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RadSurferI'm trying to get grep to scan files with a specific extension, but its not working for me, help please.01:19
Diagongrep -r 'string' *.extension02:22
DiagonActually no... Try this: find . -name '*.extension' -exec grep 'string' {} +02:27
DiagonRadSurfer ^^^02:27
MrMobiusi installed ubuntu server and only had command line on the machine. at some point, i was logged in over ssh and tried running gedit with x windows and it downloaded about 500mb of stuff. now when i start the machine, it takes me to some type of gui but not a full desktop. ctrl+alt+T does not give me a terminal window02:39
MrMobiusthere is something called Byobu terminal and a handful of other programs but it doesnt do anything when i start it. how can i get a terminal on whatever this is?02:40
MrMobiusalt+f2 then gnome-terminal is not found02:42
mwhudsonMrMobius: if you can install ubuntu-desktop you'll get something more familiar02:43
mwhudsonMrMobius: alternatively, switch to a different vt to get the usual log in?02:43
MrMobiusmwhudson, what is the thing im logged into now out of curiosity? i only ever log in over ssh and only logging in now since i need to change network settings so dont really need a desktop02:44
mwhudsonMrMobius: uhh not completely sure of the terminology but linux has multiple virtual consoles / virtual terminals02:45
mwhudsonyou can press control alt f1-f6 to switch between them02:45
MrMobiussorry, got disconnected. last i saw was "<mwhudson> you can press control alt f1-f6 to switch between them"02:46
mwhudson<mwhudson> MrMobius: uhh not completely sure of the terminology but linux has multiple virtual consoles / virtual terminals02:46
MrKeunerhi, I install apps using snap-store, they run initially but not after restarting the app... And when they run initially I see apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="snap.pomatez.pomatez... errors in dmesg.02:48
MrKeunerAny ideas how to debug this problem?02:48
MrKeunerIssue is reproducible with, breaktimer, pomotroid and pomatez02:48
pikapikaHow do I know the current status of apt?04:19
pikapikaI was getting a "partial upgrade" warning with the software updater gui04:19
pikapikaI preferred not to click and closed it because I didn't know if it would have been a good idea04:20
pikapikaNote that this phenomenon occurred after I had installed a certain package04:20
pikapikawhich showed nothing abnormal and all "success" in the terminal04:21
pikapikabut popped up the partial upgrade dialog after a bit04:21
pikapikaso I cancelled that04:21
pikapikajust did an apt update04:21
pikapikathen typed apt upgrade04:21
pikapikaI wasn't sure the packages deprecated/marked for removal were not due to the new package install attempt04:21
pikapikaand I feared their removal might cause issues04:21
pikapikaso I cancelled04:22
pikapikaand just apt remove'd the new package04:22
pikapikaI reinstalled it again and this time there is no such message04:22
pikapikahow do I query the current status of apt?04:22
pikapikait seems the software updater gui can't access internet for some reason04:35
pikapikabut the apt commands that I always used work fine04:36
ZackWardHello someone can help me i have tried everything i found on google i am able to mount a cifs netshare on ubuntu but my user cannot write to it, only root04:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1767402 in virtualbox-ext-pack (Ubuntu Bionic) "[SRU] hash mismatch or wrong accept-license key trying to install virtualbox-ext-pack 5.2.10" [Critical, Fix Released] [duplicate: 1768042]05:00
pikapikaThis was the pckage in question05:00
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pikapikaIs "The following packages have been kept back:" a message that can be safely ignored?06:30
pikapikaand is that the reason why I got a "partial upgrade" prompt?06:30
pikapikaI am also wondering why I am getting seemingly something about distro upgrades from a normal package installation/upgrade06:32
pikapikaI am choosing to simply ignore the prompt for now any time it comes up06:32
pikapikaI definitely do not want to do a dist upgrade let alone a "half here half there" one06:34
pikapikaso apparently its caused by some old mysql packages06:37
