lotuspsychjegood morning01:50
ducassegood morning06:55
ducassehi marcoagpinto 07:10
ducassehow are you doing?07:17
marcoagpintoducasse: fine, thanks, and you?07:20
marcoagpinto(except for the brain toasted of the supermarket)07:20
ducassei'm ok, thanks, nice and quiet morning07:20
ducassehaving a vape and drinking cola07:20
marcoagpintoI am drinking cola too07:21
ducassei'm sure you are :-)07:21
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Bashing-omUWN: Issue704 is on the streets: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue704 :D20:08
TJ-tomreyn: that quackgver has done this before; won't share reports, and turns out likely installed outside of the package system20:25
tomreynTJ-: thanks.20:25
TJ-I've asked what this "pm2" is since apt-file search bin/pm2 doesn't reveal it in any package, but not got a response20:26
tomreynit'll be some third party package, i guess20:28
tomreynprobably https://pm2.keymetrics.io/20:29
tomreynthere's "with debian, use the install script" at https://pm2.io/docs/runtime/guide/installation/20:31
TJ-got hit by a lovely bug in initramfs-tools/lvm2 last week. We were hit with a 9 hour power failure which took the server down. On reboot it couldn't mount 3 LVM mirror LVs,  /var/ and /home/ being 2, so system couldn't boot, and couldn't get them to start manually from busybox either. both base devices (nvme and hdd) were LUKS > LVM and also the HDD's LVM LVs were orphaned (not parented to20:32
TJ-the LUKS container the LVM is in)20:32
tomreynuuh ugly20:33
TJ-Eventually, after a lot of digging, figured it out. these 3 LV mirrors use dm-cache's writecache mode so the NVME caches writes20:33
TJ-but the tooling doesn't figure out that dm-writecache.ko module needs including in the initrd20:33
TJ-the weirdest part of was lsblk showing the meta and data component LVs orphaned from the LUKS container20:34
TJ-tomreyn: that user has just asked the very same questions in Linode support channel on OFTC20:37
tomreynwell, i also lost interest in helping there, so that's fine with me.20:38
tomreynthe dm-writecache.ko not in initrd issue is probably because you're one of the very few who don't include=most20:38
tomreynwhich is good pioneer work, kind of, but probably makes you run into such issues, i guess20:39
TJ-no, that was with -most20:39
TJ-I tested20:39
tomreynoh weird20:39
TJ-the problem is the module diving that figures out what is required doesn't determine that in the lvm2 /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/ 20:40
tomreynoof, my eyes keep shutting, i better head to bed early. ttyl.20:42
TJ-after the event, the only way I could figure out how to know is "dmsetup targets"20:42
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