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gimzmoegnrp: I recently tried setting "acpi_osi=Linux" which helped most of the issues.  But the best I can explain, if I didn't leave it in "Presentation Mode" at somepoint when the screen locked02:20
gimzmoeit would go into an unresponsive state where I had to hard-power cycle to get anything to happen02:21
gimzmoeso ctl+alt-F1 and all the other hotkeys did nothing, just a long press on the power button.  It was an acer laptop and an old chromebook I had reformated to pure linux02:22
gimzmoerecently i switched the chromebook to Lubuntu and the power issue didn't manifest02:22
gimzmoethe only feature that doesn't work on Xubuntu-Acer with acpo_osi=Linux is the hotkey for screen brightness and some issues if I boot with a mouse plugged in which is resolved by unplugging the mouse...02:24
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