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Sonihmm wasn't there a systemd channel12:56
Sonianyway uh, so we have this timer but it never seems to run properly12:56
Soniand we can't figure out why12:57
Soniturn it off, systemctl clean --what=state misbehaving.timer, then turn it on again?12:59
tomreyndoes    systemctl list-timers    list it?13:06
tomreynwhat does    systemctl status misbehaving.timer    say, is it active?13:07
tomreyn+ loaded + enabled13:07
tomreyndo you have pending jobs?    systemctl list-jobs13:08
tomreyndoes systemd think the system is fully booted up?    systemctl is-system-running13:08
tomreynSoni: ^13:08
Soniit previously had      Active: active (running) since Sun 2021-07-04 15:29:10 UTC; 2 months 30 days ago13:08
Soni    Trigger: n/a13:08
Soninow it has     Trigger: Mon 2021-10-04 00:00:57 UTC; 11h left13:09
Soniwhatever cleaning the state did, this looks promising13:09
tomreynmaybe the system wasn't fully 'running' when you queried the first time13:10
Soni‚óŹ lavabit    State: running     Jobs: 0 queued   Failed: 0 units13:11
Sonithis is what status showed when we queried it the first time13:12
tomreynhmm, okay, so the system was considered runnnig, i guess13:19
Soniit was possibly a corrupted timer state, but there was no indication of it13:20
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