi remember running a suspicious autoinstall with something about chromium and some stuff that looked like it was graphics related, but I can't remember what packages it was...it may have been this log entry?00:43
scott_tamslibserd-0-0, librubberband2, chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra, python3-cached-property, bridge-utils, pigz, python3-texttable, containerd, ubuntu-fan, python3-websocket, libblas3, libbs2b0, libfftw3-double3, libvidstab1.1, python3-importlib-metadata, python3-more-itertools, docker.io, python3-attr, python3-jsonschema, python3-docker, python3-docopt, libgstreamer-plugins-bad1.0-0, pocketsphinx-en-us, runc, libsord-0-0, libflite1, gstreamer1.0-vaapi,00:43
scott_tamsliblilv-0-0, python3-dockerpty, python3-pyrsistent, python3-zipp, libsratom-0-000:43
scott_tamsah I don't think so00:43
scott_tamsI'll be back in a few minutes. Thanks so much for trying to help wd50 and Bashing-om00:44
wd50np. i'm happy to help because i've had my fair share of wanting to pull my hair out over these kinds of issues.00:46
wd50chromium installs docker?00:46
wd50or was that some of the other stuff?00:46
wd50i don't see any package names that look like they should have touched your graphics drivers, intofar as i'm aware.00:49
scott_tamsyeah I think that's a dead end00:52
wd50unless the deb packages for docker might have done that, i guess.00:53
wd50or unless it had to do with hardware acceleration settings, if you were messing with that. it still doesn't quite explain what happened to me. but these are just guesses. have you tried anything from the askubuntu link that i posted?00:54
scott_tamsyour link made me wonder....so I ran `cat /etc/modprobe.d/* | grep nvidia`...00:55
scott_tamsblacklist nvidiafb00:55
wd50trying stuff now?00:55
scott_tamsthat doesn't look like the problem...sec00:56
scott_tamshowever `lspci -nnk | grep -i vga -A3` still shows `Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau`01:00
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scott_tamsthis explains a lot -- nvidiafb is blacklisted, which leaves nouveau.01:01
wd50nvidiafb isn't from nvidia, though01:02
wd50but do also add that one file for blacklisting nouveau.01:03
scott_tamsI'm gonna try the idea I had to uninstall the NVidia 470 package and run the driver autoinstaller. If `kernel moudles` doesn't include the driver listing under lspci, I don't see what blacklisting the nonexistent module will do.01:04
scott_tamsI'll try the blacklist thing if this doesn't work though, ofc01:04
wd50this is way more tinkering than i would ever hope to have to do on ubuntu lol.01:05
scott_tamsyeah, same. But I'm more used to manjaro and have only switched back to ubuntu for zfs-on-root01:06
scott_tamsif this were my dad's laptop I'd be pissec01:07
scott_tamsdid that, still get `Kernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau`. I give up, I'm going to bed. Thanks anyway, guys.01:15
wd50take it easy.01:16
scott_tamsyou too, thanks01:16
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ash_worksidid ubuntu drop the postgresql-common package for PG12?05:00
ash_worksinvm, had to use `apt purge` on 10 to not reinstall common for 1005:08
neffGood morning friends05:39
neffho to fix device descriptor read error?I fixed it once,but can't find solution now05:41
neffhalf of usb not working05:41
alkisgneff, that might mean an ssd/flash disk failure or a controller failure or a power issue etc. It's usually a hardware problem that can't be fixed. Do mention more details about it05:47
alkisgE.g. paste the exact message in pastebin, mention when it happens, which devices are affected etc05:47
alkisgAlso in some cases it might mean that the Linux kernel isn't compatible with certain hardware; and in few of these cases, changing the kernel makes the problem go away05:48
neffI remember it was how so connected to iommu05:52
ossetomreyn: Thanks. What is an SRU ?06:20
osseI googled it. Sounds serious :p06:21
bouncy the xf86sleep key suspends my workstation under X session and also pure terminal. How was that key mapped? Cannot be a X tools like xmodmap nor xbkoptions. I would like to map the other unmapped multimedia keys the same way :)06:29
