lotuspsychjeTJ-: lordievader knows a few things about libvirt16:11
lotuspsychjemaybe link him the bug?16:12
cet77Hi. Long time since i've been on IRC. But i seem to remember that people were helpful here.. :) I have a question about apache2 on an ubuntu setup.19:02
cet77I have a wordpress site set up on an apache server, and it works from the local machine, but i would love to have it work from other machines on my local network too. But it seems to not being able to connect.19:03
cet77Does anyone have experience in that area? :)19:03
cet77I tried setting up a virtual host, but i failed, and ended up not being able to connect from my local machine again.. I managed to revert to the point where i can see the site on the local machine, but can't figure out how to get other computers to connect.19:04
cokeits probably Wordpress that does a redirect 19:12
cokeprobably want to use curl -I http://... to see what is going on 19:13
cet77okay, i'll have a look just curl -I and then the adress i use? can i use the ip?19:17
cet77can i just paste the output here? It's just 7 lines19:18
cet77what am i looking for btw?19:19
cet77uh. I'll have to go.. I'll be back tomorro19:19
cokealways use pastebin 19:23
cokeyou are looking for 302 or 200 http code 19:23
cet77@coke It shows a http/1.1 200 OK message19:54
cokeAnd without -l you see the raw version of the WordPress page?19:55
cet77yeah, it seems like it.19:56
cet77a lot of html and css code19:56
cet77i'll be back in 5 mins... just need to restart my computer.19:57
cet77@coke, back again.20:01
cokeWhat does the curl show on the other machine you try to connect from?20:02
cet77mm... it's a windows 10 machine... i don't know.20:03
cet77maybe i can try with termux on my android phone..20:03
cokeDid you use the ip or a name?20:03
cokeWhat happens if try to open the page on windows? Can’t connect at all?20:04
cet77I used the name on my server, but the ip on the android, and it gives me HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently20:05
cet77i don't have access to the windows computer right now as they've gone to bed.. xD20:05
cet77I'm just trying to make a last effort before i go too.. :)20:05
cet77when I use the name on my android it tells me that it failed to connect to localhost port 80, connection refused.20:06
cokeLAN names are a mess20:07
cet77but it can se it when i use the ip, says it's apache/2.4.46 on an ubun tu, and that there is an x-redirect-by: wordpress.20:07
cokeBetween operating systems20:07
cet77yup, i believe'ya..20:07
cokeYea WordPress redirects to the name and the other machines don’t know the name.. something like that20:08
cet77but when I used the ip curl on termux definitely sees something. it also gives the location which is http://localhost/20:08
cokeLocal host is always the name of your local Maschine20:08
cet77okay. But when i curl'ed with the ip, at least that's what it told me.20:09
cet77What's that X-Redirect-By: wordpress doing?20:10
cokeTelling your browser to look elsewhere20:13
cokeYou can try to change the name of your WordPress to the ip but I think WordPress support is off topic here20:13
cokeWordPress wants to point your browser to the name it knows itself as. if you search for under another name (but the right ip and port) it tries to correct that20:15
cet77ah... hmm. okay... 20:19
cet77I'll try that..20:19
cokeWordPress is usually overkill and people don’t realize they now have to take care of software running on the net for ever. I recommend static site generators for small sites that only one person takes care of.20:24
cet77mm... might be, but we have 4 servers running on wp at the moment... It's just that i wanted a local server that we could experiment with. We are two people working on keeping them up.20:25
cet77I tried changing the name to the ip address like this
cet77but it didn't do anything i'm afraid..20:26
jrwrenwell certainly that https isn't going to work unless you've setup certificates.20:27
cet77doesn't work with http either... just tried.. xD20:27
cet77yeah, i figured that out too... :) have no certificates.. that's much is for sure..20:28
cet77argh... i seem to have changed the dang servername to something that did not work at all... xD now i can't get back in again.20:31
cet77is there a config file somewhere?20:32
cet77thx. :)20:40
cokeBut if it’s empty it’s probably better to start fresh20:40
cet77wel..... it's not empty, but i messed everything up good... so i'm probably gonne start over again.. :) Thanks for the help, i'm off to bed. 20:49
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