pikapikawhen I try to manually upgrade them06:37
pikapikait shows some circular dependency and "broken package"06:37
alkisgpikapika: could you upload the output of `sudo apt full-upgrade` ?06:58
pikapikaalkisg, maybe tomorrow06:59
pikapikaalkisg, but for now06:59
pikapikaI really no longer have a need for those mysql packages06:59
pikapikaso I checked their reverse deps06:59
pikapikasaw nothing other htan other mysql stuff06:59
pikapikaand apt remove'd them06:59
pikapikamagically the "partial upgrade" error is gone07:00
ubottuPlease try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.07:00
pikapikaalkisg, lol sorry bro07:01
alkisgNo worries, just optimizing for future chats :D07:01
pikapikaBut yeah, this was the long and short of what happened. I had done a normal apt upgrade first in the hopes it would fix it but no. When I read certain forum results from google and corroborated with them the message at the bottom about how some packages "have been kept back"07:02
pikapikaManually attempt to upgrade them, encounter weirdness and a message about broken package. So just remove them after checking to make sure nothing critical has a reverse dep.07:02
TJ-Any ideas how to diag/monitor bluetooth input devices > libinput > X ? Got 2 BT devices (mouse, keyboard) that occassionally stop delivering input (in X) although remain connected and 'xinput -list' shows them. Tried 'xinput -test' so nothing there; want to check the lower levels07:02
alkisgNote that `apt upgrade` isn't the best way to upgrade. It's `apt full-upgrade`, which allows for new dependencies to be pulled in07:03
pikapikaalkisg, I see07:05
tdiabelCan you recommend text-to-speech software? I've tried nanotts but it's terminal only and doesn't play well with other software like Foliate, also many languages are missing07:18
nelginHey all. I'm trying to find the font server pakcage for Ubuntu, all I can find is xfstt which is just for truetype fonts. Any suggestions? I'm running vcxsrv on my PC and I don't want to have to install all the fonts when I have them on the linux box.07:46
ogranelgin, there have not been font servers in moe than a decade in any ubuntu default install, fontconfig and xft are used in modern desktops08:37
nelginogra hmm...08:50
nelginSo, how would one serve fonts to something like vcxsrv?08:51
ogranelgin, how about https://sourceforge.net/p/vcxsrv/discussion/986201/thread/b545aa2b/#acf8 ?08:53
nelginI think I tried that but let me try it again08:54
nelginThat still defeats the purpose tho? It's expect the font to be local08:54
nelginIf you look at the bottom, the solution the op came up with was to use a font server on another box, so...08:59
Kingsygetting lots of these -> possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/skl_guc_49.0.1.bin for module i915 <- is there a package I need?09:08
Kingsyits missing quite a few bins, but that is the first one09:08
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clarkkI need to run something on every startup, but I can't find /etc/rc.local on ubuntu 20.04. Where do I put the commands now?09:29
clarkkis this a safe procedure to follow?  Is it best practice to allow me to execute a command on boot?  https://marsown.com/wordpress/how-to-enable-etc-rc-local-with-systemd-on-ubuntu-20-04/09:32
Lumpio-Make a systemd unit09:32
Lumpio-...no need to make rc.local or whatever just put your stuff in a systemd unit09:33
clarkkI've no idea how to do that09:33
Lumpio-Google how to create a systemd unit09:33
EriC^^clarkk: easiest to do is add stuff to crontab with "@reboot /path/to/command"09:33
Lumpio-rc.local was deprecated like 15 years ago09:33
clarkkEriC^^, that does sound easy09:33
EriC^^but you should know the environment might be different (the bash variables) so set any you know you need09:34
KingsyAnyone know what package I need to get rid of this error -> possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/skl_guc_49.0.1.bin for module i91509:39
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clarkkEriC^^, thanks for your help09:39
ograKingsy, linux-firmware should have all these firmware files usually09:41
ograKingsy, but you should have that installed by default via the linux-generic metapackage09:43