ossetomreyn: I see now that it's been fixed in git. So I might as well wait until an actual package exists upstream06:33
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hajonneshi, after the latest security update my graphics is gone. nvidia settings is a blank window and my 40" 4k screen is set to 724p without any option to change the settings. what to do?08:45
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fdanhi there09:11
fdani have a dump file09:11
fdanits a ssl dump file and i want to read the dnsnames the server certs are valid for  , the last date before the certificates expires, and last 3 characters of the certs PEM encoded format09:12
fdani installed ssldump09:12
iomari891greetings, im using 21.04 and I can only boot from kernel when I try to boot from 34,31, or 25, the system freezes during the boot process. Why is only working? I update my system daily.09:13
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wd50iomari891: what process are you using to move between kernels?09:23
nuovolnxI would like to install ubuntu touch on nexus 6. Is it possible? Works well? Also I would like to know if the "morph" browser has an ad-suppression plugin?09:40
lotuspsychjenuovolnx: ubuntu touch is finished and the community took over with ubports09:51
lotuspsychje!touch | nuovolnx09:51
ubottunuovolnx: Information about the mobile port of the Ubuntu platform (formely Ubuntu Touch) for Phone and Tablet is available here: https://ubports.com/. Support and discussion in #ubports09:51
lotuspsychjenuovolnx: i dont think the ubports webbrowser allows plugins these days, maybe ogra knows?09:52
zetheroois it just me, or is http://ch.archive.ubuntu.com/ down?09:55
ogralotuspsychje, nuovolnx nope, i dont ... i already pointed nuovolnx to ubports in #ubuntu-arm ...09:55
lotuspsychjezetheroo: for mirror issues, you can ask in #ubuntu-mirrors09:55
ograoh, i see they still have an IRC channel !09:56
ograi didnt know that09:56
zetherooon three Ubuntu 20.04 PCs I am getting 'Failed to fetch' with apt update09:56
zetheroo lotuspsychje: ok09:56
lotuspsychjezetheroo: sure its not your end? firewall/router/proxys?09:56
zetheroo lotuspsychje: haven't changed anything, and it's been working till today.09:58
zetherooInternet is working no probs09:58
KBarhello everyone! strange thing: ftp finished downloading the daily iso image but won't return to prompt. it's stuck with this line: 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for impish-desktop-amd64.iso (3102111744 bytes).10:01
KBari can confirm that it has finished downloading by listing that file: 3102111744 Sep  8 14:24  impish-desktop-amd64.iso10:02
KBaris this potentially a bug?10:03
lotuspsychje!next | KBar10:04
ubottuKBar: Impish Indri is the codename for Ubuntu 21.10. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.10:04
lotuspsychjeiomari891: we currently have a lot of 5.11 bugs, i reccomend you browse the recent 'linux' bugs on launchpad, see if your issue is amongst them10:09
lotuspsychjeiomari891: investigating your dmesg could help see whats going aswell10:10
ztanehowdy, after installing some recent ubuntu updates to 20.04, fractional font scaling is b0rken, some software have ginormous fonts (kde apps) and the gtk apps including the ubuntu settings app have almost microscopic even at 200 % scaling ratio, fractional scaling or not, it doesn't seem right... any help? :D10:16
hajonnesHi, I lost my graphics after last security update. I have timeshift so I reverted. Now I wonder about my nvidia install. I have a couple of packages installed 'automatic', could anyone take a look if I should set any of them to 'manual' https://termbin.com/szmx10:17
medardHey, I keep getting random disconnects from wifi10:18
medardhere are some logs, if you could help me10:18
jeremy31medard: check out https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452010:37
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SpydHi, I have a question about installing Ubuntu on a RAID volume. Can someone help me?10:52
MartinMSPedersenhow to install rpcbind? I get a 404 error ?10:59
MartinMSPedersenfor all mirrors I have tried11:00
MartinMSPedersenErr:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hirsute/main amd64 rpcbind amd64 1.2.5-911:00
