jamespAnd yes, I'm from Michigan!19:28
jrwrenwelcome 19:46
jamespIt's too bad this community isn't very active.19:48
jrwrenit can be as active as you want it to be ;)19:48
jrwrenbut also, ubuntu is kinda done.19:48
jamespYeah Ubuntu isn't running on my computer, but it'll be running on my server soon!19:49
jrwrenlinux is for servers.19:49
jamespof course, even though there are many desktop users (and even more gamers now that there's the steam deck)19:50
jamespCurrently I have a Linode server running Rocky Linux, but that was too difficult for me and I ended up needing a snap (certbot)19:52
jamespI'm also using a configuration for Ubuntu, and I'm not using cPanel, so here I am now!19:52
jamespI actually started on Linux Mint and Pop!_OS. I'm using Arch (sorry guys) on my desktop as I type this.19:53
jamespnhaines I liked your video "Ubuntu Over the Years"19:54
jamespI have that video saved on my computer. I like the song "Afterglow"19:54
cmaloneyYeah, I'm remembering a lot more folks that no longer connect over IRC>19:55
cmaloneyWhich is unfortunate because at its height it was an amazing community19:55
cmaloneyand then they let go of the community.19:55
jrwrenyou needed snap for certbot? that seems so wrong.19:55
jamespAnd they all switched to Discord or Matrix.19:55
cmaloneyor rather, believed that it would stick around in perpetuity when not given a voice in anything19:56
jamespYes I needed certbot on Rocky Linux19:56
jrwrenafterglow the CHVRCHES song?19:56
jamespBy Josh Woodward19:56
jamespYeah maybe it could be related to Ubuntu's decline too19:58
jrwrenwhat decline?20:01
jamespBecause Ubuntu got kinda boring, people switched to other distros20:05
jamespAnd nowadays Ubuntu isn't actively recommended by the Linux YouTubers.20:06
cmaloneyeh, I don't mind the boring20:06
cmaloneybut it actually felt like (at the beginning) like there was something greater than ourselves20:07
cmaloneyin the end, no, it was just free labor.20:07
jrwrenyeah, that isn't a real thing in industry. It certainly is a real thing in the press.20:14
jrwrenBut for paying users, ubuntu is more used now than ever.20:14
jamespThat's right, Ubuntu had more users now than ever, and it's expected to keep growing as Linux gets more adoption20:15
jrwrenbut... i only know ubuntu-server and ubuntu-cloudimg. I don't know anything about ubuntu-desktop. Does ubuntu-desktop even exist? :))20:16
jamespubuntu-desktop is the actual ubuntu desktop, I assume20:17
jamespOr it's just plain old ubuntu20:17
cmaloneyjrwren: apt install ubuntu-desktop20:23
jrwrenwe'd have to agree on what "actual ubuntu" means, since from my POV there are an order of magnitide more instances of installed ubuntu-server and then another order of cloudimg20:26
jamespoh that20:29
jamespYou can use Ubuntu server to install the ubuntu desktop, kind of like Arch Linux20:30
jrwrenand visa-versa.20:31
jrwrenapt-get purge $(cat all-them-desktop-packages)20:32
jamespBecause maybe you want to convert to kubuntu without reinstalling20:33
jamespI like Kubuntu, I'm using KDE20:34
jamespcmaloney: Can you please add HTTPS to your website?20:48
cmaloney(That's been on my backburner for a while now)20:54
cmaloneyjrwren: Is there something new that is prompting this request because I can prioritize it20:55
jamespWell for some reason my web browser doesn't play well with HTTP sites (the back button glitches out)20:57
jamespAlso, Google will put you higher on the search rankings20:57
jamespMy website has https20:58
cmaloneyyou say this like it's a feature. ;)20:58
jamespIt's easy to do with certbot20:58
cmaloneyBut yeah, it's overdue20:58
jamespThen just open port 443 if it isn't20:59
jrwrenTLS is a scam and HSTS even more!21:04
cmaloneyHonestly that we went so hard into TLS is slightly disturbing to me21:05
cmaloneyhaving most of the web having to shovel encrypted traffic seems slightly overkill21:06
jrwrenremember HTTP caching? all gone.21:06
jrwrenI mean... i use TLS, I'm j/k.21:07
jrwrenbut HSTS bit me hard once, if you want to keep control of your domains, don't setup HSTS, that puts control into all of the browsers that visit your site worldwide. there is no going back :(21:08
cmaloneyYeah, HTTP Caching was quite nice21:11
cmaloneyespecially with bandwidth suddenly getting metered and what-not.21:11
jamespYou don't have to force HTTPS, just support it.21:18

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