chris_uk[m]Eickmeyer @Eickmeyer:libera.chat Noted. So best to install when testing. 02:21
E_Eickmeyerchris_uk[m]: Yes, and no. The version that you tested has been superceded by a newer version of the package.04:24
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Iamthehuman1Cousin explained that it is possible to set something called Vsync for a display...  He said that it will basically cause that only fully written frames will be shown instead of best-effort at draw-new-stuff-as-fast-as-possible. I don't game FPS or anything like that, so I think this Vsync thing would benefit my experience08:27
Iamthehuman1I'll go search on search engine regarding this... I mean won't videos look better to my eyes if frames are drawn only when they have been written in full08:28
Iamthehuman1ok, found it. System Settings -> Compositor -> Tearing prevention ("vsync"), set it to "Full screen repaints"08:43
Iamthehuman1ahahaha, yes videos look better with no tearing, but then everyday dragging of windows looks choppy. But hey big thanks for all the people who make these free software systems happen08:45
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chris_uk[m]Just tried the new 21.10 beta and managed to get Ardour working, booting from live USB. Had to select Jack to do so. I imported and played an MP3 file OK. The Ardour splash screen seems to stick at 'loading' and again at 'configuring midi' stage  but if I click on it, it disappears and I can proceed. I assume this may be because I haven't installed it yet and the slowness of booting from a live USB. 18:58
chris_uk[m]I need to get a second SSD drive so that I can move the home directory to it. It will make it easier to install new US versions and betas. 19:01
terry35051[m]I am new to this chat and new to Ubuntu Studio. I purchased a  Surface Pro not realizing it only had an M3 processor. I have always used Corel software for image and video editing, the software will not run on this device. Years ago I toyed with GIMP, which was amazing, but since I was already familiar with all the Corel software, I did not get similar with other software. I recently read about Ubuntu Studio and bootable flash20:24
terry35051[m]drives, however I have never tried anything like this. It appears it would be possible to produce a bootable thumb drive to boot and run from, I have many questions and could use some help! Is this the apposite place to ask these questions?20:24
terry35051[m]s/similar/familiar/, s/apposite/appropriate/20:34
Eickmeyer!usb | terry35051[m]20:59
ubottuterry35051[m]: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:59
terry35051[m]Thank YouEickmeyer 21:40
terry35051[m] * Thank You.21:40

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