xnoxfling:  can you please ellaborate more?10:02
xnoxfling:  our unstable kernel packaging is in https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/unstable but i'm not sure if you will find the things you need/want there.10:03
ograxnox, do you know the frequency for linux-firmware updates ? there is a user in #ubuntu who has issues with i915, seems the new blobs are on kernel.org (skl_guc_49.0.1.bin) but not in any linux-firmwar package yet ...10:08
xnoxogra: it's not automatic / periodic but mostly enablement driven. one should open a bug report against linux-firmware to be looked at.10:09
xnoxthere is a small bump in progress (with reverts) being tested in focal-proposed at the moment10:10
ograxnox, yeah, i asked for a bug report ... 10:10
ograi thought we had some automatic process in place (its just blobs after all)10:11
xnoxogra:  blobs that do regress a lot often causing corrupted screens & loss of internets. so no, linux-firmware updates are never automatic for stable series and go through SRU process more or less like everything else.10:24
ograoh, wow ... 10:24
ogra(i didnt know their content actually gets updated, i thought there are just new ones coming down the drain every now and then)10:25
ogra... that indeed makes sense then10:25
xnoxogra:  there are conflicting firmware blobs with identical name, but different content that works on some boards and not others. and vendor unable to consolidate them.10:53
ograwoah, gross !10:53
xnoxogra:  hence raspi linux-firmware package overrides and diverts blobs from the main linux-firmware package10:53

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