Kingsyweird! how should I go about debugging this then?09:44
Kingsyyeah linux-firmware is installed and at the latest version09:44
Kingsyogra: any ideas?09:48
ograKingsy, file a bug: "ubuntu-bug linux-firmware" or via https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+filebug (i recommend the former since that collects all info needed automatically)09:48
KingsyI was hoping for a fix.. hahah09:48
ograwell, find the bin file somewhere and copy it in place 😛09:48
ograit is firmware ... just binary blobs ...09:49
ograthe actual fix has to come via the package ... which is why you should file a bug so devs are aware09:49
ograupstream code is at https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/firmware/linux-firmware.git/tree/i91509:52
ogra(to find your missing files)09:52
Kingsywhat is the side effect of not having these?09:53
Kingsypoort graphics performance?09:53
ograno idea09:54
ograthey will eventually show up in linux-firmware, it gets synced from the upstream tree regulary i think09:54
ografiling a bug will likely speed that up09:55
Kingsywill do.09:56
savKingsy: are you using the default kernel?09:56
uberlinuxanyone here?10:12
EriC^^!ask | uberlinux10:13
ubottuuberlinux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:13
Gaming4LifeDEHi. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 20.04 and the ssh server won't let me in. I already verified my password is correct (logged in locally), checked sshd_config, disabled ufw and even reinstalled the ssh server. i'm just out of ideas10:17
Gaming4LifeDEoh, and i set the timezone too10:17
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: what happens when you try 'ssh -vvv user@host' ?10:19
EriC^^(might want to remove your ip/port and other sensitive info)10:20
EriC^^!paste | Gaming4LifeDE10:20
ubottuGaming4LifeDE: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:20
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: see here https://serverfault.com/questions/913304/ssh-on-cygwin-win10-read-passphrase-cant-open-dev-tty10:28
Gaming4LifeDEthat doesn't explain why i can login to other linux servers from here and why i can not login to the ubuntu system from another linux system10:29
KingsyI am using ubuntu mate. are there any good themes in apt? I want to get away from this green colour10:31
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: is the openssh package installed?10:34
Gaming4LifeDEyes of course10:36
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: try to run the program as suggested in the thread first, try to run /usr/bin/ssh10:36
Gaming4LifeDEthe service is binding to the port and i disabled the firewall first10:36
Gaming4LifeDEi'm not using cygwin10:36
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: on the ubuntu server if you type "ssh user@localhost" are you able to login?10:37
Gaming4LifeDEbut not from any other system, even if it's linux based10:38
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: can you share any paste of ssh -vvv from another linux system? might help10:39
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: also, look at /var/log/auth.log in the server for any hints10:39
Gaming4LifeDEEriC^^ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XTcr6nmBJD/10:41
EriC^^Gaming4LifeDE: odd, anything in auth.log?10:42
Gaming4LifeDEEriC^^ i figured it out, i had conflicting ip's on the network10:52
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vlmIs it possible to remount root as read only while in an ssh session without getting disconnected?12:08
EriC^^vlm: that sounds like it would work, never tried it though12:09
EriC^^why are you trying to mount root ro?12:10
vlmEriC^^, thats correct, ive done this in the past just dont recall if i did it in physical console or ssh just dont want to be disconnected though12:11
EriC^^why remount ro though?12:13
vlmEriC^^, im just fiddling about, was trying to restore a file for instance, requires it remount read only as to not risk overwriteing existing data12:14
EriC^^vlm: you could try to restore via testdisk, it doesnt require remounting12:15
vlmEriC^^, im just curious though if its all fine to remount it over ssh, might have to do it another time, tried testdisk didn't work though, its not that the file is important though just curious (,")12:17