SpydI'm building a server, it has two 120Gb SATA SSDs on an AMD B450 motherboard. I want the two SSDs on RAID 1 (redundancy). I tried software RAID, but Ubuntu doesn't want to boot from a software raid. I tried hardware RAID (with the onboard RAID controler from AMD), but there's no included drivers for this RAID controller, and I don't know how to install them.11:04
SpydI tried to use the console to install RCRAID, but failed because this program can't be installed on the read-only volume of the live-OS. Any solution that allows me to install Ubuntu on a RAID is fine with me, I don't care if software or hardware.11:04
TJ-Spyd: it can boot from software RAID1, you just need to configure the devices correctly11:56
BluesKajHi folks11:57
TJ-Spyd: the trick is to install grub to both underlying devices (and use the correct mdadm --metadata=1.0 to put metadata at /end/ of the device, not start)11:57
TJ-Spyd: on both use identical GPT arrangement, for UEFI create the EFI-SP (256-512MB), for BIOS create a BIOS boot partition (2MB), then a partition for the OS. RAID-1 the OS partition. grub-install to each underlying device.12:02
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SpydTJ-: Thank you for your answer, I'm trying to understand it. Please tell me if I understand it correctly. I'm going to use mdadm to partition both phyisical drives, creating the exact same partitions (EFI, SYSTEM, SWAP), then create a RAID-1 of the SYSTEM partition, is that right?12:48
TJ-Spyd: no, what I was suggesting was to /not/ RAID the entire physical devices, but only a partition for the OS. You can do as you suggest as long as you use --metadata=1.0 but firmware can only boot from a single device, and that'll prevent grub-install working on the MD device since it can only read, not write, to MD12:51
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SpydTJ-: If I create the same partitions on both SSDs, and then create a RAID-1 of the partition where the OS is installed, will it work? Also, for this to work, do I have to install on a single disk before or I can make the RAID-1 on the installer shell and then continue with installation?12:59
nunyaCRTL Home no longer does screenshot I've tried CRTL ALT Home. My screen flashes but when I go into GIMP and hit paste it says nothing in clipboard. Please help. I've googled but found no solution.13:08
nunyaThere is no image data in the clipboard to paste is the exact message13:10
TJ-Spyd: Yes it'll work. Create the mdadm array with --metadata=1.0 manually before running the installer so you can select the md device as the location for installation, but set bootloader to one of the devices. Later, you can use dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc (or grub-efi-am64) to reinstall to multiple devices - it gives a list of devices and you can 'tick' more than one in debconf)13:11
leftyfbnunya: screenshot by default is the print screen button13:17
nunyaleftyfb: Was CRTL for me as long as I can remember until last security update13:19
nunyaleftyfb: Print scr by itself does nothing13:20
leftyfbnunya: check your keyboard shortcut settings13:21
nunyaleftyfb: I did and I'd send you a sreenshot but...13:21
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nunyaleftyfb:The keyboard shortcut for screenshot is CRTL Home My Home key is also the Print Scr button.13:22
leftyfbnunya: is the "Print Scr" text on your keyboard blue?13:23
nunyaleftyfb:There are no blue printed keys on my logitec wireless keyboard. It is the one I'm using to type now so I know it works.13:25
leftyfbnunya: so "home" and "print scr" are both printed in the same color on the same key?13:26
nunyaleftyfb:No Home is bigger in white Print Scr is Orange and smaller13:27
leftyfbnunya: and do you have a "fn" key with "fn" being printed in orange?13:28
nunyaleftyfb: Yes13:29
leftyfbnunya: did you try hitting fn + print scr?13:31
leftyfbnunya: what version of Ubuntu are you running and which desktop environment?13:32
nunyaleftyb:I just tried gnome-screenshot in terminal and it didn't work either so I'm starting to think it's not the keyboard shortcuts but the actual gnome-screenshot program. It flashed like it was taking a screenshot but put nothing on clipboard.13:34
leftyfbnunya: the default is to take a screenshot and save it in pictures13:37
