No1x3r0How can I get keyboard working in Xubuntu?00:19
tomreynNo1x3r0: do a bios update first of all00:41
No1x3r0tomreyn already did00:41
tomreynsorry to hear this :-/00:41
tomreynwhich hardware is this?00:42
No1x3r0ASUS ZenBook 1400:42
tomreyndoes 20.04 LTS work?00:42
No1x3r0hadn't tried, can't imagine older working better than newer00:42
No1x3r0but I can give it a shot if you think it'll help00:42
tomreynlatest LTS is always worth a try00:43
No1x3r0oh wait, I remember I did try it00:43
No1x3r0cause I accidentally clicked it first since it was at the toop00:43
No1x3r0so same results00:44
tomreynno keyboard there either?00:44
No1x3r0I don't remember testing the keyboard on it, all the rest appeared working but had boot errors so moved on, I'm going to redownload and try again00:45
tomreyndoes the keyboard work on the bios configuration interface, though?00:45
tomreynif you're running ubuntu (not sure about xubuntu) you can also run the "onboard" virtual keyboard from the menu ("dash")00:49
No1x3r0tomreyn yeah in firmware menus00:49
tomreynthere's a chance that this problem may go away after installation.00:49
No1x3r0not about to take the risk of chancing it00:50
No1x3r0flashing  LTS right now to test00:50
tomreynthe errors you got to see on your imgur screenshot are both related to the nvidia graphics card00:51
tomreynoh waitthats wrong, i didn't read properly00:52
tomreynso the first is about the wireless lan chipset, an acpi issue00:52
tomreynthen i8042 is about the keyboard most likely00:53
No1x3r0tomreyn, yeah don't experience those in other distros, so it may be a kernel issue00:53
tomreynnouveau is the open source nvidia driver, which is not too great00:53
No1x3r0yeah kinda figured00:53
No1x3r0this etch is taking a while, guess I've worn out this thumb drive with so many tests00:57
tomreynbetter double check that the data was actually properly written to it then00:58
No1x3r0tomreyn, getting  i8042  error so far00:59
No1x3r0still booting to test00:59
No1x3r0tomreyn it does, it does a verification check each time00:59
No1x3r0half way through progress on booting01:00
tomreynthat's not exactly as good as a byte compare, but maybe good enough01:00
No1x3r0it is a byte compare01:00
tomreynyes, but not for all the bytes ;)01:00
tomreynyou could try booting with    acpi=off   !kernelparm if the wlan + keyboard problems persist.01:01
No1x3r0or just us a distro that works out of the box01:01
No1x3r0yeah same difference on 20.04 LTS01:01
No1x3r0no keyboard01:02
ubottuTo add a one-time or permanent kernel boot parameter see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters01:02
No1x3r0tomreyn, yeah, thanks, I appreciate that, but I'd rather just move on to something that works01:03
No1x3r0I mean out of 3 releases it not working, don't wanna follow that rabbit01:03
tomreyni doubt the root cause is the linux distro. not only but also because you mentioned there are similar problems with fedora. buti wish you luck either way.01:04
No1x3r0don't know it's kernel related though cause 21.10 is close to Fedora Beta 2501:04
tomreyn21.10 is unreleased01:05
No1x3r0only the XFCE spin of fedora01:05
No1x3r0the keyboard works fine in the worksation (GNOME) version01:05
tomreynso chances are that default ubuntu would work, too01:06
No1x3r0yeah, got 21.10 from https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/ but also the kernel from 21.04 is close01:06
ubottuUbuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) will be the 35th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release October 2021 (http://ubottu.com/y/ii). Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.01:06
No1x3r0but I want XFCE 01:06
No1x3r0well this is October 2021 :D01:07
tomreynit's still unrelased, and not supported, though01:07
* No1x3r0 shrug01:08
No1x3r0someone asked and suggested it here01:08
No1x3r0I wouldn't have even bothered with it otherwise01:08
No1x3r0but either way, none of the 3 editions worked01:08
No1x3r0past, present, or future :P01:09
tomreynbad / buggy firmware :-/01:10
No1x3r0don't think so, again worked with other distros and Windows 10 fine and it's Version 3 update01:12
No1x3r0no issues with Manjaro, Archcraft, Zorin, Windows 1001:13
No1x3r0also if it were a firmware issue wouldn't Fedora 25 beta workstation (GNOME) have errors and issues too? which it doesn't01:14
tomreyni'm sure it does, maybe they were not as obvious01:15
No1x3r0keyboard works01:15
No1x3r0and things work in all of those mentioned 01:16