vlmEriC^^, testdisk is great though, helped me restore partition schemes at other occasions12:18
EriC^^vlm: cant say for sure as i havent tried it, but it would make sense that ro wouldnt cause any disconnect afaik12:20
vlmEriC^^, probably, only thing comes to mind for me is might turn of logging and other writing applications just as a precaution thanks for help12:23
EriC^^vlm: yeah, no problem12:24
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Daulityhey all12:27
DaulityI am having issues with timesyncd12:27
Daulityon one of my systems timedatectl says it's syncronized and up to date12:28
Daulitybut on another system timedatectl says it's not syncronized12:28
Daulityand on that system it tries to get ntp from my gateway while on the working system it gets it from ntp.ubuntu.com12:29
Daulityany ideas ?12:29
ogradid you edit the config ?12:29
ogra(i.e. /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf)12:30
Daulityon both it is default12:30
Daulityso no options filled in and thus it should use ntp.ubuntu.com (which it uses on the working system and on the non working system it uses the gateway for some reason ... )12:32
ioriaDaulity, paste 'sudo systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd.service'12:34
Daulityioria: there is no output12:36
Daulityit's not synchronized yet12:36
Daulityit is still trying to get it from my gateway for some reason12:37
Daulitycan it get the server location from dhcp ?12:39
Daulitywhich is weird if that is the case because one of my systems works12:39
Daulityis there anyway to verify that? because i read only that there are options to set the ntp-server on your dhcp server12:40
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Daulityhmm if i look in my leases: option ntp-servers;12:55
Daulitybut both my working and non working setup show it though12:58
Daulitythe problem wasn't on my system13:09
Daulityit was the dhcp server :D13:09
newdimensionI added a key file using ssh-add ~/foo.pem. How do I remove it now?13:10
ogranewdimension, use the -d switch of ssh-add (see: man ssh-add)13:14
newdimensionogra ssh-add -d .foo.pem right? Becuase I'm getting an error that the file doesn't exist13:16
newdimensionIt's because I needed to use the public key: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57334809/how-to-use-ssh-add-to-remove-identities-pem-files-from-the-agent13:20
ograah, yeah, i never used a .pem with ssh-add13:23
MrMobiusis there a way to configure ubuntu server with another computer without internet? ssh over usb or something along those lines13:53
mhoneyanyone know if the next LTS will support LXC without LXC like 18.04 does?14:17
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cluelesspersonSo, this microsd card usb adapter no longer is being detected by ubuntu14:39
* cluelessperson sighs and reboots14:40
mortfuuuck "you have held broken packages"14:41
mortI can't install openssl1.0-dev because libcurl-openssl1.0-dev depends on libcurl3 but it is not going to be installed, and apt blames me for having held broken packages even though I just have the packages from the repo14:42
mortI got it to install by manually installing libcurl3 first, but it's just weird14:45
BluesKajHi folks15:12
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DyrconaI installed updates this morning and rebooted some servers with VMs using qemu/libvirt. After the reboot, DNS resolution is no longer working.15:27
DyrconaThe hosts and vms are all running Ubuntu 18.04.15:28
DyrconaThe typical dnsmaq stuff doesn't seem to apply.15:29
DyrconaOMG.... I figured it out. Someone typoed the secondary dns server address when certain vm hosts were set up. Dunno why that only became a problem today.15:33
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ograwow, congrats !15:34
DyrconaYeah, no. Turns out I'm wrong about that. I was looking at the wrong terminal window......15:36
TJ-bug # 2049495848373 for libvirt today ... virt-manager fails to even TRY to read $HOME/.pki/libvirt/ for TLS certificates (20.04 LTS) and instead tries and fails (due to lack of permissions) to read from /etc/pki/libvirt/15:56
TJ-anyone else set up qemu+tls:// for remote access (uses mutual TLS)15:57