nunyaleftyfb: It was never like that for me before but you are correct now I'm finding all the previous screenshot attempts in pictures. Any way to get it back to clipboard instead of creating images in pictures?13:39
leftyfbnunya: first, yes, it has always been like that as default. If you changed it, that's another story. Either way, go look in your keyboard shortcut settings to change it to your liking13:42
nunyaleftyfb: I don't see any way to change it in preferences keyboard13:44
leftyfbnunya: https://i.imgur.com/7cT2Ng3.png13:48
nunyaleftyb: I know where keyboard shortcuts is. There just doesn't seem to be any option other than changing shortut to create screenshot. Once again, I am trying to get contents of screen shot to clipboard instead of creating a new image.13:51
leftyfbnunya: what is your "Copy a screenshot to clipboard" set to?13:51
Koopzso why are the only results on google on how to fix my dns issues involving disabling whatever daemon may be used as an inbetween for /etc/resolv.conf13:55
leftyfbKoopz: lets troubleshoot your dns issues then, not google results13:56
Koopzi got a domain ending in .local, how do i make "nslookup username.projectname.local" work without appending the ip of the network's DNS server13:57
leftyfbKoopz: systemd-resolve --status|grep "DNS Servers" | nc termbin.com 999913:57
Koopzhttps://termbin.com/o0th now that's a nifty service13:59
Koopzthe 1.10 is correct13:59
leftyfbKoopz: and what about "nameserver" entries in /etc/resolv.conf ?13:59
Koopzthe usual nameserver
leftyfbKoopz: hm, not sure. I do know that using .local can be problematic due to mDNS14:01
Koopzwhat would you recommend as an alternative?14:03
nunyaleftyb: I have changed copy an area screenshot to clipboard shortcut and the screen flashes but nothing in clipboard. Like I said before I think clipboard is broken. Going to reinstall. At least I know where the screenshots are and can import them in gimp or some other editor to work with them. Thanks14:03
leftyfbnunya: "copy an area screenshot"?14:04
nunyaleftyb: None of the copy screenshot to clipboard shortcuts (area, window,...) work. The screen flashes like it's taking a screenshot but nothing in clipboard.14:07
cluelesspersonI'm experiencing something weir14:11
cluelesspersonrunning:   rename --help   prints out the help14:11
cluelesspersonbut then it just hangs14:11
cluelesspersonand not anymore14:11
* cluelessperson suspects its the network fs14:12
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alterjsivewhy does ubuntu use wine-6.16 (Staging)?14:47
alterjsiveby default14:47
alterjsiveshouldn't ubuntu use wine-6.15?14:48
alterjsivea stable release14:48
alterjsiveI'm having trouble with the latest version14:49
jabberwockDoes the gnome file manager have a "go to folder" shortcut? I would expect to click on the space that shows the folder to be able to type14:59
=== Starmina_ is now known as Starmina
lotuspsychjejabberwock: you mean ctrl + l to type a dir?15:03
nunyaleftyb: I couldn't get gnome-screenshot -c to work in custom keyboard shortcuts. I installed flameshot and wrote a custom keyboard shortcut flameshot full -c assigned to Alt CRTL Home That puts screenshot of whole screen into clipboard. Meanwhile I have assigned CRTL Home to put screenshot in ~/Pictures Thanks for your help. I guess something about gnome shell or gnome-screenshot got broken with last update.15:11
cluelesspersonIs there a set of wireless adapters with which ubuntu fully supports wireless AC / 1300mbps plug and play?15:28
lotuspsychje!hardware | cluelessperson15:30
ubottucluelessperson: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:30
cluelesspersonlotuspsychje, thank you for the link.  I see that my laptop's adapter isn't listed.15:35
SamnzdatLinux Election Management System Disk Images how-to: https://termbin.com/hj7115:35
cluelesspersonwhat is even a Linux Election Management System Disk15:36
cluelesspersonSamnzdat, what's the point of that15:37
cluelesspersoncd pyzozord15:37
SamnzdatMaricopa County election forensic audit evidence15:38
leftyfb!ot | Samnzdat15:39
ubottuSamnzdat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:39
SamnzdatSomeone answered a goddamn question, I answered it.15:39
