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BluesKajHi folks12:55
santa_RikMills: attica and knewstuff fixes available in _impish_staging branches, it would be nice to get them uploaded to impish if possible15:09
santa_once that's done, I will proceed with fw 5.87 for impish15:09
RikMillssanta_: I'll do that in a bit :)15:10
santa_in the KA front: upstream signatures support almost completed15:10
santa_do you expect them to get approved soon, or ...16:06
RikMillsprobably 'or' :P16:10
santa_ok, I will try to handle the best I can16:10
santa_the upstream sig support is now completed and disabled by default in upstream-sigs branch16:11
RikMillsthe person doing approvals last week was canonical and in the US, so it could need to wait until their working hrs16:12
santa_ok, so I'm going to build now fw 5.87 in fw-5.87 branches with the upstream sigs disabled16:12
santa_this should be enough to confirm that merging the upstream-sigs branch into master will do no harm16:13
santa_also this might catch KA bugs in master if any :)16:13

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