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FreeBDSMhello, what is some dockerfile-friendly `apt update && apt upgrade -y ...` approach that won't bloat the resulting image?17:13
TJ-Solved libvirt issue; mismatch between documentation and code as to where TLS client certificate parts, and CA cert, should be ($HOME/.pki/libvirt/ for *all* with hardcoded names)17:21
DyrconaMy DNS issue turned out to be iptables on the router. I had to switch from a SNAT rule to a MASQUERADE. I don't know why the SNAT stopped working unless someone else had made a correction and not saved in the script that we run at boot.18:06
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dreamonhello. I use terminator as terminal. I added a startline in prefs. since it pops up 20 Windows by starting terminator. I purged it, and removed ~/.config/terminator/config put still 20Windows at starting terminator. dont know how to fix this18:55
EriC^^dreamon: try find ~ -iname '*terminator*' and see what you get19:01
dreamonOnly ~/.config/terminator is found.19:05
cbreakHave you tried kitty term? If you can't fix the terminator problem, maybe kitty can help.19:11
ErmineHello, how can I make update-initramfs include my firmware (lies in /lib/firmware)?19:24
TJ-Ermine: as long as the kernel module that requires that firmware is included thats all you need to do ( /etc/initramfs-tools/modules )19:26
dreamoncbreak, starting Kitty it opens 7 windows at same time.. Strange19:32
cbreakdreamon: maybe ... your problem is something else?19:32
cbreakhow do you open the program?19:32
dreamoncbreak, your right. starting it from menu it only pops up 1 kitty window. but starting it out of terminator .. I count 7 windows.19:34
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Ermine@TJ-: that module is nouveau, it is included, but it can optionally use firmware extracted from nvidia blob19:37
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TJ-Ermine: right, but it declares all the firmware files it knows about in the module, and those declarations are used to include those firmware files when building the initrd19:39
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TJ-Ermine: see "modinfo -F firmware nouveau "19:39
ErmineTJ-: can I modify these declarations without recompiling?19:42
TJ-Ermine: no; those are the only firmware files the module will look for19:43
unlaudableHi, having a weird issue where after upgrading my desktop from 16.04 to 18.04 none of my services are accessible over the network anymore. No firewall running, services are listening on If I try access them locally they work fine, over the lan, nothing. One is a docker container running Sickchill the other is httplz which I run19:45
unlaudableoccasionally to copy stuff. They both worked perfectly before.  Any idea what could be causing this?19:45
Apachezanyone here who noticed broken special characters when using google remote desktop in ubuntu 21.04 ?19:47
pikajudeis it possible to remove the sound indicator from the menubar in the top right?19:48
unlaudablessh however still works, so its like high ports have been disabled somehow19:48
cbreakunlaudable: maybe it's a docker issue?19:49
cbreakhave you tried it without that thing?19:49
unlaudabledreamon: Maybe you have multiple sessions running in terminator? But they hidden, perhaps one of the sessions is "full screen" and you have that thing set where you can type in one sessions and it sends it to all sessions19:50
ErmineTJ-: well, can I then exclude nouveau from initramfs?19:51
unlaudablecbreak: not really but httplz is a rust app that just runs a small http server and serves the files where you start it... no docker involved...19:51
unlaudableI thought it might be a capabilities thing... but not quite clued up enough about set/getcap etc...19:52
unlaudabledefaults to port 8000, sickchill is on 8081, going to try something19:54
cbreakunlaudable: you can open listening sockets with netcat too, for example, for a test.19:55
cbreakalso, you can try scanning with nmap from the outside, to see if your ports appear open from the outside19:55
cbreakor can you not even connect to the host?19:55
unlaudablenmap only shows 22 open19:59
unlaudablenetstat shows my http and sickchill ports listening on
