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* ball falls over15:10
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daftykinsaaah, many a chore complete... final baseball game of the season on the TV, discount jaffa cake box opened20:28
daftykinsit is a fine Sunday!20:28
ballI do miss Jaffa Cakes.20:37
balldaftykins: Who's playing?20:37
daftykinsKC Royals v Mini-Soda twins20:38
ballIs that Kansas City, MO?21:22
ballAh good.  I'll root for them then.21:23
ballI used to know some people from there.21:23
daftykinsbit late to call it xD they're down 3-7 in the top o' the 7th21:23
ballBetter yet, I'm rooting for the underdog. ;-)21:23

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