No1x3r0but I will say POP and Mint are both very problematic; with POP not booting at all and Mint having no input control at all01:17
No1x3r0some light on the situation: https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/ASUS_Zenbook_Q408UG01:37
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xu-irc36wHello to all! Please help me. Where i can find xubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso or xubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso.torrent?06:20
No1x3r0xu-irc36w http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/16.04/release/06:49
No1x3r0xu-irc36w 32 bit is i38606:50
No1x3r0As for my issue earlier, it may be similar to https://x-lore.kernel.org/linux-input/YRZ5a30XOKVjUWDG@fedora/06:52
xu-irc36wThank you, but i need xubuntu-16.04.1 - it have old kernel. xubuntu-16.04.6 have new version kernel and not support my old (2004) pentium computer.07:03
No1x3r0xu-irc36w found a torrent... http://www.pcds.fi/downloads/operatingsystem/ubuntubased/UBUNTU/archive/xubuntu/1604LTS/xubuntu.1604.html07:07
xu-irc36wThank you, i hope this torrent contain original image of Xubuntu.07:10
No1x3r0xu-irc36w if not try: https://ia800808.us.archive.org/21/items/linuxtracker.org_p1/xubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-i386.iso07:11
No1x3r0xu-irc36w found from: https://ia800808.us.archive.org/21/items/linuxtracker.org_p1/07:13
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xu-irc36wNo1x3r0, thank you!07:17
No1x3r0xu-irc36w sure no problem, was just a quick google search07:18
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linuxfreezeshello. i am having random hangs/freezes when using ubuntu on a 10 year old laptop with atom processor. this issue didnt occur on windows 7. any way to prevent the hangs/freezes?14:51
linuxfreezesi am using the 18.04 xubuntu LTS by the way14:51
KBardoes it become totally unresponsive?14:59
linuxfreezesonly sshing from an android phone works to the laptop15:00
linuxfreezesand it can be rebooted with sudo reboot15:00
KBardoes it happen right after booting up into de?15:00
linuxfreezesis there a way to restart xfwm4 on the laptop from a ssh client/android?15:00
linuxfreezesthe freezes are intermittent15:00
linuxfreezessometimes when opening the browser15:00
linuxfreezessometimes on just starting15:01
linuxfreezesafter a boot15:01
linuxfreezesi didnt figure out the actual cause15:01
KBarxfwm4 --replace is the command to restart the existing window manager15:01
linuxfreezesits an acer aspire one aod250 with atom processor15:01
linuxfreezesit doesnt start from a remote ssh session15:01
linuxfreezessays that display is not available or something15:01
KBardoes it go away?15:02
KBaror once freezed, it stays like that for hours?15:02
linuxfreezesit stays permanently15:02
linuxfreezesand eventually ssh server stops working15:03
linuxfreezesand it has to be hard booted15:03
linuxfreezesso i reboot it when this issue occurs15:03
KBaris it a fresh install?15:03
linuxfreezesa month ago15:04
linuxfreezesxubuntu 18.04 LTS15:04
linuxfreezesthe freeze is intermittent, i havent figured out what is the cause15:05
KBaryou might want to look at the processes15:05
linuxfreezesKBar is there a way to restart the xfwm4 from a terminal ssh session?15:05
linuxfreezesxfwm4 --replace doesnt work15:05
KBarim not familiar with ssh15:05
linuxfreezesgives a message that Display is not available15:05
linuxfreezesand as the GUI freezes i cannot open a terminal and type anything15:06
linuxfreezesso basically it stop15:06
KBarbut you can have some luck with magic sysrq key15:06
linuxfreezesany way to open the terminal from a key!15:06
KBaryou dont need the terminal15:06
KBarwait a few minutes15:06
linuxfreezesthe xfce terminal? 15:07
KBarare you familiar with the concept of virtual consoles?15:09
linuxfreezesno. i do connect to it from ssh client though15:11
linuxfreezesi have tried sudo killall xfwm4 and sudo xfwm4 --replace15:12
linuxfreezesthe later shows an error display not available or something like this15:12
KBardoes it have the prtsc key?15:12
linuxfreezeshm it does15:12
KBaris it running rn?15:13
linuxfreezespressed it, nothing is happening15:13
krytarikBtw, Xubuntu 18.04 is end-of-life since April this year and therefor not supported anymore (3 years vs 5 years for Ubuntu main).15:13
KBardont press it just yet15:13
KBaris your laptop running?15:14
linuxfreezeshm. but a newer build will be more resource intensive when the laptop doesnt even run properly on an older build15:14