unlaudabletried starting httplz with sudo on port 80 and it says its taken...20:01
unlaudableapparently I have lighttpd running for some reason...20:01
TJ-Ermine: if it is required then you'd need to add some kind of custom hook script to prevent including it20:01
cbreakunlaudable: lsof -i as root should show you all listening sockets20:05
cbreaksshd         5602            root    3u  IPv4    48310      0t0  TCP *:ssh (LISTEN) // this is probably how your sshd looks like20:05
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quackgyverI use pm2 every day, but today when I logged in I got "command not found" when running pm220:13
quackgyverHow do I figure out what happened?20:13
quackgyverIt's as if I never installed it.20:13
quackgyverActually, node is gone too.20:14
quackgyverWhat the heck.20:14
tomreynwere those installed via apt?20:14
quackgyvernpm, node and pm2 are all gone.20:15
tomreynquackgyver: see /var/log/apt/history.log or terminal.log20:16
jmoreyrequiero ayudar para pasar archivos de mi maquina virtual a mi20:16
quackgyvertomreyn: history.log only has two entries20:16
tomreynhow old?20:16
quackgyverregarding "unattended-upgrade"20:16
quackgyverfrom 2021-10-07 and 2021-10-0920:16
quackgyverNothing else.20:16
tomreynis there /var/log/unattended-upgrades.log - if so what's in there?20:17
TJ-what package supplies "pm2" ?20:18
unlaudablecbreak: mmm interesting, I see the port listed in netstat but not with lsof, ssh is there, a listening netcat shows up... but not docker, httplz shows up but still the only thing accessible is ssh....20:18
cbreakhow does that httplz thing show up?20:19
quackgyvertomreyn: When I booted up the system it said that I have 32 unattended upgrades. I used the command that it supplied in order to see the list.20:19
quackgyverMost of it was stuff that I've installed.20:19
quackgyverBut node, npm or pm2 aren't there.20:19
tomreynquackgyver: chances are that those packages were removed to resolve a dependency conflict.20:20
TJ-unlaudable: if those are all docker containers, docker usually installs iptables NAT rules20:20
quackgyverBut how can that be when I left the system running just fine yesterday20:20
quackgyverOr the day before, whenever I used it last.20:20
tomreynquackgyver: some package was updated that triggered the conflict resolver.20:21
quackgyverOh, you mean updated automatically?20:21
quackgyverAha I see.20:21
quackgyverI haven't really installed anything weird though.20:21
quackgyverJust a couple of vanilla things.20:21
tomreynthe root cause would then be that you're probably installing incompatible packages in the first place20:21
cbreakI think other containers won't show up. At least for me, znc doesn't show up, which runs in an lxd.20:21
ErmineTJ-: well, thank you!20:22
tomreynquackgyver: what does this print?   apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999920:22
TJ-is this a 'snap' thing?20:23
quackgyverIsn't that gonna upload my output to termbin.com20:23
tomreynquackgyver: yes20:23
quackgyverI see. I don't think I want to upload a system output that I don't understand, for security reasons. As much as I appreciate all the help.20:24
quackgyverBut I can try to check the output.20:24
tomreynso just     apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$'     then20:24
quackgyverWill do.20:24
quackgyverI tried sudo apt-get upgrade just now as well.20:25
quackgyverand sudo apt-get update before that.20:25
cbreakunlaudable: it seems ss -l is better at this than lsof :/20:25
quackgyverIn a couple of instances it complained that I wasn't using the package maintainer's version.20:25
quackgyverso maybe that has something to do with it20:25
quackgyverSo when I run your command it just warns me "WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts."20:26
quackgyverdespite using sudo20:26
tomreynwhich ubuntu release is this?20:27
tomreynwhat's the output of    apt policy20:28
quackgyverIt's giving me a long list of package files with my host (linode)20:30
unlaudablecbreak: doing a nmap shows as filtered20:31
tomreynquackgyver: does it mention "packagecloud"?20:32
cbreakunlaudable: so it's not replying20:32
cbreakss -lpn --tcp, how does that show your http thingie?20:32
