zxmpiit's a monday, be careful out there08:58
daftykinsreplacement motherboard showed up from ebay \o/09:02
daftykinsit even POST'd when temporarily popped in place! now the surgery begins to clean up the cooler and paste before the transplant is completed09:02
daftykinsthen we'll see what Windows makes of a tonne of hardware swaps in one09:02
daftykinstransplant complete \o/ everything working 09:42
zxmpithe patient lived! i owe m0nkey_ a euro :-P09:48
daftykinsD: such lack o' faith09:50
m0nkey_owe me a euro? 🤔14:59
zxmpijust a joke14:59
m0nkey_i mean, i'll take it. lol15:00
m0nkey_Oh yeah, also.. happy 🦃 day from Canada15:20

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