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juanyou are speak spanish09:59
juantengo problema para instalar lubuntu en  mi ordenador10:00
juanincluso ya no puedo instalar ningun otro sistema ubuntu10:00
juanpodrian ayudarme porfavor10:00
guivercthis isn't a support room; please use #lubuntu or see https://lubuntu.me/links/ for non-english links  (eg. #lubuntu-es)10:01
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kgiiiLOL @teward, I told y'all Phab was dead like months ago. We were still on the other IRC server, I'm pretty sure. Would a self-hosted instance of MediaWiki do the trick? I understand that it's pretty extensible, but haven't played with it in years. 19:19
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> I just say please not moinmoin19:19
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> +1 (re @lynorian: I just say please not moinmoin)19:20
kgiiiAnd there are some suggestions here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27328404 (The folks at HN are usually pretty smart.)19:23

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