unlaudableso ufw is disabled20:33
quackgyvertomreyn: Nah, the word "cloud" doesn't appear anywhere in the list20:33
unlaudablebut iptables -L is showing a bunch of stuff...20:33
quackgyverIt's mostly just hirsute-updates/multiverse amd64 Packages20:33
quackgyverand then some "Pinned packages"20:33
quackgyverwhich are all prefixed with qemu20:34
quackgyverNothing else20:34
tomreynquackgyver: does /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*_pm2.list* exist?20:34
quackgyverYou mean if I open if I navigate to /etc/apt/sources.list.d, the contents of the folder is empty20:35
tomreynquackgyver: so this seems like you did not install pm2 using apt20:36
quackgyverUh, maybe I installed it via npm. If that's at all possible.20:37
quackgyverBut I mean, node and npm are still gone20:37
unlaudablequackgyver: you possibly installed it and ran the commands to be able to run it, but didn't add those commands to your profile so they would be set in your path again20:39
cbreakthere's probably a node_modules or similar directory somewhere if you used npm to install stuff20:40
cbreaktried to find ~ -name pm2, or what ever else you think you should still have?20:40
quackgyverWhen you say "didn't add those commands to your profile", what does that mean?20:41
unlaudableIf you installed node manually by just downloading the tar file and extracting it... then maybe did a export PATH=$PATH:~/node-version/bin so you could run it... now you come back later in a different session and you don't have it in your path anymore20:43
quackgyverOk, apparently it was NVM. I have no idea how it works and was just told to install it because "it's the way to do it". Apparently it somehow doesn't load in node, npm or pm2 until you run the command "nvm use node"20:43
quackgyverAfter doing that, I can suddenly run the commands again.20:43
unlaudableyeah nvm is useful20:43
unlaudablenvm has setup the environment so its available again, all your stuff should be under .nvm or something20:44
unlaudablenvm allows you to switch between multiple versions of node20:45
quackgyverAha I see. So I guess that my server must've rebooted while I was offline then20:45
quackgyverand NVM didn't automatically activate.20:45
quackgyverThat's one mystery solved.20:45
quackgyverHey, thanks for taking the time to help. I really appreciate it.20:45
quackgyververy kind of you.20:45
PeGaSuSyou can always check for how long your server is up using the `uptime` command20:46
quackgyverAh cool.20:47
unlaudableanother useful utility to read up about is https://direnv.net20:48
unlaudableI seem to have a firewall running without a firewall running... :-/20:48
cbreakunlaudable: firewalls are part of the kernel20:51
cbreakthey're not programs that run20:51
unlaudablecbreak: yeah... I mean I have a bunch of iptables rules and I don't know where they came from...20:53
unlaudableiptables -F has sorted out my issues...20:54
cbreakI did wonder why you didn't upgrade to 20.04 :)20:55
unlaudableI'll do that soon... disk space was an issue :D20:56
cbreakthe firewall rules will probably reappear the next time you reboot :/20:56
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unlaudablemaybe... I'll check tomorrow, sleep time... thanks for listening :-)20:57
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funabashiIs there any command like ipconfig /displaydns in ubuntu ?22:07
EriC^^funabashi: cat /etc/resolv.conf22:09
AavarI need the name for a simple qt-app that I can use for testing. Like xclock or similar. Any ideas?22:10
funabashiEriC^^: there is no entries about DNS cache22:13
EriC^^funabashi: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-view-dns-cache-entries-with-the-new-systemd-resolved-resolver/22:20
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waltmanIs this the right channel to ask questions about snap?23:44
Bashing-omwaltman: You may certainly ask - but there is a dedicated snap channel that may serve you better.23:46
Bashing-om!snap | waltman23:46
ubottuwaltman: Snaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io23:46
waltmanIs it #snap?23:47
waltmanNope, I'm the only one there.23:48
guigui-80speak only french23:49
Bashing-omwaltman: try as #snappy .23:49

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