geniicluelessperson: Atheros/Qualcomm chipsets also are well supported in Linux. You can find 802.11ac capable versions here, and the products they are found in https://deviwiki.com/wiki/Qualcomm_Atheros#tab=Wireless_chipsets15:39
leftyfbSamnzdat: nobody asked anything related to disk images or the Maricopa County election15:40
leftyfb!op | Samnzdat  - spamming some political B.S. in multiple channels15:47
ubottuSamnzdat  - spamming some political B.S. in multiple channels: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, chu15:47
SamnzdatThanks for the list of potential allies.15:49
linsuxis there calendar program that's compatible with outlook calendar?16:02
leftyfblinsux: https://threenine.co.uk/setup-office365-calendar-with-thunderbird/16:27
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SpydTJ-: I tried what you told me. I had been able to, but when I try to install, the installer crashes doing something in the background just after you click on the "Done" button on the custom partition page of the installation. I tried with both the latest and the LTS ISO of Ubuntu, with the same results. I guess I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I have screenshots of the partitioning (https://paste.pics/31ef1c44ef9452c84828975fb8b4b67d) and the18:14
Spydcrash message (https://paste.pics/3466f10c6c6c7a0e6b41972820459b73)18:14
YuvrajHi all.18:18
YuvrajI am Trying to install ubuntu-server on Wedge 100BF-32X Switch - Intel x86 Broadwell-DE, Pentium D -151718:18
YuvrajBut stuck with Error, Please help.18:19
LadyCailinHave you tried not having the error?18:24
sarnoldSpyd: is there anything in the full report that describes what failed?18:26
Spydsarnold: The report has like 50 pages... and what should I look for?18:27
Spydsarnold: One thing strange is that when I created the raid volume, I called it md0, but after the first reboot when it crashed, now it's called md127.18:29
TJ-Spyd: not sure why it would crash. I gave up on installers a long time ago - I can do it quicker and better manually + debootstrap :)18:29
SpydTJ-: I'm too much of a noob to even try that.18:30
TJ-Spyd: after some years fighting ubiquity it becomes 2nd nature :)18:31
sarnoldSpyd: it's usually a good bet to go to the very end and then start reading backwards to find the 'first' error18:32
TJ-Spyd: one issue I see is sda and sdb don't have identical partition layouts18:34
TJ-Spyd: that may not be why the installer failed, but where you're trying to create a mirror layout, then even where the RAID1 mirror isn't active (the EFI-SP for example) you should manually duplicate that so in the event the device with the primary EFI-SP fails the system can still boot (you should also ensure using "grub-install --force-extra-removable ..." so grub's core is also installed to the18:37
TJ-removable media path)18:37
SpydI found the error, it says the raid volume is bad? https://paste.pics/d3925ef03000ded63965778e6980f96a18:37
lmatI did apt install docker; docker; and it says Command 'docker' not found.18:37
lmatapt install docker; says "docker is already at the newest version"18:38
lmatHow do I install docker in ubuntu?18:41
sarnoldlmat: docker is a system tray tool18:45
sarnoldlmat: you probably want docker.io instead18:45
TJ-Spyd: "comparing device lists: expected [/dev/sda2, /dev/sda2] found [/dev/sda2, /dev/sdb2]18:48
TJ-Spyd: looks like (another) installer bug!18:48
lmatsarnold: so docker is some system tray tool and https://github.com/docker/docker is docker.io?18:49
matsamanlmat: yup18:51
lmatmatsaman: Thank you for the confirmation. This is fairly surprising, but sounds workable. Thank you!18:53
matsamanone must be careful choosing a name as simple and bland as 'docker' if one doesn't want to intersect with other projects already existing18:53
sarnoldlmat: exactly that :)18:57
ELFrederichOn 20.04 when I install gimp-plugin-registry I get plugin errors when starting gimp.  The liquid rescale and heal selection plugins are not available.  This wasn't an issue on 18.04.20:06
samy1028Hello all, I'm trying to find the rsyslog-omudpspoof for 18.04 or 20.04.  Is there a package for it in Ubuntu's repository?  If so, I can't seem to find it.20:33
sarnoldsamy1028: I can't find any files with that name in any package in ubuntu focal, nor any files with that name in any source code shipped with any supported version of ubuntu20:39
