GithubUserHey, I got a github invite to what looks like a clearly bogus phishing github group and I think they scraped my username from the cloud-init project. Github disagrees. Can someone confirm that I'm not going crazy here: https://github.com/orgs/CanonicalContributorAgreement/projects?query=is%3Aclosed Thats fake right?14:31
falcojrGithubUser: no, you're not crazy. That org looks suspicious. I'm reporting it internally15:25
GithubUserCool, so github spent more time gaslighting me and my coworkers then doing their job. Nice. Thanks for that15:32
GithubUserhttps://github.com/SallyCoome Might want to let this lady knows she's being impersonated to then. 15:35
GithubUserThats the user sending those invites15:35
GithubUserAlso blackboxsw, you said you wanted a Vultr account for testing. You have an account already or did they get you setup yet?15:45
madhensHello! This is Monica from the Community Team at Canonical. GitHubUser, thank you for bringing these fake accounts to our attention! Our IS and Legal teams will take the next steps.15:50
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unknownsheepI can get cloud-init to work fine with the ubuntu-20.04-server-cloudimg-amd64.img but not on ubuntu-20.04-minimal-cloudimg-amd64.img - what am I missing?22:03
mv12gpwhere can I find a good tutorial for applying user-data to a cloud-init enabled qcow2 image? I have valid yaml, a valid NoCloud image and yet after the image is installed with virt-install, no user data has been applied.22:43

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