RTGIve not been using linux on a desktop machine (as opposed to, say, my Pi) in a while, is there a way to start a program with a low priority? Im having the problem that whenever i try to start utlimaker cura, it works allright - except it doesnt if i allready have any other application even a webbrowser open, then it locks up the system  and i can reach for the power button. Becouse starting that is just to much of a load for my01:08
RTG(my machine being a core2duo E5700 after my ryzen 3700 main rig died, no idea whats up with that, RIP, so, yes, that load is quite a bit for this machine)01:10
tomreynRTG: "nice" is a utility to modify a processes' priority.01:13
tomreynRTG: more swap *may* also help01:17
tomreynor cgroups01:17
keithzgOn Kubuntu you can also use KSysGuard as a GUI for seeing what processes are using what, and reprioritising them (it's very similar to the Task Manager on Windows). Although, on such a system, KSysGuard may be too much additional overhead itself :D03:09
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eelnicewhats up guys04:51
eelniceanyone have a inside on how to configure No Man's Sky on linux04:54
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keithzgFrankly I'm lazy enough that if it doesn't work with Proton out of the box I generally don't bother, heh05:51
keithzgFinally noticed a problem after my upgrade to 21.04 a few days back: Gwenview no longer fits images right (ie. Zoom To Fit used to correctly maximize the image, now it makes it tiny in the middle of the area)07:29
keithzgThere's a (new, I assume) option to "enlarge smaller images" that was unchecked and returns the behaviour to what it previously was, but that was quite surprising (especially in that it's contrary to what I expect from the term "zoom", haha)07:32
maherhello everyone08:15
maherthanks for kubuntu developer for the hard work and for the perfect OS thy offer08:16
maheri just want to say thanks awesome OS vary vary powerful08:17
maheri have Windows 10 but it is nun-comparable to kubuntu performance and feature08:40
maherwish you the best08:40
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lumo_eI've switched from Gnome to KDE recently11:22
lumo_efor some reason my wifi download speed is extremely slow now11:22
lumo_edoes kde use a different connection management compared to gnome?11:23
lumo_ebtw I'm using the plasma 5.23 beta ppa11:25
lumo_eon 21.1011:25
RikMillslumo_e: no, Kubuntu uses the same underlying networking packages and config as main ubuntu11:33
lumo_eany idea as to what I should look at to troubleshoot this?11:34
mahermaybe you exceed your bandwidth limits11:46
Mekaneckis there still such a thing in 2021? Most providers give you unlimited bandwith these days.11:53
maheri dot know11:54
maheri add Ubuntu desktop on Ubuntu 20 04 and every thing is perfect11:55
mahertry driver page in update tap11:55
mahermaybe you find drivers is not installed or not in use11:56
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mahersorry kubuntu12:30
BluesKajHi folks12:55
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airsoftmodels_is it a bad idea to add xscreensaver to kde?18:35
mparilloI have not tried it, but https://askubuntu.com/questions/1152896/how-to-use-xscreensaver-on-kubuntu-18-04-20-04-kde-plasma makes it look possible.18:59
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frankoI'm not using it either, but I see no reason why xscreensaver in KDE woud be a bad idea...22:59
frankonow that you mention it, I'm actually tempted to install it myself... XD23:00
keithzgSecurity, that's the issue. If you're not too worried about someone physically at your computer having perhaps an easier time getting into a locked session or seeing the state of your screen behind the screensaver, I don't know if there's any concerns, but that's where the concerns reside IIRC.23:01
frankoI see. But how comes?23:02
keithzgOld stuff, is what it comes down to :D A lot of the same reasons why X11 is being replaced with Wayland.23:02
frankoyeah, OK...23:03
keithzgTo be fair I'm not sure xscreensaver was ever nearly as bad in this regard as Gnome's X11 screensaver stuff, but that's another story...23:04
frankoI think Mate is still using it..23:04
keithzgAs per https://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/faq.html#gnome-screensaver, "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. Four times is Official GNOME Policy.", okay I'll stop trying to stir up trouble now and go off for a walk :D23:07
frankoanyway, last time I've used XScreensaver was as a cool backdrop for poetry reading I've had -- there is a lot of cool possibilities for showing text. But even then, it was not activated as the screensaver... So don't really know how it is when it comes to screenlocking these days.23:08
franko@keithzg Never seen that before... XD23:13

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