linuxfreezesnow it is running okay15:14
linuxfreezesbut freezes are intermittent15:14
KBarxubuntu is not resource intensive15:14
KBaranyway 15:14
linuxfreezesand when it freezes it stops working15:14
KBaropen the terminal 15:14
linuxfreezesGUI becomes unusable15:14
KBarright now15:14
linuxfreezeshm its opening now15:14
KBartry sudo showkey15:15
linuxfreezestop shows 8.7 usage15:15
KBarenter your password15:15
linuxfreezeskb mode was ?UNKNOWN?15:15
KBardo as i say please15:16
KBaronce again15:16
KBarrun sudo showkey15:16
KBarwhen when "press any key" appears15:16
KBarpress the prtsc button15:17
KBarit will show you the code of the button you just pressed15:17
KBarpress only prtsc15:17
KBarno other button15:17
KBarafter 10 seconds15:17
KBarthe program stops itself15:17
KBarbut we need to know the code of prtsc for your laptop15:18
linuxfreezesits saying 99 press15:18
linuxfreezes99 release15:18
linuxfreezessomething like this15:18
KBarmeans it can function as the sysrq key as well15:19
KBaryou can use the following technique to try to unfreeze the desktop15:19
linuxfreezesso when it freezes will pressing prntscreen bring the terminal?15:19
KBardont get aheed of youself :)15:19
linuxfreezesit apparently brings the xfcer4-screenshooter :P15:20
KBaras it should15:20
KBari will teach you a useful magic trick. would you let me please?15:20
linuxfreezessure, thanks a lot15:20
KBar1 minute15:20
linuxfreezesi want the terminal to open when it freezes15:20
linuxfreezesso that it can be used15:21
KBardid the showkey program stop?15:21
linuxfreezesstopped now15:21
KBardid the shell return to the prompt?15:21
linuxfreezesyes it has15:21
KBarless /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq15:21
linuxfreezescan you teach me to program it to bring the terminal15:21
KBarwhats the number15:21
KBaryou see15:22
KBaris it a single-user system?15:22
KBarnobody else can access it right?15:23
linuxfreezesyes, only the user ubuntu15:23
KBarwe need to turn this 176 to 1, but it's a bit unsafe 15:23
KBarno, i mean, is there someone else who can access the computer?15:23
KBarthis is what we're trying to do: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/sysrq.html 15:24
linuxfreezesthere is nothing that useful in the laptop, i am trying to make it stop freeze :P15:24
KBarwell, i dont know about stopping the freezes15:25
KBarbut ill teach you oom-kill or safely reboot from a dead, unresponsive system15:25
KBaroom = out of memory15:25
KBarthats why they call it magic15:25
linuxfreezeshm i got it15:26
linuxfreezesso if 99 is the printscreen key15:27
linuxfreezesif i put 99 in this file, making alt+printscreen will bring the terminal?15:27
linuxfreezessomething like this, i guess?15:27
KBarplease. just follow my steps15:27
linuxfreezesplease proceed15:27
KBarwhat's the content of /etc/sysctl.d/10-magic-sysrq.conf15:28
KBarspecifically last line15:28
KBarthe value of kernel.sysrq = 1?15:28
KBaris it 176 as well?15:28
linuxfreezesits 17615:28
KBari assume you don't know how to edit system config files?15:29
linuxfreezesi can edit them with mousepad /vi15:29
KBaryou'll need superuser privileges to edit this 10-magic-sysrq.conf file15:30
linuxfreezesi have sudo15:30
linuxfreezesi have opened it with mousepad15:31
KBarit's very unsafe to do it this way, but for this occasion, i think its fine15:31
KBarjust dont make it into a habit15:31
KBarturn the 176 into 115:31
KBarit has to be15:31
KBarkernel.sysrq = 115:31
linuxfreezesand what else?15:31
KBarnothing else15:31
KBarjust this specific line and value15:32
KBarit has to be 115:32
linuxfreezesit gives a list of possible numbers15:32
linuxfreezes128 is allow reboot15:32
linuxfreezesall functions enabled with 115:32
linuxfreezeshow do i access the terminal with alt+printscreen15:33
linuxfreezesplease teach me15:33
KBardid you edit the file?15:33
linuxfreezesyes saved15:33
KBardid you change the value from 176 to 1?15:33
linuxfreezesyes saved it15:33
linuxfreezesshould i reboot now?15:34
KBarreboot it and then see the content of /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq15:34
linuxfreezesand what will be command to bring the terminal15:34
KBar/proc/sys/kernel/sysrq should show 1 now15:34
linuxfreezesmay i know?15:34
KBarreboot, read that file again and come back15:35
KBarwell, i guess they will have to learn the magic trick from some other wizard16:22

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