samy1028Yeah, I did an update a little while back on 18.04 and it updated rsyslog, but I think my omudpspoof is still on the prior version of rsyslog and the new one doesn't like it anymore.  I guess I could find the .so file to match my build of rsyslog from another distro and copy it to my ubuntu box?  I don't remember exactly as it's been a long time since I set it up initially.20:42
samy1028or, I wonder if I copied it from 16.04?  I just did a strings on omdupspoof.so and found reference to Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.920:44
leftyfbsamy1028: there are no files that exist in 16.04 that match omdupspoof either20:47
leftyfbsamy1028: or omudpspoof20:47
leftyfbI take that back, there is a .txt and .html file20:48
leftyfbas part of rsyslog-doc20:48
leftyfbno modules20:48
leftyfbsamy1028: I searched 16.04, 18.04 and 20.0420:49
leftyfbsamy1028: if it's something you've had before, it's because you added it from a 3rd party20:50
samy1028odd.  I have to figure out how to make it work again. :)  always fun when something breaks.20:51
samy1028It's an isolated system whose sole job is to collect syslogs, store them, and forward a few to another system for further reporting/analysis.  The omdupspoof.so is from 2018, last time I worked on it.20:52
scott_tams"Night Light" has stopped changing the temperature of my screen. Ubuntu 21.04 (wayland/gnome) what do?20:52
samy1028at least this points me in the rigth direction.  Thank you sarnold and leftyfb.20:52
sarnoldgood luck samy1028 :)20:53
samy1028when I find the solution I'll let ya'll know.20:53
scott_tamsI installed redshift and this is the output but nothing changes https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/KzHznkNYxW/20:59
scott_tamsif no one knows how to fix this, could someone at least advise me on the steps necessary to run 21.04 using X11?20:59
tomreynscott_tams: install xserver-xorg. you can switch your session at login21:29
scott_tams"xserver-xorg is already set to the newest version"21:31
scott_tamswhere does the selection show up in the login screen? I was looking for it yesterday and couldn't find it21:31
tomreynscott_tams: i don't have 21.04 installed, but it should be on the first login screen where you pick the username21:36
scott_tamsok, I'll try it now.21:37
tomreynactually no, the second screen21:37
tomreyn<tomreyn> actually no, the second screen21:39
tomreynthere's a cog icon on the bottom right corner of the gdm password screen of my 21.10 preview21:39
scott_tamstomreyn, your message came through just before i /quit. But I didn't see a drop-down in either screen21:39
scott_tamsI'll check once more21:40
tomreyn<tomreyn> https://i.imgur.com/zBAGujz.png21:41
scott_tamsit didn't work. TBH don't stress about it. This install is having a bunch of problems. Just gonna start from scratch again. Thanks anyway.21:41
scott_tamsI was in here for hours yesterday trying to figure out why it insists on using the nouveau drivers rather than the nvidia ones21:42
tomreynlong sessions trying to get "nvidia" working aren't unheard of. i can only recommend intel and amd at this time.21:44
tomreyn(or those better supported graphics on arm64)21:45
scott_tamsabsolutely, and if I were in the market for a video card now, i wouldn't even consider Nvidia. But I bought this card 5+ years ago for cheap and it's served me well, so I'm not just gonna throw it out. TBH this troubleshooting session has revealed to me how little value ZFS-on-root snapshots have next to an efficiently rebuildable architecture. I'll try some old snapshots and see if I can recover just for the sake of learning, but I think I'm going21:46
scott_tamsto (yet again) go back to ext4-on-root from a snapshottable root FS21:46
scott_tamsthis time, with a rebuildable arch for the whole system as opposed to just the containers21:47
orionHello. How can I build only the kernel and not its associated modules with the deb framework? "LANG=C fakeroot debian/rules binary-aws" seems to want to build both.21:58
orionAlternatively, what's the best way to establish a cadence for kernel development on a remote server?21:58

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